Understanding Airbnb Extra Guest Fees

Understanding Airbnb extra guest fees is crucial. They're not just additional charges. They're your strategy for managing more guests. And ensuring a fair, balanced hosting experience.

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Welcome to the world of Airbnb hosting! Navigating extra guest fees can be a game-changer. It’s not just about extra income. It’s about smart hosting.

Understanding Airbnb extra guest fees is crucial. They’re not just additional charges. They’re your strategy for managing more guests. And ensuring a fair, balanced hosting experience.

This article is your ultimate guide. Learn to set, communicate, and manage these fees effectively. Make your Airbnb hosting journey smoother and more profitable.

Dive in to master the art of handling extra guests with ease!

Should You Allow Extra Guests?

Deciding to accommodate extra guests in your Airbnb listing involves more than just adjusting your space. It’s about weighing the benefits and drawbacks and understanding the implications for your hosting style and property. 

Here are some points to remember when hosting extra guests:

  • Capacity and comfort: Assess the maximum capacity of your property. Can it comfortably accommodate extra guests without compromising the quality of stay?
  • Safety and regulations: Ensure compliance with local safety regulations and Airbnb’s policies. Overcrowding can lead to safety hazards and legal issues.
  • Amenities and supplies: Extra guests mean increased usage of amenities and supplies. Are you prepared to stock more toiletries, linens, and essentials?
  • Noise and neighborhood: More guests could lead to higher noise levels. Consider your neighborhood’s tolerance and any noise restrictions in place.
  • Insurance and liability: Check if your insurance policy covers additional guests. Extra people might increase the risk of accidents and damages.

Your decision should align with your hosting goals and property limitations. Are you aiming for higher occupancy and revenue, or do you prioritize a controlled, quality experience? Your approach to hosting will guide this decision.

What is an Airbnb Extra Guest Fee?

When hosting on Airbnb, you have the option to add an extra guest fee to your listing. This fee is an additional charge that hosts can implement to accommodate the costs associated with hosting more people in their property. Understanding this fee and how it works is essential for hosts who are considering allowing extra guests.

By implementing an extra guest fee, you encourage guests to provide accurate booking information regarding the number of occupants, ensuring that the host is adequately compensated for the actual number of guests staying.

It also allows you to maintain a fair pricing structure. For instance, a solo traveler shouldn’t necessarily pay the same rate as a group of four, as the latter will likely use more resources.

Should You Charge an Airbnb Extra Guest Fee?

Deciding whether to charge an extra guest fee on Airbnb is a strategic choice that can impact your hosting experience and revenue. This fee is not just about increasing your earnings; it’s also about managing the added costs and ensuring fairness in your pricing strategy. 

Cover the added costs of hosting additional guests

Extra guests increase utility and maintenance costs. An extra guest fee offsets these expenses, ensuring fair compensation for additional resource use and property upkeep.

Generate more revenue

The extra guest fee boosts earnings, especially in peak seasons or popular locations. It allows flexible pricing based on guest numbers, enhancing appeal to both small and large groups and maximizing occupancy and revenue.

Offer value for solo travelers or small groups

The fee provides fair pricing for solo travelers or small groups, avoiding charges for unused space. This attracts a wider range of guests and improves their experience, leading to better reviews and repeat bookings.

How Much to Charge Extra Guests

Determining the right amount to charge extra guests on Airbnb is a nuanced decision that requires careful consideration. 

Many hosts find that charging $20–25 per additional guest works well. This range usually covers extra utilities and cleaning. However, consider scaling the fee based on your property’s offerings. It’s important to note that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, as the appropriate fee varies based on several factors specific to your property and market. 

Here are some key points to guide you in setting your extra guest fee:

  • Market research: Start by researching what other hosts in your area are charging for extra guests. This comparison gives you a benchmark and ensures your fee is competitive. Look at listings similar to yours in terms of size, location, and amenities. 
  • Calculating additional expenses: Assess the additional expenses incurred per extra guest. This includes increased utility usage, additional cleaning and laundry, and wear and tear. Quantifying these costs gives you a clear idea of the minimum amount you need to charge to cover these expenses. 
  • Property accommodation capacity: Consider how many people your property can comfortably accommodate. This isn’t just about the number of beds or rooms but also the overall living space, amenities, and facilities. Overcrowding can lead to discomfort and negative reviews, so it’s important to set a limit that ensures a pleasant stay for all guests.

Setting Up Extra Guest Fees on Airbnb

All you have to do to set up an extra guest fee is change the pricing settings of your property. 

Here’s how you can set this up:

1. Desktop

  • Go to Listings: Start by navigating to your listings on the Airbnb website.
  • Access Pricing and Availability: Select the listing you want to modify, then click on ‘Pricing and Availability’.
  • Edit Extra Guest Fee: Find the ‘Fees’ section and click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Extra Guest Fee’.
  • Set Your Fee: Enter the amount you wish to charge per extra guest.
  • Save Changes: Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ to apply these changes.

2. Mobile App (iOS and Android)

The process is similar on the Airbnb mobile app:

  • Select Your Listing: In the app, tap your profile, switch to hosting and go to your listings. Choose the one you want to update.
  • Modify Pricing and Availability: Like on the desktop, find the ‘Pricing and Availability’ then tap the ‘Additional charges’ section.
  • Adjust Extra Guest Fee: Edit the ‘Extra Guest Fee’ as needed.
  • Confirm Your Changes: Save your new settings.

3. Mobile Browser

The steps on a mobile browser are akin to those on the desktop version.

Important: The new extra guest fee will be applicable only to future reservations. For existing reservations, if you wish to charge extra for additional guests, you’ll need to initiate a trip change with your guest to adjust the price accordingly.

Hosting Tips to Charging Extra Guest Fees

When it comes to charging extra guest fees on Airbnb, it’s not just about adding an additional charge; it’s about balancing hospitality with business savvy. Here are some tips to help you navigate this aspect of hosting:

Be transparent and fair

Ensure your listing clearly states the extra guest fees. Guests appreciate transparency and are more likely to respect a host who is upfront about costs.

Set a fee that’s fair and justifiable, considering the additional costs you incur for extra guests, like utilities, cleaning, or wear and tear.

Communicate with guests about extra fees

A smooth Airbnb experience requires clear communication with guests about extra fees. Make sure your listing specifies the extra guest fee. But don’t stop at the listing. It is a good idea to remind guests of this fee when you talk to them directly.

Welcome messages are an excellent opportunity to mention the extra fee. Include a friendly reminder about the fee and explain it’s there to cover additional costs. This prevents misunderstandings.

Update your listing description

In your listing, mention the facilities you provide that make your space comfortable for extra guests, such as additional bedding, towels, or amenities.

Clearly state the maximum number of guests your property can accommodate comfortably to manage expectations and avoid overbooking.

Final Thoughts

Mastering Airbnb extra guest fees is a vital aspect of successful hosting. It’s not just about generating additional income; it’s about creating a fair and balanced experience for both hosts and guests. 

By carefully considering the capacity, safety, and amenities of your property, and setting appropriate fees, you can ensure a comfortable stay for all guests while covering the added costs of hosting larger groups. Remember, transparency and communication are key. 

Clearly state your extra guest fees, communicate them effectively to your guests, and update your listing to reflect the facilities and accommodations available. With these strategies in place, you can enhance your hosting experience, attract a diverse range of guests, and maintain a profitable and reputable Airbnb listing.

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