Vacation Rental Bedroom Checklist – The Essentials for Your Airbnb Bedroom

Create the perfect bedroom experience for your guests with our ultimate list of bedroom essentials!

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The bedroom should be a cozy oasis for your guests. While Airbnb’s list of essentials mentions only one pillow per guest and linens, you should expand your Airbnb bedroom checklist if you want your guests to have a memorable stay and rave about their experience in reviews.

We’ve put together the ultimate bedroom checklist for short-term rentals—starting from Airbnb bedroom essentials and progressing towards Superhost amenities for those who want to go the extra mile. You can choose what items suit your rental and your budget to build your own bedroom checklist. 

Bedroom Essentials

The first thing your guests will lay their eyes on upon entering the bedroom is the bed. That’s why an elegant bed frame covered with gorgeous sheets and topped off with fluffy pillows is the super host essential. 

An attractive look won’t be enough for a 5-star review. You also need to pay attention to comfort, so choose a high-quality mattress and an airy and breathable duvet, comforter, or quilt (depending on the weather conditions in your area). If you go with a duvet, you should get a duvet cover as well. 

Love’s Cabin Quilt

Guests will appreciate it if they can put away their clothes instead of keeping them in the suitcase. A clothing rack will be more than enough for smaller spaces, or you can get a full closet shelving system if you have room for it. Other alternatives for storing clothes are a dresser or an armoire. Ultimately it all depends on the available space and how many guests your rental accommodates. 

Additional Bedroom Furniture & Amenities

In addition to the essential furniture such as a bed frame and a closet, you can spruce up the bedroom with some of these items. A modern nightstand with bedside lamps (USB ports are an amazing bonus) can add a high-end hotel feel to the room. 

ZINUS Dane Side Table

An alarm clock is a useful bedroom gadget, especially when it has handy functionalities like a USB charger port, soothing sounds, and different light settings (like a reading lamp or atmosphere light). Our top recommendation, the JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock, has all of that!

A smart TV is definitely not a bedroom essential, but it could make some guests very happy if they’re used to watching a show before they go to sleep. If you don’t want the TV to take up space, hang it with a simple wall mount.

A full-length mirror isn’t just great for guests to check out their outfits before they go out and about, but it also creates the illusion of a larger space. 

If you want to increase your sleeping capacity without overcrowding the room, bunk beds, a sofa bed, or an air mattress are the perfect solution. 

Additional Bedding and Linens

For top-level comfort, you can include bedding add-ons such as a hypoallergenic and cloud-like mattress topper. If you want to prolong the life of your mattress and pillows, we suggest getting durable mattress and pillow protectors

In case your guests are cold, you can add a blanket for an extra layer of covering. A blanket also works well as a decorative item.

Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket

When it comes to linens, you should stock a couple of sets of pillowcases and sheets. If guests stain the ones they have, they can easily change them. Plus, having an extra set in the rental is useful when you have a short turnover time. 

Superhost Amenities

For those who are aiming for the Superhost title, these extras can help you earn or retain that badge. A garment steamer, for example, can be a lifesaver for guests as most of them won’t carry an iron with them.

If you decide to add a smart TV in the bedroom, a streaming device can give guests a wide variety of popular TV shows and movies. Just make sure that your WiFi router has a good reach.

A very handy addition to an Airbnb bedroom is the luggage rack. Instead of leaving the suitcase on the floor and tripping over it, guests can place their suitcase on this rack. It is a great organizational hack for Airbnb.

If you’re going for a deluxe look and feel, you can also put some robes in the closet for your guests. Robes, earplugs, and slippers are the ultimate guest-pampering combo.

Bedroom Decorations

If you want your bedroom to look more lively, vibrant, and warm, you can add some of these decor pieces. Artwork, plants, a rug, and curtains can help you create a theme and bring some life into the room. You don’t need to deal with real plants if you’re not a plant person, since there are realistic faux ones too. 

Candles are a wonderful choice for creating ambiance, especially for Airbnbs that host couples and honeymooners. If you are concerned about the safety hazards of real candles, you can get LED ones.

To add texture to the bed, toss in some throw pillows. There’s a huge variety, so you can pick those that match your rental’s style, whether you’re going for a boho, farmhouse, or luxury look. 

DecorUhome Boho Lumbar Decorative Throw Pillow

Final Thoughts

Our ultimate bedroom checklist can help you find all that Airbnb hosts need to provide their guests with a comfortable and fully equipped stay at a short-term rental. Make your list and check it twice, and you won’t have to stress about whether you’ve left out a key piece of the puzzle. 

You can always come up with new items to add to your Airbnb bedroom ideas—the more the merrier. We hope that our list has inspired you to put together your own checklist and aim for those 5-star reviews you deserve.

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