AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing: Side-by-Side Comparison [2024]

Find the perfect pricing tool for your vacation rental with our AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing comparison. Check it out now!

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If you’re a vacation rental host aiming to manage pricing in a dynamic market, it’s important to have effective tools. The introduction of dynamic pricing tools has transformed the short-term rental market, offering advanced solutions.

Of the many pricing tools nowadays, AirDNA and Beyond Pricing stand out as significant contributors, each providing distinctive features for pricing strategies. Choosing between them can be challenging, but this article aims to simplify the decision.

We’ll take a look at AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing, comparing them side by side to see which one is the best for your vacation rental!

AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing: An Overview

AirDNA Smart Rates provides a precise mechanism for setting your property’s nightly rates, drawing on the latest market intelligence, your hosting ambitions, and a thorough competitive analysis. - Airbnb Data Analysis & Analytics

The tool presents a spectrum of pricing tiers—from free to basic, pro, and advanced—designed to align with your risk tolerance and occupancy objectives.

Seamlessly adapting prices to mirror seasonal variations, holiday demand, and the influence of local events on booking patterns, it ensures your pricing strategy remains dynamic. For a deeper dive into market trends and localized insights, AirDNA’s MarketMinder stands ready to enhance your data-driven decision-making.

Beyond Pricing website

Conversely, Beyond maintains its status as a foundational pricing tool for Airbnb, remaining a top choice in the market. They have recently expanded their offerings to include more features related to vacation rental management, indicating a move towards developing their platform into a comprehensive management system.

Pricing Plans

AirDNABeyond Pricing
Flexible pricing plans. $15/month for basic pricing (discounts available for 5 listings)1% of revenue. Learn more about their pricing model 
Free plan available – Offers a “forever free” subscription with access to high-level market insights and one year of historical data❌ Free plan
❌ Free creditsFree credits: Get $5000 in Free Bookings for new users

Winner: AirDNA

For a vacation rental host prioritizing flexible and affordable access to market insights with the benefit of a free subscription option, AirDNA would likely be the winner. Its combination of a free plan, flexible paid options, and a significant sign-up incentive offers a balanced approach for both new and experienced hosts managing a range of one to several properties.


AirDNABeyond Pricing
Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates. ✅ Dynamic Pricing – Set base, min, and max prices, and more, and get optimized nightly rates.
Market Insights – Get access to market and performance data. No paid account required. View dataMarket Insights – Get access to market and performance data. No paid account required. View data
Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. Learn more✅ Competitive Data – Track your competition to improve your performance. Learn more.
Integrations – Airbnb (You’ll need Futurestay to integrate with other channels)Integrations – Airbnb, Vrbo, Barefoot, BookingSync,, Ciirus, Escapia, Guesty, Hostaway, Hostfully, Hostify, iGMS, Kigo, LiveRez, Lodgix, MyVR, OwnerRez, Smoobu, Streamline, and more. 
STR Investment – Browse for sale properties (and STR revenue projections) to find good real estate investments❌ STR Investment
❌ Personalized Revenue ManagementPersonalized Revenue Management – Get personalized help from a team of experts. Learn more.
❌ Channel ManagerChannel Manager – Automatically sync reservations across OTAs like Airbnb and Vrbo. Learn more.

Winner: Beyond Pricing

AirDNA provides a solid set of features including dynamic pricing, market insights, competitive data, and a unique STR Investment feature. However, it falls short in several areas. It lacks personalized revenue management, which is a key tool for optimizing rental income. Its range of integrations is more limited, restricting the ability to manage listings across various platforms efficiently. 

Additionally, the absence of a channel manager means more manual effort is required to prevent double bookings and ensure smooth operations. For a host who values broad distribution, seamless management across different platforms, and tailored revenue optimization advice, Beyond Pricing offers a more comprehensive solution compared to AirDNA.

Customer Support

AirDNABeyond Pricing
3.2 rating on Trustpilot4.3 rating on Trustpilot

Winner: Beyond Pricing

A 4.3 rating compared to AirDNA’s 3.2 suggests that Beyond Pricing offers better customer service, which is crucial for efficiently managing vacation rentals and solving any issues that may arise. This indicates a higher level of satisfaction among Beyond Pricing’s users regarding the support they receive, making it a more reliable choice for a vacation rental host looking for dependable service and assistance.

Conclusion – Should You Use AirDNA vs Beyond Pricing?

Beyond Pricing would be the overall winner for a host who values a comprehensive feature set and high-quality customer support over purely pricing considerations. 

Its advantages in features and customer satisfaction address the critical needs of a vacation rental host looking for efficient, optimized management of their properties across multiple platforms, along with reliable support. However, the best choice can vary based on individual priorities and the scale of operation.

We hope our comparison guide has helped you choose which one is best for your vacation rental.

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