AirDNA vs AllTheRooms: Side-by-Side Comparison

AirDNA vs AllTheRooms: which one is the right tool for you? We’re sharing a side-by-side comparison in this post.

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Having a hard time choosing between AirDNA vs Mashvisor? You’re not alone.

Choosing the right analytics and market research tool can help you save time and make more money. To help you choose, we’ve put together this side-by-side comparison so you can make an informed decision based on your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

AirDNA vs AllTheRooms: An Overview

AirDNA is an essential platform offering in-depth insights and analytics for the short-term rental market, focusing on Airbnb.


It provides critical data and tools, such as occupancy rates, seasonal trends, and revenue calculators, helping investors, property managers, and planners make informed decisions.

Through analysis of millions of listings, AirDNA equips users with the knowledge to navigate and succeed in the competitive short-term rental space.

AllTheRooms, on the other hand, offers comprehensive data and analytics packages designed to benefit vacation rental owners, investors, property managers, tourism boards, hotels, and other related businesses.

With a mission to catalog every room on Earth, they provide in-depth insights into the vacation rental market, aiding real estate investors in improving rental plans, determining property revenue potential, deciding between standard and short-term rentals based on the property and neighborhood, tracking market progress, and identifying undervalued properties and investment opportunities.

Their offerings include historical and future analytics, innovative dashboard insights, and a unique Vacation Rental Score calculated monthly to compare revenue, ADR, and occupancy against the market.

It offers a singular performance metric that is particularly useful for property managers seeking to communicate effectively with owners or investors.

Pricing Plans

Flexible pricing plans:
– $15/month for basic pricing (1 listing and 2 years of historical data)
– $25 for Pro (5 listings and 3 years of historical data) View plans
Flexible pricing plans:
$11/month for Basic (12 months of historical data for all neighborhoods & postal codes within the market)
– $29/month for Pro (49 months of historical data for all neighborhoods & postal codes within the market)
– $269/month for State (49 months of historical data for all neighborhoods, postal codes, cities, and counties within a state)
– $449/month for Country (49 months of historical data for all neighborhoods, postal codes, cities, and counties within a country)
– $539/month for Global (49 months of historical data for all neighborhoods, postal codes, cities, and counties worldwide) View plans
✅ Free plan available – Offers a “forever free” subscription with access to high-level market insights and one year of historical data✅ Free plan available – Free forever and Includes 3 months of historical data & up to 5 competitors

Based on the provided details, the choice between AirDNA and AllTheRooms would depend on specific needs and scale of operations.

If you are a vacation rental host with a smaller number of listings and prioritize affordability with a decent range of historical data, AirDNA could be more appealing due to its lower entry-level pricing ($15/month for 1 listing with 2 years of historical data) and a simple pricing structure.

The Pro plan of AirDNA also seems cost-effective for hosts managing up to 5 listings, providing 3 years of historical data for $25.

However, if your operations require extensive market analysis across different geographies or you manage properties in multiple locations, AllTheRooms would be the clear winner.

Despite its slightly higher entry price at the basic level ($11/month), it offers more comprehensive data coverage, including up to 49 months of historical data and a wider range of plans catering to larger scales (from local markets to global coverage).

The option for State, Country, and Global plans can be particularly beneficial for hosts or property managers with a broad portfolio, seeking in-depth insights across various markets.

AllTheRooms also appears to offer more flexibility for users needing granular data across different geographic scales and provides a “forever free” option with 3 months of historical data and competitor analysis, which could be a valuable starting point for new hosts or small-scale operators.

This platform seems to offer more value for those looking to expand or operate in multiple markets, or who need in-depth analysis to inform their business strategies.


Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates. Dynamic Pricing 
Market Insights – Get access to market and performance data  (Available 1 year of data for the free plan, no paid account required). View dataMarket Insights – Get access to market and performance data. (Available 3 months of data for the free plan, no paid account required)
Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. Learn more. Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. (Track up to 5 competitors for the free plan)
Integrations – Airbnb (You’ll need Futurestay to integrate with other channels)Integrations – Airbnb & VRBO
STR Investment – Browse for sale properties (and STR revenue projections) to find good real estate investmentsSTR Investment – Identify and compare where is best to invest
Revenue Calculator – Approximates how well your short-term rental will do based on your amenities and location Revenue Calculator – Approximates how well your short-term rental will do based on your amenities and location 
Vacation Rental ScoreVacation Rental Score – Provides your rental a property score by analyzing competitors in your city.

Winner: AllTheRooms

Based on the outlined features, AllTheRooms would be the winner for us due to its broader range of features that are beneficial for a vacation rental host. While both platforms offer valuable insights into market data, competitive data, integrations with major rental platforms, STR investment tools, and a revenue calculator, AllTheRooms has a couple of distinct advantages:

  • Dynamic Pricing: Although AirDNA offers dynamic pricing capabilities and AllTheRooms does not, the overall value of AllTheRooms is not significantly diminished by this. Dynamic pricing is a crucial feature for maximizing revenue, but it can be supplemented by other tools or services that specialize in dynamic pricing if needed.
  • Integrations: AllTheRooms provides direct integrations with both Airbnb and VRBO, the two most popular vacation rental platforms. This broader integration is beneficial for hosts who list their properties on multiple platforms, offering a more streamlined and efficient management experience.
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  • Vacation Rental Score: This unique feature provided by AllTheRooms, which is not available in AirDNA, offers additional value by giving your rental a property score. This score can help hosts understand how their property compares to competitors in the city, potentially guiding improvements and marketing strategies to enhance competitiveness and attract more bookings.
  • Market Insights: Although both platforms offer market insights, AllTheRooms provides data for a shorter period (3 months) without a paid account compared to AirDNA’s 1 year. While having access to a longer historical data range might seem advantageous, the most recent data is often more relevant for making immediate pricing and marketing decisions, especially in a fast-changing market.

Given these considerations, AllTheRooms appears to offer a slightly more comprehensive package for a vacation rental host, especially with its unique vacation rental score feature and broader platform integrations, making it a more versatile and useful tool in several key areas of rental management.

Customer Reviews

3.4 Customer Reviews rating on Trustpilot2.5 Customer Reviews rating on Trustpilot

Winner: AirDNA

Based on the provided information, comparing AirDNA and AllTheRooms solely on the basis of customer reviews on Trustpilot, AirDNA would be the winner. With a higher customer review rating of 3.4 compared to AllTheRooms’ 2.5 rating on Trustpilot, AirDNA appears to have a better reputation among users. This suggests that customers have had more positive experiences with AirDNA, potentially indicating better service, more accurate data, or more user-friendly features. Customer satisfaction is crucial in such services, as it reflects the reliability and effectiveness of the platform’s data and tools, which are essential for making informed decisions as a host.

Conclusion – Should You Use AirDNA vs AllTheRooms?

Considering the detailed comparison between AirDNA and AllTheRooms, our conclusion would favor AllTheRooms for a variety of reasons, despite AirDNA’s higher customer satisfaction rating on Trustpilot.

AllTheRooms stands out due to its comprehensive data and analytics packages, which are designed to cater to a wide range of users, including vacation rental owners, investors, and property managers across different geographies.

Its offerings are particularly appealing for those needing extensive market analysis and insights into various locations, with plans that range from local to global coverage.

The platform’s unique Vacation Rental Score and direct integrations with both Airbnb and VRBO offer significant advantages for optimizing rental performance and managing listings more efficiently across multiple platforms.

The flexibility in pricing plans and the depth of historical data provided by AllTheRooms also suggest a better value proposition for users who require detailed analysis to inform their business strategies.

While the absence of a dynamic pricing feature could be seen as a drawback, the overall package of features, including market insights, competitive data, STR investment tools, and a revenue calculator, compensates for this, especially when considering the broader integration capabilities.

On the other hand, AirDNA‘s higher customer satisfaction rating indicates a strong user base that appreciates its service quality, data accuracy, or user experience.

This factor should not be underestimated, as customer feedback reflects the practical utility and reliability of the platform’s offerings.

Ultimately, the choice between AirDNA and AllTheRooms would hinge on the specific needs of the vacation rental host.

If the priority is extensive market analysis across diverse locations, with a need for in-depth insights and a broad range of features, AllTheRooms would be the preferred choice.

However, for hosts with a smaller number of listings who value customer service and user experience highly, AirDNA could still be an attractive option.

In conclusion, AllTheRooms would be the winner for us, given its broader scope of data, more flexible pricing options, and additional features that cater to a wide range of operational scales and geographical interests.

We hope our comparison guide has helped you choose which one is best for your vacation rental.

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