How to Name Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental Business

Giving your vacation rental business a name is the foundation of branding your business and attracting more travelers. We have a list of ideas and practical tips that will help you find the best name for your Airbnb business.

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If you’re managing multiple properties, you are no longer just an Airbnb host—you are the owner of a property management company. Instead of just promoting your Airbnb listings individually, you can promote your entire business. 

The business name is the umbrella under which multiple properties are managed. Naming your business will help you brand yourself, help customers find you via social media, increase your website’s visibility in search results, and help with spreading word-of-mouth recommendations.

You’ll need a unique Airbnb vacation rental business name to differentiate yourself from competitors. Our convenient list of Airbnb vacation rental business names along with tips on how to name your own business can lead you to a worthy name. 

Vacation Rental Business Name vs Airbnb Listing Title vs Airbnb Name – What’s the Difference?

Differentiating vacation rental business name from Airbnb name and listing title can cause some confusion—so let’s make it clear and simple.

The Airbnb name is the name of the listing. It is usually short and easy to remember (you can find more about naming your Airbnbs here). The Airbnb name can be used for social media accounts or websites, and it can be mentioned in the listing title. 

Person browsing Airbnb

A listing title is a 50-character description guests see when browsing through the offerings on Airbnb. If you need help with choosing a listing title, we’ve included some great tips and examples in our How to Write the Best Airbnb Listing Titles article. 

Lastly, the name of your rental business is how you’ll name your company that manages multiple Airbnb listings. When forming your business, you’ll need to give it a name. If you are a first-time vacation company business owner and need help setting up your LLC, our Vacation Rental Startup Checklist can be of great help. 

Sometimes it’s easier to understand with examples, so here we go: Upstate Getaways is the name of a vacation rental business. That business manages several listings: Casa Minnewaska, Renovated 1850’s Cottage, The Garrison, and more. While Casa Minnewaska is the name of the listing (used on their website and social media), the Airbnb title gives more description to entice guests. It says ‘Casa Minnewaska Newly Renovated 5 acres & secluded.’ 

Upstate Getaways website
Casa Minnewaska Airbnb listing

How to Choose a Name for a Property Management Company

If you want to come up with a creative and unique name for your business, these actionable steps can help you get there:

Keep It Short, Sweet, and Simple – The name should be concise and simple and convey a connection to the short-term rental industry. Preferably, the name should give a hint of what you do, like Biltmore Bay Bookings or Habitate Property Management. Simple names are more catchy and memorable. 

Consider What Characterizes Your Business – The type of rentals you manage can help you come up with a name (or for starters, keywords) that will suit it best. Let’s say that you rent beach houses—a fun and relatable name could be Beach, Bay, and Beyond Rentals.

Brainstorm Ideas – Try to come up with 20 words or word combos for starters. Write down anything that comes to your mind that describes your business, including loosely related terms.

Think About Mash-ups – You can combine two words from your brainstorming list to come up with a mash-up. For example, the words ‘California’ and ‘Airbnb’ can mash into CaliBnb, while ‘Host’ and ‘Vivacious’ can transform into a fun Hostivacious business name. 

Use a Name Generator – Name generator tools like this one can increase your options. A tool like this can be a lifesaver when you have certain words in mind but you don’t know how to turn them into a unique name.  

Check Out the Competitors – Reviewing the names of competitors’ businesses (especially successful ones) can give you insight into what type of names do a good job at drawing attention. (We’ll help you out with the list of inspirational names below.)

Shortlist a Few Names – After brainstorming and spying on competitors, you’ll likely be overwhelmed with an excess of ideas. Before you continue with the process, you should shortlist 5-10 names that you like best. 

Research Your Options Online – Take your best options and Google them all to check whether any of the names are already taken. It’s recommended that you cross off names if there are similar ones already. For example, if your option is NY Airbnb Homes and somebody already has NY Airbnb Houses, people may easily mix up the two, so it’s best to rule that one out.

Check the Domain Name and Social Media Handle – You want to make sure that the domain name is available since you’ll need a vacation rental website sooner or later. For the check, you can use sites such as NameChekr, GoDaddy, and Namecheap. Since establishing a social media presence is one of the most effective marketing strategies, you should also check whether the name you have in mind is available on social media.  

Examples of Good Names for an Airbnb Business

Seeing what others have chosen for their Airbnb business names can help you form a clear picture of the kind of names that work best for this type of business. It can also help you choose the direction in which you’d like to go; for example, after going through the list of names, you might realize that you prefer one-word names with a humorous twist, or you might realize that you feel more inclined toward a descriptive business name.

Let’s dive into some great examples of vacation rental business names:

  • Bainbridge Ready
  • Blissful Getaway Homes
  • Best Arizona Resort
  • Sandy Beachfront Airbnb
  • Swell Property Management
  • Beverly Hills Host
  • Riverside Property Management
  • Budget OneBnB
  • Rent Nosara
  • AirBnB in Bloom
  • Empty Nesters
  • Black Bear Property Management
  • Ribbon City Living
  • Boutique Property Co.
  • EasyBreezy BnB
  • Sun & Sand Property Management
  • Escape4us
  • Room Stay Arizona
  • Hacienda Hosting
  • Holley Properties
  • Vivox Hosting
  • Home-Stay-Appoint
  • Holiday Rentals
  • No Stress Rentals
  • Ocean Luxury Vacations
  • Home Bay and Air
  • Backpackers4Tonight
  • Sunrise Rental Co.
  • ResortLuxx
  • RentIconic Homes
  • FlairBnB Hotels
  • PerfecTrip Booking
  • Host Your Talent
  • Airbnb Inc
  • Alamo City Hosting
  • Rent a Dream Scene
  • DreamHost Solutions
  • The Little Peaceful Retreat
  • Come Stay with Us
  • AirBnB Next Door
  • Fancy Guest House
  • Vibrant Vacation Homes
  • Paparazzi Resorts
  • Alamo Home Group
  • Travel Desire Co.
  • Airbnb Pass Linger
  • Fav Nomad
  • LoungeTonight
  • Reunion Vacation Homes
  • Breathe!Airbnb
  • The Family Center
  • Breeze City Suites
  • Island Getaway Booking
  • BookNbnb
  • Rent & Relaxation
  • Bali One Bookings
  • Destination Wedding Dwellings
  • Leap Of Faith Realty
  • Airbnb by Wyckoff
  • HomeCairBnB
  • Serenity Vacay
  • The Staycation Loft
  • Rocky Mountain Lodges
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Airbnb Madison
  • BnB Expeditions
  • Private Room Deluxe
  • First Stay Canada
  • Airbnb Melbourne
  • Bnb With You
  • The Secret Westside Getaway
  • Dream Apartment Home
  • Twelve Palms Lodge
  • Dream Air BnB
  • Escape Backpackers
  • Mountain View AirBnB
  • FlairBnB Pittsburgh
  • Hostivacious
  • Dream Stay Sydney
  • Blondies Home
  • Apartment On-Demand
  • Residential Rent 
  • The Famous 
  • Reduced Renters 
  • The Handsome Club 
  • Local Lodgings
  • Wandertastic Vacations
  • DreamHost Toronto
  • Largest Club Group
  • Reasonable Renters
  • Fancy Flats 
  • The Sweat Hunting Lodge
  • Special Host Group
  • Forget the Hotel
  • Any Time Holiday Rentals
  • Nightwatch Lodge
  • Homes For Hoppers
  • The Royal
  • The Residential 
  • Bridges On Go

Final Thoughts

With all the competition, branding is essential nowadays. Take your first step towards building a business brand by giving it a deserving name. 

A property management company with a memorable name is more likely to stick in people’s minds. This can help you capitalize on more return visitors and make it easier for them to boast about your rentals to their friends—which can bring new guests! 

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