Do You Need an Airbnb Owner’s Closet?

Find out whether setting up an Airbnb owner’s closet is worth the trouble and how it can help you manage your rental.

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When you pass the keys to your rental to guests, you’re giving them free rein of the whole place. But how can you keep your personal belongings and hosting supplies out of their reach? That’s where the Airbnb owners’ closet comes in handy, giving you a catch-all nook for all your hosting essentials.

So, why exactly should you set up an owner’s closet in your Airbnb? And what can you use it for? This blog post will give you answers to all your questions.

Reasons to Have an Airbnb Owner’s Closet

Having an Airbnb owner’s closet can make a world of difference in managing your short-term rental. Here are some compelling reasons why it’s a smart move:

  • Security and privacy: If you have any personal items in the rental, locking them in the owner’s closet will protect your privacy and put your mind at ease, knowing guests won’t accidentally use or damage them.
  • Time and convenience: Cleaning and changing linens between guests will be much easier when you have everything you need for fast turnover in one place. 
  • Limited access to linens and supplies: If you keep spare linens and towels in the closet, guests might use them all during their stay, no matter what you told them at check-in. Having an owner’s closet solves that problem.
  • Neat and organized space: An owner’s closet keeps your rental space clutter-free and looking neat, keeping everything organized and in its place.

How to Set Up Your Airbnb Owner’s Closet

Follow these simple steps to set up your own Airbnb owner’s closet:

  1. Pick the location: Choose a location that is easily accessible for you but out of sight for guests, such as a utility room, spare bedroom closet, or hallway storage area. 
  2. Clear out the space: Before setting up the owner’s closet, clear out the area to make room for your hosting supplies. Get rid of anything you don’t need to maximize storage space. Take this chance to declutter and donate items you no longer use to free up even more space.
  3. Install shelves or storage bins: To make the most of your space, add shelves or storage bins. Adjustable shelves can handle items of all sizes, and clear bins with labels can help you find what you need.
  4. Secure the closet: Install a reliable lock on the closet door to keep your belongings safe. Be sure to find a sturdy lock that’s tough to tamper with. If you want to share access with your cleaning crew or property manager, we recommend smart locks.
  5. Stock essentials: Fill the closet with must-have items like extra linens, towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. To stay on top of your inventory and avoid unexpected shortages, create a checklist of items that need regular restocking.

What Should You Store in Your Airbnb Owner’s Closet

Here’s a breakdown of what you might consider storing in your Airbnb owner’s closet.

Linens and Towels

Having spare linens and towels in your owner’s closet lets you swap out used ones easily. You can also give the keys or access code to the cleaning service. This way, they can handle everything without you needing to be there to bring in the backups.

Here’s how many of each bedding and towel should you keep in your Airbnb owner’s closet:

Toiletries and Amenities

It’s hard to predict when guests will finish body wash or shampoo, especially if you have dispensers. So, it’s a good idea to keep extra bottles or refills in your owner’s closet. Besides the essentials such as hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and toilet paper, you can also throw in extras like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and makeup remover wipes

Cleaning Supplies

With all the cleaning supplies at the ready, you can speed up turnovers and keep your rental spotless for guests.

Stock up on multipurpose cleaners, disinfectant wipes, trash bags, and stain remover to cover all your cleaning bases. If you’re using a whole room for the owner’s closet, you can also keep a duster, vacuum, broom, and mop in there.

Household Supplies

Some guests may use household supplies faster than others, so it’s a good idea to have extras on hand. When you go shopping for basic household supplies, just put them into your owner’s closet, and they’ll be available when you need to replenish them.

Here are some of the top products you can store:

Maintenance Tools

Having basic tools handy lets you handle small repairs without delay. Keep essentials like a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, flashlight, and light bulbs nearby for quick fixes.

Personal Belongings

Lastly, you can store your personal items that you want to keep away from guests. If your cleaning service also has access to the owner’s closet, be sure to use bins or containers for your belongings and label them to keep them separate from cleaning supplies.

Provide Access to Your Co-Host or Property Manager

If you’re co-hosting your vacation rental or you have a property manager, it’s a good idea to give them a spare key or access code to your owner’s closet. Here’s why it could be helpful:

  • Managing supplies: Your co-host or property manager can easily get extra linens, towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies stored in the owner’s closet to refill and restock supplies.
  • Ensuring guest needs are met when you’re away: Even if you manage supplies, you might not always be available to help guests or handle turnover. Giving the property manager or co-host access to the owner’s closet lets them step in when you can’t.
  • Timely maintenance: Keeping tools and spare parts in the owner’s closet allows the co-host or property manager to fix small problems right away. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a burnt-out light bulb, having the tools on hand means maintenance gets done fast.
  • Insurance documentation: If a guest damages your property or breaks into a locked area, your co-host or property manager can assess the situation better if they have access and a complete inventory list. This can simplify insurance claims and property management procedures.


An owner’s closet is by no means an Airnb necessity, but being ready for anything feels great. By having a space just for yourself where you can safely store and organize personal things and supplies, you’ll be able to speed up turnovers and rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed. It’s an easy and secure solution to a neat, fully stocked rental.

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