7 Attractive and Useful House Rules Signs for Airbnb

A lasting reminder of house rules in the form of a sign can ensure that your guests are respectful of your short-term rental. We’ve picked out a few Airbnb house rules signs for the best guest experience.

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You can communicate your house rules verbally to your guests, but it’s overly optimistic to expect that they’ll remember it all. A house rules sign openly displayed on the wall, table, or shelf will be an ever-lasting reminder of what rules guests should respect while staying at your vacation property.

If you want to put up a helpful Airbnb house rules sign that will also look great with your rental’s aesthetic, we’ll help you get inspired with this list of ideas. 

What Is the Purpose of a House Rules Sign for Airbnb?

Guests know about house rules from the time they book your place, as you can state them all in your Airbnb listing. However, it’s a good idea to remind them what they’ve agreed to, and a house rule sign can help you with that.

Displaying a house rules sign will give guests a daily reminder of dos and don’ts in your rental. It will also make it easier for them to review some important instructions without having to search through their emails or welcome booklet. 

Where to Display Airbnb House Rules

You can find house rules signs for different areas in the house. There are signs for general house rules, pool rules, kitchen rules, bathroom rules, and so on, and you should place the sign in the room to which the rules refer. The living room or the hallway is the best place for general rules and information.

If a sign refers to a certain activity, you should place it near the item it involves. Let’s say that you have a sign that notes how guests should be using black towels for makeup removal (rather than your precious white ones). This sign should go next to the towels (above the towel rack, for example).

Signs come in different shapes and sizes, and you can display them in different ways. The most common option is a poster sign that you can hang on the wall or put on the table. If you feel that this would ruin the aesthetic of the room, you can put house rule information in the welcome gift basket or include it in a handy binder with other info about the area.

Where to Find House Rules Signs for Airbnb

If you haven’t encountered samples of house rules for guests in your local stores, don’t worry—there are plenty of them online! If you want printable pdf vacation rental house rules templates you can customize, we suggest checking out these websites:

  • Etsy – The go-to place for customizable vacation rental signs is Etsy, and it definitely has the most varied choices of house rules signs for vacation rentals
  • Zazzle – For more house rules templates you can edit and adapt to your property, you can go to Zazzle
  • Amazon – While most of the house rule signs on Amazon aren’t customizable, you can find some that will go along with your rental
  • Pinterest – When it comes to inspirational visuals, Pinterest is amazing, and of course, there is lots of Airbnb house rules inspiration there

Examples of House Rules Signs for Airbnb

There are so many gorgeous Airbnb house rules templates online, so we’ll show you a selection of some of our favorites. These can serve as an inspiration and give you an idea of what type of house rules printables and designs you can discover.

Photo via Etsy
Photo via Etsy

1. General Vacation Rental Rules – These signs contain the basic house rules, check-out instructions, and other essential info. Choose the one that matches the style and aesthetic of your short-term rental.

Photo via Etsy

2. Airbnb Kitchen Rules – If you want a printable that states some of the basic kitchen rules, there are signs that cover that (just like the one below).

Photo via Etsy

3. Vrbo House Rules and Welcome Sign – If you want an all-in-one sign for your Vrbo rental, this sign pretty much covers everything — basic house rules, important contacts, info for the free WiFi, check-out info, and parking rules. 

4. Bathroom Rules – Prevent your guests from clogging up the toilet or ruining your white towels with makeup stains with these handy (and beautiful) bathroom signs.

Photo via Etsy

5. Pool Rules – A pool is a great amenity for guests, but to keep your guests safe, you can include a customizable sign with pool rules. 

Sigo Signs Hot Tub Safety Rules Sign

6. Hot Tub Rules – For increased safety, rentals that offer a hot tub can put up a safety sign with some basic instructions.

Photo via Etsy

7. Funny House Rules Signs – Whether you are going for a certain theme or you just want to make your guests laugh, you can put up a funny sign with (so-called) house rules.

How to Make Your Own Sign for Airbnb House Rules

If you are crafty and want to personalize the sign to the very last detail, you can make the house rules sign on your own. Simple online design tools like Canva have a drag-and-drop design feature so you don’t need any experience with design tools. You can start with a blank canvas or a template (like this welcome sign or these check-out instructions), and you can add the text and elements you want.

Once you’re happy with the design and you’ve put down all the rules, simply download it, print it out, and put it in a frame or in the gift basket.

Final Thoughts

A concise recap of the most important house rules will be beneficial for both yourself and the guests. Guests will have an easily accessible reminder of what they should and shouldn’t do while staying in the rental, and you’ll stress less about whether guests will damage your home.

Clear communication of information and rules is essential for a great guest experience, and a house rules sign can be a simple and useful communication tool that will handle that task on your behalf.  

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