Why an Airbnb Cleaning Contract is Essential for Hosts

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In short-term rentals, guests are always coming and going, so the property has to be spotless. This makes it increasingly evident for hosts the importance of Airbnb cleaning contracts. Besides formalizing agreements, contracts protect everyone involved—whether it’s a one-time clean-up or a regular service.

In this post, we will break down Airbnb cleaning contracts for you. We’ll talk about what they are, why you need them, and what they should have. Plus, we’ll share free templates to help you set up your own contracts easily.

What is an Airbnb Cleaning Contract?

An Airbnb cleaning contract is a formal, legally binding agreement between you, the host, and the cleaner or cleaning service you hire. In this document, you clearly define each party’s duties and responsibilities, as well as the payment terms for the services provided. It also specifies the duration of the service.

The contract protects everyone by laying out the working relationship. It also specifies how the agreement can be terminated, ensuring transparency and fairness in the professional relationship. Put simply, an Airbnb cleaning contract is a must-have for keeping all transactions open and safe with your cleaning service.

The Importance of Contracts

Contracts are essential for all businesses because they define roles and responsibilities, especially for your vacation rental business. Having a written agreement that outlines expectations can help reduce misunderstandings. Also, it makes it clear how to settle any disagreements that might come up. It’s a document you can refer back to for clarification during the service. Aside from keeping things professional, this also helps your short-term rental business run smoothly.

For Hosts

A cleaning contract plays an important role in maintaining the high standards of your Airbnb. This contract is your safety net, establishing accountability and ensuring your property consistently meets guest expectations. It’ll keep you and your cleaner on the same page.

For Cleaners

By providing cleaners with a contract, you are setting a professional tone for the working relationship. The contract gives them clear instructions and expectations, helping them meet your standards and ensuring consistency in their work. It also protects their rights with a formal payment agreement, showing them that you’re a reliable and fair employer. 

What Should the Contract Include?

  1. Details of Both Parties and the Property: Start with the basics. Clearly state the names and contact information of the host and the cleaning service provider. Include the full address and specific details of the property to be cleaned.
  2. Duration of the Service: Specify the start and end date of the cleaning services, or state if the agreement is ongoing with terms for renewal or termination.
  3. Scope of Work: Clearly define the cleaning tasks and standards expected, specifying any particular areas or items that require special attention. To provide a comprehensive and detailed list of tasks, consider using our Airbnb Host Cleaning Checklist in the contract or include it as an appendix.
  4. Parties’ Responsibilities: Detail the obligations of each party. For the host, this might include providing access to the property and ensuring it is in a state that allows for cleaning. For the cleaner, responsibilities could include performing the agreed-upon tasks to the specified standards and reporting any issues.
  5. Equipment and Supplies Details: State whether the cleaner is expected to provide their own cleaning supplies and equipment, or if the host will provide these.
  6. Payment Terms: Clearly outline the payment amount, when it is due, and acceptable payment methods. Include any details regarding deposits, late fees, or other financial considerations.
  7. Force Majeure: Include a clause that addresses unforeseeable circumstances that could prevent either party from fulfilling their obligations, such as natural disasters or other extreme events.
  8. Dispute Resolution: Define a simple process if disagreements or issues arise during the contract. It helps resolve conflicts faster and ensures that both parties understand how to handle potential issues.
  9. Signature: Include space at the end of the document for both parties to sign and date, formalizing the agreement.

Free Templates for Airbnb Cleaning Contracts

Now that you understand the importance of having a contract and the key elements it should contain, it’s time to take the next step and create one for your business. Contracts can be intimidating, but don’t worry—here are some great blogs with free templates to help you get started.

  • Lodgify is mainly known as vacation rental software that helps hosts manage bookings and make websites. It also gives hosts helpful resources. Their blog has valuable information and a cleaning contract template you can use.
  • Jetstream is a platform that helps property managers and owners make their short-term rental listings more visible on booking websites. One of the helpful things they offer is a blog post that goes over the basics of cleaning contracts and gives you a free template to get you started.
  • eForms is a website offering many printable forms, including a free cleaning service contract template.

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