Stand Out With These Inspiring Airbnb Backyard Ideas

This guide offers practical tips, backyard ideas, and a variety of furniture choices to ensure your Airbnb is well-equipped.

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A lovely outdoor area with everything you need to relax, have fun, or just hang out can make your rental much more valuable and bring in more guests. To attract guests, you can combine a stylish design with comfortable furniture in your backyard.

This guide offers practical tips, Airbnb backyard ideas, and a variety of furniture choices to ensure your vacation rental is well-equipped. We’ll also include additional resources so your Airbnb ticks all the boxes for an outstanding guest experience.

Practical Outdoor Decor Tips for Hosts

Beautifully designed outdoor areas will impress guests. But it’s not just about how things look; it’s also about making spaces that meet the needs of your guests.

  • Assess your space— Begin by evaluating the size, layout, and potential of your outdoor area. Understand how various elements like sunlight, privacy, and views can influence your design decisions. This initial assessment is crucial for effective planning.
  • Define the purpose — Which activities do you want guests to enjoy in your backyard? What you decide will influence the design and furniture you choose. Maybe you want your outdoor area to be an excellent spot for guests to socialize or just a place to relax.
  • Choose a theme consistent with your brand — You should match your outdoor decor to your Airbnb’s overall aesthetic and brand. A consistent theme not only makes your property look better but it also helps it stand out.
  • Invest in durable, comfortable furniture — Select weather-resistant and comfortable furniture. Your choice of furniture directly reflects your consideration for guest satisfaction.
  • Don’t ignore the lighting — Having the right lights is essential for maximizing your outdoor space and setting the right mood. Doing so will ensure your backyard looks its best when the sun goes down.
  • Add some plants — Having plants around can make your outdoor space feel much better. Select low-maintenance plants and place them in areas where people gather. It’s incredible the difference a little green makes.
  • Plan all types of weather — With protective items like umbrellas and canopies, you can be ready for all kinds of weather. This shows that you thought ahead and care about your guests’ comfort, even if the weather changes.
  • Include entertainment features — If the space allows it, consider adding a fire pit or outdoor games. These can enhance your guests’ experience.

Backyard Ideas for Your Airbnb

There are plenty of decorating styles and themes you can adopt for your outdoor area. Here are some of our favorite Airbnb backyard ideas:


For a Bohemian-style backyard at your Airbnb, think relaxed and artsy. Use furniture that’s comfy and a bit quirky. Mix and match different styles and colors. Bright, bold colors and patterns are perfect for this look.

In a Bohemian backyard, plants are a big deal. Go for lots of them, hanging and in pots. Think ferns, ivy, and colorful flowers. The more, the merrier. It’s all about creating a lush, green space.

Lighting should be soft and a bit whimsical. Fairy lights, string lights, or lanterns work great. They make the space feel magical at night. Add a hammock or some big floor cushions for lounging. It’s all about having cozy spots to relax.

For decorations, think unique. Use tapestries, colorful rugs, and funky art. It’s okay if things don’t match. That’s part of the charm. A small water feature or wind chimes can add a nice touch too.

For dining, a low table with lots of pillows around it is perfect. It’s casual and fun. Add some throws and more cushions for extra coziness.

Remember, Bohemian style is all about being laid-back and creative. It’s perfect for guests who love a fun, eclectic outdoor space.


In a modern Airbnb backyard, keep it simple and stylish. Stick to a clean color scheme like black, white, and gray. Choose furniture with straight lines for a sleek look. A metal or glass table can add a modern touch, and comfy, straightforward chairs are key. 

Keep decorations minimal to maintain a neat vibe. Opt for plants with clean shapes, like succulents, and choose outdoor rugs in solid colors or simple patterns.

Lighting is important. Use LED lights for a bright, modern feel and string lights for a cozy evening atmosphere. 

If there’s a fence, paint it a neutral color to blend in. Include a piece or two of understated art. Keep the lawn well-trimmed and pathways clear and straight.

A simple umbrella works for shade, and a small, modern fire pit can be a cool addition. If there’s a pool, keep the area clutter-free. 

Choose a stainless steel grill for BBQs. Have an outdoor dining area, but keep it uncluttered. Remember, in modern design, less is more. Aim for a clean, open space that’s inviting and fuss-free, perfect for guests who appreciate a minimalist and stylish setting.


For a rustic backyard at your Airbnb, think cozy and natural. Use wood furniture that looks a bit rugged. It’s okay if it’s not perfect; that adds character. Go for earthy colors like greens, browns, and beiges. Add a wooden bench or a swing for a charming touch.

For decorations, use things from nature. Think about using old barrels as planters or logs as side tables. Hang up some lanterns for a warm, soft light in the evening. A fire pit is great for a rustic feel. It’s perfect for guests to gather around and roast marshmallows.

If you have a garden, let it be a little wild. Wildflowers and native plants look great in a rustic setting. A small pond or a birdbath can add a nice touch too. Use gravel or natural stone for paths. They fit the rustic theme well.

For a dining area, a big wooden table is perfect. It’s great for guests to enjoy meals together. Add some cozy blankets and pillows to the chairs for extra comfort. Remember, rustic is all about feeling warm and homey. It’s perfect for guests who love a natural, down-to-earth vibe.


For a classic backyard in your Airbnb, think timeless and elegant. Choose furniture that’s traditional, like wrought iron tables and chairs. They’re not just sturdy but also have that classic look. Stick to colors like white, navy, or pastels. These colors never go out of style and create a calm, welcoming atmosphere.

In a classic backyard, flowers are a must. Plant roses or hydrangeas for a touch of old-school charm. A neatly trimmed lawn and well-kept flower beds are key. They show care and attention to detail. Add a few tasteful statues or a small fountain for a bit of sophistication.

Lighting should be subtle but effective. Go for lanterns or simple, elegant outdoor lamps. They provide just enough light without being too flashy. A classic umbrella for shade is also a good idea. Choose one in a solid, understated color.

For dining, a wooden table with a simple design works well. It’s all about having a space where guests can enjoy meals in a relaxed, refined setting. Add some comfortable cushions to the chairs for extra comfort.

Remember, the classic style is all about elegance and simplicity. It’s perfect for guests who appreciate a more traditional, polished outdoor space.


For a Mediterranean-style backyard at your Airbnb, think sunny and relaxed. Use furniture made of wrought iron or wicker for that Mediterranean feel. Colors should be bright and cheerful, like blues, whites, and yellows, reflecting the sea and sun.

In this backyard, plants are important. Go for olive trees, lavender, or rosemary. They not only look right but also smell great. Terracotta pots are perfect for these plants, adding to the Mediterranean vibe.

For lighting, use lanterns that cast a soft, warm glow. This creates a cozy atmosphere in the evenings. A water feature, like a small fountain, adds a nice touch. It brings in the sound of water, which is very relaxing.

A pergola or vine-covered trellis is great for shade and adds a real Mediterranean feel. Underneath, you can set up a dining area. A long table with plenty of chairs is perfect for big meals and gatherings.

Add some cushions and throws in bright colors for comfort and style. Tiles with patterns can also add a lot of character, whether on the ground or as tabletops.

Remember, the Mediterranean style is all about outdoor living. It’s perfect for guests who love to relax and enjoy meals outside in a bright, airy setting.

Outdoor Furniture for Your Airbnb

You want your Airbnb’s backyard fully stocked with essential furniture, amenities, and games. Here are some items to consider for your backyard setup:

  • Outdoor dining set – Ideal for guests who enjoy al fresco dining, this set provides a comfortable and stylish space for meals and socializing.
  • Lounge chairs – Perfect for relaxation, these chairs offer a comfortable spot for sunbathing, reading, or enjoying the outdoors.
  • Hammock – A hammock adds a touch of leisure and relaxation, perfect for guests looking to unwind in a peaceful setting.
  • Umbrella – Provides essential shade on sunny days, ensuring guests can enjoy the outdoors comfortably without the risk of sunburn.
  • Grill – A must-have for BBQ lovers, it allows guests to cook and enjoy outdoor meals, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Fire pit – Great for creating a cozy ambiance, it’s perfect for evening gatherings, roasting marshmallows, or just enjoying a warm fire.
  • Hot tub – Offers a luxurious and relaxing experience, ideal for guests seeking relaxation and a touch of indulgence during their stay.
  • Giant jenga – A fun, oversized game that adds an element of playful competition and entertainment for guests of all ages.
  • Cornhole – A simple yet engaging lawn game that’s easy to play and adds a fun, competitive activity for guests.
  • Badminton – Encourages active outdoor play and is a great way for guests to have fun and stay active during their stay.

For a more detailed review, check out our post on the best outdoor furniture for Airbnb and vacation rentals.

Final Thoughts

Planning and adding your personal touch is what Airbnb hosting is all about. Your place is more than just a rental; it’s also a reflection of you. With so many design and furniture options, you’ve got a real chance to make something special that guests will love.

Need a hand with getting everything right? Check out our Airbnb host checklist. It’s a simple, straightforward guide to help you make sure your guests have a great stay.

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