The 10 Best Airbnb Decor Ideas That Will Help You Beat Competition

If you want your listing to stand out, you need to decorate like a Superhost. Our decor ideas can help you find your unique style and learn all the dos and don’ts for styling an Airbnb.

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The only way you can beat the fierce competition and convince guests to choose your rental over dozens (maybe even hundreds) of others is to make it look attractive. Let’s be honest, guests pick the winner based on rental photos, and to make them look enticing, you need decor.

The following tips will guide you through decorating your vacation property. We’ve also picked out the best decor for Airbnb that will make your short-term rental irresistible to guests!

1. Consider Your Target Audience

Focusing on a certain group of people can help you adapt your rental’s style to their liking and increase your chance of creating an irresistible Airbnb. For example, you can catch the attention of business travelers by offering a workspace. Families with children will instantly notice if you have fun games for kids to pass the time. For couples, you want to create a romantic atmosphere (that means candles, flowers, blankets, etc.).

2. Pick a Theme

Different Airbnb themes

A theme will keep you on the right path and help you stay away from a confusing and tacky mix of styles. Consider your target guests, location, and your budget when choosing a theme. You can check out our extensive list of themes for inspiration. 

3. Choose Durable Materials

Airbnb decor also needs to be durable if you want it to last longer than a few bookings. Not all guests are careful, so you need to think about what materials can endure tipping over, crashing down, and similar accidents. We suggest metal, wood, stone, and leather. Not only are these materials durable, but they are also evergreen and can complement any theme—from classic to modern!

4. Keep It Timeless 

Simplicity will give your short-term rental a timeless look. Trends come and go each season, but if you keep it simple, you won’t need to change up the whole style to make your rental trendy and attractive for guests. How to achieve that timeless look? Well, use a neutral base, go for colors that never go out of style (like green), buy furniture with clean and simple lines, and choose classic patterns

5. Stick to Neutral Color Schemes 

Neutral colors are classic! You just can’t go wrong with neutral, earthy tones. They suit everyone’s taste and will leave you room for changing up the style of the place without having to repaint the whole house and buy a whole new set of furniture. However, don’t exclude color entirely. You can break the monotony with a colorful statement piece like throw pillows on a couch in muted tones. 

6. Add Something Local 

If you’re wondering, ‘How can I make my Airbnb unique?’, a local piece of artwork is the answer. Search for artwork, maps, posters, or similar pieces of decor that are unique to your area. It can be a poster of a local band (great for urban or bachelor rentals), a painting from a local artist, or anything that will make your rental distinctive.

7. Keep Spaces Uncluttered

It is so easy to get carried away with all those gorgeous decor pieces, and before you know it, you reach the level of clutter where guests need to wiggle—not walk—through a room. A pulled-together and clutter-free look is best for short-term rentals. Use the mantra ‘minimalism makes the guests stay, clutter makes them go away’ to remind yourself to limit your decor purchases. A few paintings, a plant here and there, and some books on the coffee table can be more than enough. 

8. Choose Elements That Look Great in Listing Photos

Airbnb / Vacation Rental Photography Tips

Great photographs can get your listing more clicks, more views, and more bookings. Decor can help you create that perfect-listing-photo setting. Items like plants and art will make the photo look more lively. A coffee station, for example, will inspire guests to think about idyllic mornings at your rental. To create the illusion of a wider space, add full-length mirrors. And, of course, don’t forget to decorate the outdoors. Outdoor string lights and a fire pit are perfect for that.

9. Know What to Avoid 

You don’t want to add decor that will turn off some guests—or even worse, offend them. Here’s what you should avoid when decorating an Airbnb:

  • Personal items like family photos, clothes, etc.
  • Expensive, high-end items
  • Religious decor
  • Political pieces
  • Clutter

10. Find the Best Deals and Save Money

You can find gorgeous decor on sale or at an affordable price, but you need to know where to look. Whether you want to find unique or simple, inexpensive decor items, here are our favorite places to shop:

  • Amazon – If you’re going for a wide variety of decor, Amazon is the best choice. 
  • Wayfair – For big discounts and some quality pieces, we suggest this trustworthy online store.
  • Facebook Marketplace – You can save a lot of money if you buy used decor pieces on Facebook Marketplace. Filter the search for your area if you don’t want to pay for shipping costs.
  • Your local store – Local stores that sell handmade decor and crafts are perfect for getting those authentic items.
  • Thrift shops – Another great place for buying unique pieces is a thrift shop. They are also a good choice for finding decor that matches certain themes like vintage or rustic.

Best Decor for Airbnb

So, what do the best Airbnbs have? We’ve compiled a list of the most attractive decor pieces for an impressive rental:

Final Thoughts

Making your short-term rental unique and attractive is how you’ll entice and impress your guests. Useful appliances may be important, but guests won’t even have a chance to use them if you first don’t convince them to book your place through attention-grabbing photos.

The decor is responsible for presenting an irresistible listing and the overall attractive look of the rental. So, choose your theme, add the decor, and make your rental absolutely captivating for guests!

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