Helpful WiFi Signs for Your Airbnb

Make your Airbnb WiFi network and password easy to find for your guests with a useful and aesthetically-pleasing WiFi sign.

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Most guests will ask for a WiFi password the moment they step into your rental. You’ll make it easier for both yourself and your guests if you have a WiFi sign that gives them all the info they need to access the free internet

We’ve compiled some fantastic ideas for the best Airbnb WiFi sign that will complement your rental and provide helpful info to your guests.

Why Should I Have a WiFi Sign at My Airbnb?

A WiFi sign eliminates the need for the repetitive ‘What’s the password?’ question. You can include the WiFi username and password in the booking confirmation message, but the guests may forget to write it down or take a screenshot and may not have internet access when they arrive.

WiFi Password Wooden Sign Chalkboard

You can include the password in a guest book, binder, or welcome leaflet, but in that case, guests will need to search for the password. There’s a better way: a handy sign will give them all the info they need in seconds. 

There’s also the aesthetic factor since WiFi signs look much better than a piece of paper. Lastly, WiFi signs are just more fun than folders and binders!

Where to Display the WiFi Password Sign at an Airbnb

The sign should be placed in a visible spot and close to the entrance. You can put it on a coffee table or shelf. 

Guests should spot the sign as soon as they enter, so think about where the guests’ eyes would naturally wander upon entering and you’ll find the perfect spot. Common spaces, like a living room or hall, are the usual choice. 

Where to Find Airbnb WiFi Signs

There’s an incredible selection of WiFi signs online. Here are some of the best places to purchase a fun WiFi sign (and other Airbnb signs as well!): 

  • Etsy – A huge variety of custom WiFi signs
  • Zazzle – Great choices for DIY templates
  • Amazon – Amazon never disappoints, and there are lots of fun WiFi signs here
  • Pinterest – If you want to make the sign yourself, you can search for ideas on Pinterest

WiFi Sign Ideas for Airbnb

Bear in mind that the WiFi sign should match the vibe and theme of your rental. Since there’s such a huge diversity of signs, we’ve singled out a few ideas for different short-term rental styles:

Wood House Retro Wifi Password Sign

Retro – This ‘WiFi is on the house’ sign has a retro design and a fun wordplay to top it off. It can go well with retro, industrial, or rustic rentals


Simple and Modern – This one is great for modern rentals with a simplistic design 

Namalu Wifi Sign with Marker Pen

Homey – This house-shaped sign can create a cozy, homey feel, and is great for family rentals

Rustic Sugar White Board WiFi Password Sign

RusticThis sign will blend in perfectly in rentals that have a rustic or farmhouse theme going on


Luxury – The black and gold combo with a modern design reminds us of a luxury hotel


Cabin in the Woods – The beautiful mountain drawing will blend well with a rental situated in the woods or mountainside 


Modern and Futuristic – For techy homes filled with smart gadgets, this square glass WiFi sign with a QR code can be the ideal pick

How Often Should I Change My Airbnb WiFi Password?

If you frequently host different guests, you should change the WiFi password at least once a month for increased security. Also, only provide the WiFi info once the guests have confirmed their reservation. 

When buying a WiFi sign you should consider how often you’ll be changing your password. If you plan to do it often, you can get a WiFi sign like this Wood Photo Holder WiFi Block and just switch out the paper when you change the password.

Primitives by Kathy Wood Photo Holder WiFi Block

Final Thoughts

Turn the WiFi info into a decorative piece that will add a certain charm to the rental. A WiFi sign is both helpful and fun, and your guests will love it!

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