Best Airbnb Courses to Make the Most Profit

Discover some of the best Airbnb courses for boosting your profits, with some available for free.

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Looking to maximize your Airbnb profits? If you’re tired of guessing and ready to learn proven strategies for success, Airbnb courses are the shortcut to success. 

From fine-tuning your pricing strategy to learning about co-hosting opportunities, these courses are packed with insider tips and expert advice. In this article, we’ll share with you the best Airbnb courses that can help you scale your business and boost your profits.  

Why Choose Airbnb?

There are so many hosting platforms out there, so why pick Airbnb? Let us break it down.

  • Size and Reach: With over 150 million users across over 220 countries and regions, it’s safe to say that Airbnb is a global hospitality giant. When you list your space on Airbnb, you’re tapping into a vast network of travelers from around the world which increases your chances of reaching a diverse audience and maximizing your bookings.
  • Reliability: This platform has built a reputation for reliability and security, both for hosts and guests alike. Airbnb ensures that every booking is safe and stress-free with features like secure payments, verified profiles, and 24/7 customer support. 
  • Flexibility: With Airbnb, you can rent out a spare room, a vacation home, or even just a couch and offer any amenities you want. Airbnb also allows you to only accept guests for certain dates, set your own prices, and host on your own terms.
  • Airbnb Community: Airbnb has an official Host forum where you can connect with other hosts to ask for advice and share your experiences and recommendations. You can ask anything you can think of, from which bed to put in your room to whether or not to add a hot tub. 

Best Airbnb Courses According to Reddit

Reddit users recommend various Airbnb courses, but the most recommended ones are Sean Rakidzich’s Airbnb Automated and Robuilt YouTube channel by Rob Abasolo. 

Sean Rakidzich is a pioneer in the vacation rental industry and one of the most famous Airbnb coaches, while Rob Abasolo is known as an Airbnb Superhost who built an empire through this platform. Their courses cover topics like starting, scaling, and automating Airbnb business.

Reddit threads also highlight The Airbnb Course by Nathan Rice, Kai Andrews’ YouTube channel, and Udemy‘s array of courses

Expensive Airbnb Courses

Robuilt Host Camp

Robuilt Host Camp is an 8-module Airbnb course by Rob Abasolo that guides you step-by-step in becoming a successful host. 

Each module provides practical advice, covering topics such as property investment strategies, furnishing tips, optimizing listings, business automation, and mastering the art of hosting. 

You’ll get lifetime access to the content, one year of live coaching calls, and access to a private Facebook community.

  • Price: Isn’t fixed, but reportedly it ranges from $5,000 to $7,000
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Self-paced 

Airbnb Accelerator

Airbnb Accelerator is a platform that offers various courses that can teach you how to set up, scale, and automate your Airbnb business.

We’ll focus on their most affordable course which is the Airbnb Accelerator Masterclass Course Essential. This 7-hour masterclass dives into pricing strategy, increasing listing ranking, calculating unit profitability, and more. 

What’s also included in the package is the furniture cheat sheet, lease addendum, scripts and templates, and access to a private Facebook group for life.

  • Price: $4,000
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Self-paced (3 months)

Budget Airbnb Courses

Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town

Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town was created by Paul Nekh, and it focuses on how to stand out from the competition in your local area. The course has a stellar rating and thousands of reviews.

You’ll learn how to optimize your listing, leverage guest feedback, maximize your profits from the local Airbnb market,  and avoid critical mistakes that could harm your business. 

  • Price: $89.99
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate 
  • Duration: Self-paced (3.5 hours)

Airbnb Hosting, Rental Arbitrage, Co-host, and Home Staging

Airbnb Hosting, Rental Arbitrage, Co-host, and Home Staging can be a good fit for those who are new to hosting or who want to expand their hosting skills.

This Udemy course dives into hosting fundamentals, improving your listing, and best promotion strategies. Plus, it introduces you to three great strategies for boosting revenue: rental arbitrage, co-hosting, and virtual home staging.

  • Price: $84.99
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Duration: Self-paced (2.5 hours)

Optimize YOUR Airbnb

If you want to learn how to boost your Airbnb listing’s visibility, check out Udemy’s Optimize YOUR Airbnb course. 

It was created by Daniel Rusteen, an experienced Airbnb host and former employee, and he shares insider tips to help hosts rank higher in search results, attract more guests, and earn more. 

The course explores ways to improve your Airbnb listing, such as organizing photos, managing reviews, setting prices, and handling cancellations.

  • Price: $59.99
  • Level: Beginner 
  • Duration: Self-paced (2.5 hours)

Free Airbnb Courses

Robuilt Workshop

Rob Abasolo has a free course as well, his Robuilt Workshop. He shares his top 5 strategies that can help you boost your Airbnb business.

Besides winning strategies, he also discusses about common mistakes to avoid and how to simplify and speed up launching your first vacation rental.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Unavailable

Sean Rakidzich Free YouTube Course

Sean Rakidzich offers a free YouTube course that brings together all of his must-know tips for building and scaling an Airbnb business. It is a compilation of his videos on best hosting strategies so you don’t need to sift through his entire channel to find the key info.

In these videos, he talks about rental arbitrage, how to set up multiple properties, helpful Facebook groups you can join, and less-known Airbnb features. The best part is that he consistently updates the playlist with new videos. 

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Self-paced 

Optimize Your Airbnb Listing and Short-Term Rental Business

Mitch Tro is a short-term rental marketer, and through this course, he’ll teach you how to market your Airbnb to attract more bookings.

He’ll touch upon optimizing pricing, writing compelling titles and descriptions, building a consistent brand on social media, and creating a website for direct bookings

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Self-paced (2 hours)

Final Thoughts

These courses are a great opportunity for picking up tips and tricks that can boost your short-term rental income. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced host or just starting out, there’s something for everyone to learn. So, we hope this list will help you find the perfect course for your goals.

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