The 7 Best Airbnb Promotions and Discounts for Hosts

Make your listing stand out and increase your bookings with easy-to-set and effective Airbnb promotions and discounts.

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With fierce competition keeping you on your toes, using marketing strategies is highly necessary if you want to stay afloat and ensure continual bookings for your Airbnb. If you’re looking for a way to outshine the competitors, you can use helpful Airbnb promotions for hosts.

Promotions and discounts can make your listing stand out from the crowd, increase demand, and earn you positive reviews that can build your credibility. In this post, we’ll cover the best and most useful Airbnb promotions for hosts and how you can activate them.

What Airbnb Promotions Can Hosts Set?

Airbnb offers the following promotions and discounts:

  1. New listing promotion
  2. Last minute discount
  3. Early bird discount
  4. Longer stays discount
  5. Non-refundable rate discount
  6. Custom promotions
  7. Special offers

These discounts are designed to suit the different needs of hosts, so let’s see what each one is about and how you can make the most of these discounts. 

1. New Listing Promotion

New listing promotions are for hosts that have unbooked listings. If you activate this promotion, your first three guests will get a 20% discount. The discount expires after three reservations or after 30 days from the activation date. If you want to know more about it and how you can set up the discount, head to our in-depth guide on new listing promotions

2. Last-Minute Discount

If you want to reconsider your pricing strategy for upcoming unbooked dates, the last-minute promotion is very effective for that purpose. You can set up a discount for check-in dates that are close to the present day.

There is a group of guests that solely hunt for last-minute discounts, so this promotion can help you attract those individuals. 

You can select the days when the discount ends (for example, a month before the selected dates), the percentage of the discount, and the minimum and maximum number of nights for the discount to be available to guests. 

3. Early Bird Discount

Reward the guests who plan ahead by enabling the early bird discount. The activation is the same as for the last-minute discount. You can set up the discount percentage, how far in advance guests need to book to get the discount, and how many nights they need to stay.

4. Longer Stays Discount

According to Airbnb, in the U.S., bookings for four to six weeks increased by 30% in recent years. If you want to capitalize on the growing demand for bookings that allow longer stays, you can activate the longer stays discount and attract that group of guests. With longer bookings, you’ll fill out your calendar faster and simplify your hosting duties. 

You can set up weekly or monthly discounts. The weekly discount applies to all reservations for 7-27 nights, and the monthly discount will be available to guests who book your rental for 28 nights or longer.

5. Non-Refundable Rate Discount

Airbnb is helping hosts protect themselves from last-minute cancelations by providing guests with an option to get a 10% discount if they pay a non-refundable booking rate. 

If you activate this feature, guests will have two options: to book your listing at a standard rate with a cancelation policy or to get 10% off if they choose a nonrefundable option.

This can protect you from those book-and-ditch guests who reserve your dates and then cancel within the cancelation policy time frame. In addition, the reduced rate will show in search results, so this can get you more listing views and faster bookings. 

6. Custom Promotions

You can also create custom promotions for any days that you wish and the discount percentage that you find suitable. For example, you can activate a custom discount during the slow season in your area to attract guests.

The discount needs to be at least 10%, and Airbnb recommends that you apply the promotion to at least 7 consecutive nights to increase your visibility in search results. 

Custom promotions can’t be applied to a luxury listing or a hotel, and it requires at least 3 prior bookings. Listings that are located in the United Kingdom, Australia, and China aren’t eligible for custom promotions at the moment.

7. Special Offers for Specific Guests

To build stronger relationships with guests and drive faster bookings, you can send guests special offers. 

When guests reach out to you via message or submit a trip request before booking, you can reply with a special offer with a custom price to entice them to book right away. The offer will expire after 24 hours which creates urgency. If they accept, the reservation is automatically confirmed.

Before you send the offer, make sure that no other guests have booked those dates. Even if the dates are occupied, you can always send a special offer for different dates to convince potential guests to choose your listing. 

You can also send special offers for the same dates to multiple guests, and whoever accepts the offer first wins. If you do decide to go with this tactic, you should inform the guests that others are also interested in the dates (for transparency and some additional urgency). 

How to Set Promotions

Most discounts can be activated in your calendar. For seasonal discounts (early bird, last-minute, and longer stay), go to your listing tab, click on a listing you want to set the discount for, and select the ‘Pricing’ tab. There you can create a new rule-set for a discount of your choice and select the days on which the discount will apply. 

If you’re creating a new listing, you will be prompted to activate the discount during setup, or you can activate it afterward (we explain how to do this in our new listing promotion guide). 

To activate these promotions, you need to turn off the ‘Smart Pricing’ feature.

For the non-refundable rate discount, you’ll need to click on the ‘opt-in’ button on the Airbnb promotions page (scroll down to this discount), and you just need to select the listing you want and activate the non-refundable option.

Set custom promotions by going to your listing’s calendar, selecting ‘Promotions,’ and choosing the dates and discount percentage. 

Lastly, to send guests special offers, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Inbox
  2. Open the message from the guest
  3. Select ‘Special offer’
  4. Under the ‘Subtotal,’ enter the price you’d like to offer for the entire stay
  5. Click ‘Send special offer’

How to Promote Your Airbnb Listing

Activating enticing promotions doesn’t guarantee increased bookings. For the best outcome, you should use a variety of marketing strategies to attract guests.

We won’t go into details now because we have an elaborate post that covers the most effective ways of promoting your Airbnb. 

Final Thoughts

Everybody wants to get the most for their money, which is why promotions are so tempting to guests. If they notice that they can pay less for a listing that is worth more, your listing will jump to the top of their wish list. 

Since Airbnb has a great variety of promotions for hosts, you can pick the one (or more) that works best for your listing.

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