Airbnb’s New Listing Promotion (and How to Remove It)

Learn all about Airbnb’s convenient new listing promotion and how it can help new hosts increase bookings.

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New hosts don’t have it easy, considering how many super hosts and experienced hosts with dozens of positive reviews they have to compete with.

Airbnb provides an effective solution to help new bookings gain a competitive edge: the Airbnb new listing promotion.

If you want to know how and why Airbnb’s new listing promotion can help you beat the competition, keep reading.

What Is Airbnb’s New Listing Promotion?

Airbnb’s new listing promotion is a 20% discount for new listings. It is only available for hosts who have new and unbooked listings. In addition, you need to enable the instant book option and disable smart pricing to be eligible for the promotion.

The 20% discount will apply for the first three reservations. This discount will automatically turn off after the third booking or 30 days after the opt-in date (whichever comes first). 

You can’t adjust the discount percentage or length of stay for which the discount will be available as they are both fixed.

If you don’t want Airbnb’s new listing promotion to last 30 days or you want to stop it after the first or second booking, you can disable the discount (more on that later). 

How Is Airbnb’s New Listing Promotion Helpful to New Hosts?

Guests heavily rely on reviews when booking a vacation rental, so it can be difficult for new hosts to get those first few bookings and earn their first reviews.

With the new listing promotion, you’ll be able to entice guests with the discount and earn those first few reviews. According to Airbnb, this promotion can help you attract your first three bookings 30% faster.

There’s also the fact that Airbnb displays your guests’ review star rating only after you get three or more reviews. This is why the discount is applied to the first three reviews—that’s how many it takes for the Airbnb reviews to be visible on your listing. 

The generous discount is a way for you to compete with established listings. While they may have their 5-star reviews and praises from guests, you’ll have an eye-catching discount and an attractive price.

Since people generally navigate toward offers with discounts, this is a psychologically proven tactic to stand out among the competition.

How to Activate Airbnb’s New Listing Promotion

There are two ways to activate the promotion: during onboarding or via your listing’s calendar (if your listing is already live).

It’s best that you turn the promotion on during onboarding to take advantage of the offer right away. 

To enable the new listing promotion during the onboarding process, you just need to select the option to offer the discount to your guests when the prompt appears (it comes after you set the base rates).

Select the ‘offer 20% off to your first guests’ option and continue to set up your listing. 

If you’ve already set up your listing and overlooked this option during onboarding, you should go to the new listing’s calendar page, open the individual listing’s calendar, and the prompt will be there.

Another option to turn on the discount once the listing is live is to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Airbnb’s page with available promotions
  2. Scroll down to the first one on the list—the New Listing Promotion
  3. Click on the ‘Opt-in Here’ button

How to Turn Off Airbnb’s New Listing Promotion

Even though the promotion turns off automatically after 3 bookings or 30 days, you can remove it manually as well. Here is what you need to do to cancel the new listing promotion at any time:

  1. Click on your listing
  2. Select ‘Calendar’
  3. Scroll to the right to the dates where the discount has been displayed (important note: stay in the ‘Calendar’ view, don’t click on the ‘Main Calendar’ page)
  4. Hover the cursor over the dates, and you’ll see the option to remove the discount
  5. Click on the ‘Remove Discount’ button in the right-hand side pop-up 

How Can I Promote My New Airbnb Listing?

Enabling Airbnb’s new listing promotion doesn’t guarantee bookings.

If you want to increase your chances of getting those first bookings (and many more afterward), you need to market your listing.

Before you begin with marketing efforts, you should first get a clear picture of who your target audience (your ideal guest) is, what guests are looking for, and what you can offer that’s unique or less common (such as an attractive amenity or incredible location).

This can help you create a strong marketing strategy that capitalizes on your strongest features and markets your listing to guests who are most likely to book your rental. 

Visuals are key to attracting guests, especially when you don’t have numerous reviews to build trust.

You can follow the most popular vacation rental Instagram accounts to find photo inspiration and check out our tips on how to take better photos of your short-term rental

One lesser-known strategy that Airbnb offers to help hosts promote their listings is the option to create a custom share link. This will make promoting your listing to potential guests easier and more memorable. 

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Final Thoughts

It’s not easy being the ‘new kid on the block,’ especially when you need to convince people to spend their vacation money on a booking with 0 reviews instead of one with many testimonies from satisfied guests.

Airbnb’s new listing promotion can help you overcome this difficulty and give an enticing offer to guests to earn those first few reviews. 

Using a new listing promotion is just one way to get booked in a highly competitive vacation rental market. Be sure to maximize your promotional efforts if you want to grow your business and increase your bookings. 

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