Airbnb Restocking Checklist – Manage Your Inventory Effectively

Keep track of your Airbnb inventory and know what needs replacing in your vacation rental with this helpful checklist.

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Here's a checklist of everything you need to be the ultimate Airbnb host!

Some items like furniture, appliances, and other amenities you buy once and replace only when they start showing signs of wear and tear (which gives you a few years’ peace of mind). However, there are supplies that guests use up during their stay and you need to consistently restock them.

If you want to ensure that all your guests have an equally wonderful experience and have all the items they need, use this handy Airbnb restocking checklist for repurchasing, refilling, and resupplying items that you need to have on hand for guests. 

How an Airbnb Restocking Checklist Can Help You

After every checkout, you have a long list of tasks you need to do, such as cleaning, changing bedding, doing laundry, and restocking items that guests used up. While you rush from one room to another, clean, tidy up, put away, throw out, and tackle endless tasks to make the rental spotless again, you may forget to check and restock some items.

Having a restocking checklist by your side will ensure that such a mistake never happens. You can keep track of your stock with the same consistency during every turnover as you’ll know exactly which items to take stock of and repurchase if needed.

In addition to organized inventory management, a restocking checklist will give you more control over your budget as well. By having all the items listed in front of you, you’ll be able to allocate the money in advance and pre-plan your weekly and monthly shopping costs. 

Airbnb Restocking Checklist – Items You Should Check After Every Turnover

We have prepared a list of essential items that you should check and restock (if needed) when guests leave. The list contains the basic items that most vacation rentals provide, but you can add any other supplies that you offer to your guests. 

The items are organized by room, so you can go from one room to the next and use this checklist to make sure you have everything stocked and ready for the next round of guests.


Living Room


Of course, you don’t need to buy a new set of sheets or pillowcases after each turnover, but this checklist will remind you to check the bedroom items that get worn out the most, so you’ve got plenty of time to buy a new backup set. 


Laundry Room

The Best Restocking Tips for Hosts

Staying organized and managing your obligations can save you a lot of time and money.  We’ve prepared some helpful restocking tips for that Superhost level of organization:

Customize the List Right Away – To stay on top of everything and customize this list for your needs, you can take an inventory sheet or spreadsheet, note down all the listed inventory items, take a look around your rental to see what else requires regular restocking, and add it to the list. Keep this spreadsheet on your phone so you can access it wherever you are.

Buy in Bulk – Buying in bulk is less expensive and will save you the trouble of weekly shopping. If you buy soap, shampoo, and conditioner in bulk, you should still keep it on your restocking list as a reminder to check and refill the dispensers. 

Invest in High-Quality Products – Once you start keeping track of your restocking (and spending) habits, you might get tempted to cut down restocking costs by buying cheap products. Keep in mind that fully stocking your rental won’t be sufficient for a great guest experience if you offer low-quality items that they dislike. 

Learn What Your Guests Like and Dislike – Restocking can also be a learning experience for hosts. As you restock your supplies repeatedly, you’ll notice which items and products guests use up the most and adapt your amenities accordingly. For example, if the majority of your guests open the travel-size toothpaste, but don’t use it up, you can try a different brand to see if they’ll like that one more. Or, if healthy snacks keep ending up in the trash, you might rethink buying them at all. 

Rely on Checklists for Everything – Even if list-making isn’t your thing, when you are running an Airbnb business they can be of huge help and lessen the burden. We have some other useful checklists that will help you equip and maintain your short-term rental guest-ready:

Final Thoughts

If you want to anticipate and prevent any inventory management issues, use this handy restocking checklist. This can be an additional step towards a smooth hosting process that your guests will appreciate and reward you for with 5-star reviews.

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