What Color Palette Is Best for Airbnb Paint and Decor?

The color palette sets the tone for the whole look of your Airbnb. We’ll help you choose your color scheme wisely.

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In addition to location and price, the look of the rental is among the top criteria for guests. So, if you want your Airbnb to look ravishing in photos and irresistible to guests, then you should pick the color scheme carefully.

The color palette is the foundation for the paint, design, and decor of the rental. If you want to choose the best Airbnb colors, our simple guide is here to assist!

How to Choose the Color Palette for Airbnb

There’s no one ideal color that can guarantee to make your Airbnb look superb (even though getting one straightforward answer would be easy, right!?). The way choosing the color palette works is that you need to consider several factors that will lead you to the perfect color scheme for YOUR short-term rental.

Here’s what will help you navigate your color-choosing process:

Think About Your Ideal Guest – Personalization is the basis of success, so in this case, you should personalize the color scheme according to your guests. Ask yourself: whom do I want to attract? Who is my target audience? For example, if your ideal guests are nature lovers, a logical conclusion is that a natural color scheme is the best. On the other hand, if you’re hosting younger guests for wedding weekends and bachelorette parties, your place can be more enticing if you add pops of vibrant colors. 

Choose a Photogenic Color Scheme – You want a color scheme that will look amazing in photos so that potential guests will stop scrolling once your perfect rental flashes on their screen. Lighter colors tend to make rooms look brighter, more spacious, and more inviting in photos.

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Consider the Location of Your Rental – Draw the inspiration for the color scheme from your surroundings. If you have a beach rental, the colors of the sea, beach, sky, and palm trees can transfer the tranquility and holiday feel from the outside to your little haven. City rentals can handle bold accent pieces such as red or pink much better than rentals situated in nature. When an Airbnb complements its location, guests will have a more holistic experience. 

Stick to a Few Colors – The safest choice when choosing the color palette is to have no more than three colors in every room. You can mix different shades of those colors, of course. If you want, you can go with the same color palette throughout the house for a more unified aesthetic, or you can incorporate different color schemes in different rooms. 

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Avoid Using Primary Colors Together – The three primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Unless you’re going for confusion as a theme, you should avoid using primary colors together. Primary colors should be balanced out with pastels or jewel tones. 

Rely on the 60/30/10 Rule – There’s a simple interior design rule that can help you with organizing the colors in a room. The ‘60/30/10 rule’ suggests how to allot the colors: you should use a lighter neutral color for 60% of the room, deeper neutrals for 30% of the room, and save the last 10% for contrasting colors. You can also go monochromatic while applying this rule and use different shades of green, for example, with the 60/30/10 application.

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What Are the Best Paint Colors For Airbnb?

While the factors above are the best way to arrive at a personalized palette, a more straightforward answer is that a neutral, earthy color palette is the soundest choice for that soothing and relaxing Airbnb aesthetic. If you take a glance at the most popular rentals on Instagram, you’ll notice that white or beige walls are predominant. Light, bright walls create a gorgeous backdrop for unique decor. 

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You can also use the 60/30/10 rules for paint color to keep the walls light-colored with maybe a few accent walls here and there.

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Of course, if you’re going for a certain theme, you should put aside the general suggestion and match the paint color to the chosen style.

What Is the Best Color for Airbnb Room Decor?

The best way to incorporate that 10% of color variation in your Airbnb is through decor. Now, when it comes to the color of decor, that’s when you can get rebellious. If you keep the walls neutral or light-colored, decor pieces in a more vibrant color can give your place a more modern look.

Keep in mind that the color of the decor should be within your chosen color scheme and complement the dominant colors. Decor pieces like wall art, books, throw pillows, and plants are great for adding that pop of color. 

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How to Add Color to Your Airbnb Design

All white everything can make your short-term rental look bland and guests can easily overlook it. If you want to add color with subtlety and style, you can choose to do it through these items:

Throw pillows – They are great for the living room and bedroom, especially if you have a light-colored furniture set and white bedding. Throw pillows can not only add color to the room, but they also contribute to that cozy vibe. Feel free to mix throw pillows of different colors and patterns. 

Accent wall – This is a very popular choice for breaking the color monotony. Accent walls can come in the form of bolder, darker color or textured colors that also add some depth to the space. 

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Furniture – An armchair or even a couch can turn into accent pieces if you choose a fun color for them. Even a navy coffee table, for example, can give you the splash of color you want. 

Rug – An area rug in a unique pattern or bright color can look magical in a neutrally-colored room. It can be an accent piece that breaks away from the simplicity. If you choose to go with a colorful area rug, make sure that you match other decor pieces with the rug’s color scheme.

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Art – No surprise here, as art is one of the most common ways of adding color to the room’s aesthetic. You can find colorful wall art (maybe even from a local artist) or sculptures to add that artsy feel.

Decor – Any form of decor—a vase, candle, magazines, books, photo frames, clocks, and so on—can serve the purpose of adding color to your color palette. The best thing about decor is that you can find something for every room in the house. For example, if your bathroom is white with white towels, you can add a pop of color with a green candle or purple candle sticks. 

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Final Thoughts

Your Airbnb business can’t thrive if you can’t get guests to book your rental in the first place. Once you start attracting a wave of guests, you can impress them with your service and earn 5-star reviews and loyal returnees. The right color palette plays a key role in attracting new guests, so before you grab a paint brush or start shopping for decor, make a final decision about your preferred color scheme.

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