Airbnb Host Review Templates and Examples

Learn how to simplify your Airbnb hosting with ready-to-use review templates and automation tools.

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You’re probably familiar with how important reviews are on Airbnb. But, as your vacation rental business grows, your time gets stretched thin, and reviewing each guest might slip down your list of priorities. 

Well, here’s an easy fix: Airbnb host review templates. Instead of writing a unique response for every guest, just copy and paste a template, and voila! Done in seconds.

In this blog post, we’ve got over 20 review templates to make your life easier. We’ll also delve into review generators and how to automate your reviews completely. Let’s dive right in!

Using Templates For Your Airbnb Host Reviews

Whether you’re swamped with your rental business or just draw a blank when it’s time to write a review, templates can be a lifesaver. Keep a document handy with Airbnb review samples (or bookmark this blog), then, choose the one that fits your guest best, copy, paste, and you’re good to go. 

If you’re wondering if templates are really useful, let’s set the record straight. Using templates for your Airbnb host reviews comes with plenty of perks, such as:

  • Saving Time: Templates save you from starting each review from scratch. 
  • Consistency: They keep your reviews sounding and feeling consistent. This makes it super easy for hosts and guests to understand what you’re saying every time.
  • Clarity: If you’re having trouble organizing your thoughts clearly, templates can come to the rescue. No more rambling or missing points as your feedback’s crystal clear for everyone reading.
  • Fairness: By using templates, you can make sure you mention all the good stuff and also keep it real if something wasn’t quite right. Keeps things fair and square and informative for other hosts.
  • Professionalism: Templates give your reviews a polished, professional feel. Don’t forget that other guests can see these reviews, so you want to present yourself in a good light. 

Airbnb Host Reviews: Best Practices

Want to write standout reviews? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Be Honest and Fair: Give an honest review of your guest’s stay, covering both the good and not-so-good aspects. Balanced feedback helps others get a clear picture.
  • Assess Your Airbnb’s Condition: Consider the condition of your Airbnb when writing your review. If the guest left it in great shape or caused damage, mention it.
  • Get Specific: Share details about your guest’s behavior, communication, and how they treated your place.
  • Keep it Professional: Keep your tone courteous and professional, even if things weren’t perfect. No need for personal attacks or harsh language.
  • Proofread Before Posting: Take a quick look over your review to catch any typos or errors before hitting “submit.”
  • Personalize It: Personalize your review to make it more genuine and tailored to your guest’s experience. A clever tactic for adding a personal touch without investing additional time is simply adding their name.

Airbnb Host Review Templates

Positive Reviews

Template 1: Great Communication

“It was a pleasure hosting [Guest’s Name]. They were excellent communicators from start to finish, making the entire process smooth and stress-free. They treated my place with respect, and I’d happily welcome them back anytime!”

Template 2: Respectful and Tidy

“I really enjoyed hosting [Guest’s Name]. They were incredibly respectful of my space and left it immaculately clean. Their care for my home did not go unnoticed. Highly recommended guest!”

Template 3: Friendly and Considerate

“[Guest’s Name] was a delight to host! They were friendly, considerate, and a pleasure to interact with. They took great care of my place and I would gladly host them again.”

Template 4: Wonderful Guests

“Hosting [Guest’s Name] was an absolute pleasure. They were wonderful guests who were respectful, polite, and easy to communicate with. They left my place spotless and even went above and beyond to follow house rules. Highly recommended!”

Template 5: Perfect Guests

“I couldn’t have asked for better guests than [Guest’s Name]. They were perfect guests in every way, friendly, responsible, and considerate. They left my place in pristine condition, and I would welcome them back with open arms.”

Template 6: Excellent Experience

“Hosting [Guest’s Name] was an excellent experience from start to finish. They were communicative, respectful, and left my place in impeccable condition. I would highly recommend them to any host and look forward to hosting them again in the future.”

Template 7: Ideal Guests

“I had the pleasure of hosting [Guest’s Name], who were absolutely ideal guests. They were courteous, communicative, and treated my home with the utmost care. I would welcome them back anytime.”

Template 8: 5-Star Guests

“I’m thrilled to leave a 5-star review for [Guest’s Name]. They were exceptional guests who left my place in perfect condition. Their communication was prompt and courteous throughout, and I would highly recommend them to any host.”

Template 9: A Delight to Host:

Hosting [Guest’s Name] was an absolute delight. They were friendly, respectful, and left my place looking even better than when they arrived. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and would love to host them again in the future.”

Template 10: Highly Recommended

“I wholeheartedly recommend [Guest’s Name] as a guest. They were a pleasure to host – polite, communicative, and respectful of my home. Their positive energy and consideration made for a wonderful hosting experience.”

Negative Reviews

Template 1: Lack of Communication

“I was disappointed with [Guest’s Name]’s lack of communication. They didn’t respond to messages promptly, which made it difficult to coordinate their stay.”

Template 2: Poor Housekeeping

“Unfortunately, [Guest’s Name] left the place quite messy. There were stains on the carpet and dishes piled up in the sink, which was disappointing.”

Template 3: Disrespectful Behavior

“I wasn’t thrilled with how [Guest’s Name] treated the property. They broke a few house rules, like smoking inside, which wasn’t respectful.”

Template 4: Property Damage

“I’m bummed to say that [Guest’s Name] caused some damage during their stay. They broke a lamp and left a hole in the wall, which was frustrating.”

Template 5: Noise Disturbances

“Hosting [Guest’s Name] was tough because they were really loud late at night. It disrupted the neighbors and made it hard for everyone to get a good night’s sleep.”

Template 6: Violation of Rules

“I had to remind [Guest’s Name] a few times about the house rules, but they kept breaking them. It made things uncomfortable for everyone.”

Template 7: Unresolved Issues

“There were a couple of issues during [Guest’s Name]’s stay that we couldn’t resolve. Despite trying to talk it out, we couldn’t come to a solution.”

Template 8: Inconsiderate Behavior

“I was disappointed by [Guest’s Name]’s lack of consideration for the property. They left dirty dishes everywhere and didn’t respect the space.”

Template 9: Misrepresentation

“I feel like [Guest’s Name] didn’t live up to their profile. They were much messier and louder than their reviews led me to believe.”

Template 10: Overall Negative Experience

“Overall, hosting [Guest’s Name] wasn’t the best experience. They didn’t treat the place with respect, and I wouldn’t recommend them as guests.”

Airbnb Review Generators

Another way to simplify writing reviews is to use Airbnb review generators. They’ll create the review for you, just tell them if the experience was good or bad and give them the guest’s name.

Here are some free and intuitive generators: 

Automate Your Airbnb Host Reviews

Looking to simplify the review process for your Airbnb guests? Why not automate it? 

First, look into automation software.

Vacation rental management platforms can offer a review automation feature, among other nifty tools. With automation, you can set up a review template and schedule when it’s sent out, such as the day after checkout, two days after, or whenever you like.

Typically, you can activate this feature in a couple of clicks in your channel manager.

Here are some of the platforms that let you automate reviews:

Final Thoughts

With your busy schedule, spending hours on reviews isn’t practical. But with these templates, it’s as easy as copy-paste-done. 

No matter if you’re praising perfect guests or managing tricky situations, there’s a template to match each scenario.If you want to completely take writing reviews off your to-do list, consider using vacation rental management software like Hostfully, OwnerRez, or Hospitable.

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