AirDNA Alternatives: Vacation Rental Analytics Tools for 2024

Discover key alternatives to AirDNA for vacation rental analytics. Explore our guide on platforms like AllTheRooms and Mashvisor.

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In the fast-paced vacation rental market, precise and in-depth analytics are key. Platforms like AirDNA have set a high standard with detailed Airbnb market insights, but there are alternatives worth considering.

This article introduces notable alternatives to AirDNA, such as AllTheRooms and Mashvisor, each offering unique features and insights to inform your rental strategy. Whether you’re a newcomer or looking to expand, exploring these options can enhance your decision-making process.

The right analytics tool can make a significant difference, catering to your specific needs, whether that’s comprehensive market analysis, customer satisfaction, or regional focus.

Our overview aims to help you navigate the options and choose a platform that aligns with your business objectives in the competitive vacation rental landscape.

What is AirDNA?

AirDNA stands out as a cutting-edge platform, consistently delivering rich, data-centric perspectives on the short-term rental market with a keen focus on Airbnb analytics.

It serves as an essential resource for anyone venturing into the domain of short-term rentals, catering to the needs of investors, property managers, and city planners alike.


The platform offers critical data, enabling users to make well-informed decisions within the short-term rental market.

It provides insights into key market dynamics, including average occupancy rates, peak seasons, and the most profitable locations, all derived from analyzing millions of Airbnb listings worldwide. This ensures users have a thorough understanding of the market at their disposal.

More than just data, AirDNA is equipped with various analytical tools designed to help users decode and leverage this information.

From its market grade tool, which assesses potential investment regions, to its revenue calculator for earnings projections, AirDNA is crafted to empower users with the insight and tools needed for triumph in the dynamic short-term rental market.

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Best AirDNA Alternatives

Looking for the best alternatives to AirDNA?

Let’s explore a few remarkable options, like AllTheRooms and Mashvisor.

These platforms can enhance your rental business by providing invaluable data to help you make informed decisions in the short-term rental market.

Mashvisor vs AirDNA

When weighing the benefits of AirDNA against Mashvisor for your vacation rental enterprise, the decision largely depends on the attributes you value most in running your business.

AirDNA shines if you’re looking for cost-effective solutions and a complimentary version to begin exploring the market.

It offers extensive market insights and detailed analytics without the need for a premium subscription, along with the capability for integration beyond just Airbnb. This makes it an excellent choice for hosts who are either in the nascent stages of their venture or managing a modest operation.

On the flip side, Mashvisor appeals more to those who prioritize customer satisfaction and a concentrated analysis of the U.S. market. Its superior rating on Trustpilot hints at a higher likelihood of user contentment, which could lead to an enhanced user experience, more precise data, and outstanding customer support.

Furthermore, Mashvisor’s dedication to the U.S. market, including its analysis of off-market properties, provides a more focused strategy for investors with interests solely in this geographical area.

Choosing between AirDNA and Mashvisor will depend on your short-term rental’s needs.

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing tool that offers wide-ranging insights and a free way to start, AirDNA takes the lead.

If you value service with elevated customer satisfaction and specialization in the U.S. market, Mashvisor is the superior option.

Ultimately, your choice should mirror your business approach, whether that involves leaning towards extensive market insights and versatility (AirDNA) or concentrating on customer fulfillment and specialized market examination within the U.S. (Mashvisor).

Check our AirDNA vs Mashvisor side-by-side comparison.

AllTheRooms vs AirDNA

AllTheRooms distinguishes itself through its exhaustive data and analytics offerings, tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, including owners of vacation rentals, investors, and property managers across various locations. 

Its suite of tools is especially valuable for those seeking detailed market insights and intelligence on different locales, with options extending from local to international scopes. The platform’s standout features, such as the Vacation Rental Score and seamless integrations with Airbnb and VRBO, provide notable benefits for enhancing rental outcomes and streamlining management across several channels.

Moreover, the variety of pricing models and the extensive historical data available through AllTheRooms present a compelling value for users in need of comprehensive analysis to guide their operational decisions. 

Although it lacks a dynamic pricing tool, the rich set of functionalities it offers, including insights into market competition, tools for Short-Term Rental (STR) investment, and a revenue estimation tool, more than make up for this gap, particularly given its wide-ranging integration capabilities.

Conversely, AirDNA’s superior customer satisfaction scores suggest a solid base of users who value its quality of service, data precision, and user interface. This aspect is crucial, as it speaks volumes about the practical effectiveness and dependability of what the platform offers.

When deciding between AirDNA and AllTheRooms, the choice ultimately rests on your vacation rental’s unique requirements. For those prioritizing comprehensive market analysis across varied regions, accompanied by deep insights and a full spectrum of functionalities, AllTheRooms emerges as the go-to option. 

Yet, for operators managing a smaller portfolio who place a premium on customer care and user experience, AirDNA remains a compelling alternative.

Between the two, AllTheRooms claims the top spot for us, owing to its wider data reach, more adaptable pricing schemes, and extra features that accommodate a vast array of operational sizes and geographic preferences.

Check our AirDNA vs AllTheRooms side-by-side comparison.


Navigating the vacation rental market in 2024 demands astute choices in analytics tools. While AirDNA offers comprehensive insights focusing on Airbnb data, alternatives like AllTheRooms and Mashvisor offer diverse perspectives and specialized features. 

AllTheRooms excels with its broad data reach and flexibility, making it ideal for those needing extensive market analysis. In contrast, Mashvisor caters to those focused on the U.S. market and prioritizing customer satisfaction. 

Your specific operational needs and strategic goals should guide your decision between these platforms, ensuring you choose the tool that best supports your business’s growth and efficiency in the competitive vacation rental landscape.

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