5 Essential Bathroom Signs for Airbnb

Bathroom signs can make your guests' stay more pleasant and carefree as they will have all the guidelines right in front of them. We present to you five essential bathroom signs for Airbnb that every guest will find useful.

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While you may think that it should be a given for guests not to throw hygienic products in the toilet or wipe their makeup with white towels, not all of them will have that common sense. If you want to prolong the life of your bathroom amenities, you can put up Airbnb bathroom signs.

There are signs for all sorts of activities and rules, and we’ll help you find the most helpful and common ones. 

Why Do I Need Airbnb Bathroom Signs? 

A bathroom sign can communicate to your guests the most crucial bathroom rules in a polite and sweet way. If there’s anything in the bathroom that can be damaged by guests’ neglect or lack of information, you can put up a sign and sleep without a single worry in your mind.

Where Should I Place Airbnb Bathroom Signs?

The sign should be close to the object or activity it refers to. In this way, guests won’t be able to overlook it. It is also recommendable that the sign is positioned at 45 degrees up or down from eye level.

For example, a sign that instructs guests which towel to use for makeup removal should be right next to (or above) the towels. If you don’t want guests to throw waste in the toilet, that sign should go somewhere near it (on the wall above the toilet, for example). 

You also don’t want a lot of decor pieces or wall art near the sign, so the sign doesn’t get lost in the mix. For simple viewing, aim for areas with minimal clutter.

Where Can I Find Airbnb Bathroom Signs?

The online world has it all, including a wide variety of bathroom signs with different rules and different designs. If you need a bathroom sign for a short-term rental (or any other house rules signs), these places will help you find it in a jiffy:

  • Etsy – For customizable prints and signs, Etsy is the best of the best
  • Amazon – From funny bathroom signs to useful instructions, you can find it all on Amazon
  • Zazzle – A lesser-known site (we call it a hidden gem) that has a great choice of customizable signs for vacation rentals, including bathroom signs
  • Make Your Own – If you can’t find a sign for a certain rule you want to share, you can always create your own using easy and intuitive online design tools like Canva. For inspiration, you can head to Pinterest.

Essential Bathroom Signs for Vacation Rentals

If you aren’t sure what are the most relevant instructions that your guests will find helpful, we’ve found five basic ones to get you started. These bathroom sign examples can also inspire you to make your own. Simply think about what you want to communicate to your guests. 

1.  Flushing Sign

Photo via Etsy

2. Water Conservation Sign

Photo via Etsy

3. Towel Sign

Photo via Etsy

4. Sign for Basket with Toiletries and Hygenic Products

Photo via Zazzle

5. Funny Bathroom Rules Sign

Bathroom Decor Wall Art

Final Thoughts

These bathroom signs will make it super easy for you to inform your guests of bathroom rules. In this way, you can prevent any damage to your possessions while politely providing guests with information. It’s a win–win!

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