Best Airbnb Noise Monitor [2024]

Looking for the best Airbnb noise monitor? We’re sharing several that are worth checking out.

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Are you looking for effective ways to manage noise in your rental properties or hotels? 

Noise control is crucial for keeping the peace and ensuring guests have a pleasant stay. Managing noise effectively helps maintain a good relationship with neighbors and meets local noise regulations. 

A variety of noise monitoring tools are available, offering solutions from detecting loud noises to preventing unauthorized parties. These technologies allow property managers to address noise issues proactively, maintaining a quiet environment for guests. 

Whether you’re experienced in property management or new to the field, choosing the right noise monitoring system is essential for a smooth operation.

The best Airbnb noise monitors include:

Do You Need Noise Monitoring For Your Vacation Rental?

As an Airbnb host or vacation rental property manager, there are several reasons to consider why you should put up a noise monitoring system on your property.


These systems can help keep an eye on the noise levels within the property to avoid disturbing neighbors or breaking local noise regulations. This can ultimately lead to complaints, fines, or legal actions.

Property Protection

Noise monitoring systems are very useful in safeguarding your property against potential damage, especially in situations where guests become disruptive or invite additional guests. The data collected from these systems can also be used as evidence for insurance claims or even to defend against guests who may file complaints against you.


Some states or cities have specific regulations on noise levels, and having these systems in place can help you stay compliant and avoid penalties. Neighborhoods and residential buildings might also require you to have some kind of noise monitoring involved.

Peace of Mind

Noise monitoring systems can provide peace of mind for hosts and property managers, knowing that you will be promptly alerted to any noise disturbances and can take appropriate action to address them, even if you are not physically present on the property.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Noise Monitor System

When selecting a noise monitor for your Airbnb or vacation rental, it’s important to consider several key factors that can impact its effectiveness and suitability for your property. 

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Here are some critical aspects to keep in mind, each with its own importance in ensuring you make the right choice.


Durability is crucial for any device you’re considering for long-term use in a rental property. A noise monitor should be able to withstand varying environmental conditions, especially if it will be placed in outdoor areas or in locations with high traffic. 

For Airbnb hosts, choosing a durable noise monitor means not having to frequently replace the device, thereby saving money and reducing maintenance efforts. Look for monitors known for their robust build and resistance to wear and tear to ensure they can handle the demands of continuous operation.

Accuracy and Sensitivity

A noise monitor’s accuracy and sensitivity are vital for effectively identifying and addressing noise issues. 

The device should be capable of detecting varying levels of noise, from low-level disturbances to louder parties, without being triggered by normal conversation or background noises. This precision helps in taking appropriate actions without inconveniencing guests over minor sound fluctuations. 

Opt for a monitor that offers customizable sensitivity settings, allowing you to tailor its responsiveness to suit the specific needs of your rental space.

Ease of Use and Installation

For property managers and Airbnb hosts, the ease of use and installation of a noise monitor is a key consideration. A user-friendly device with a straightforward setup process can save time and eliminate the need for professional assistance. 

Look for noise monitors that offer simple, intuitive interfaces and clear instructions, making it easy for you to manage settings and view noise levels. Additionally, wireless connectivity options can provide flexibility in monitor placement and easier integration with other smart devices in the property.

Privacy Considerations

Privacy considerations are paramount when implementing any form of monitoring in a rental property. It’s important to choose a noise monitor that respects guest privacy by not recording conversations or collecting personal data. 

Opt for devices that focus solely on noise level monitoring, ensuring guests feel comfortable and secure during their stay. Clear communication with guests about the presence and purpose of noise monitors can also help in maintaining transparency and trust.

Value for Price

Finally, evaluating the value for the price of a noise monitor is essential. Consider not only the initial purchase cost but also the long-term value it brings to your property management efforts. 

A higher-priced monitor may offer advanced features and greater reliability, potentially saving you money on noise complaints and property damage in the long run. 

Compare different models and their features against their prices, and consider reading reviews from other hosts to gauge the effectiveness and worth of the investment.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select a noise monitor that effectively addresses noise issues, enhances guest satisfaction, and maintains good relations with neighbors, all while offering good value and respecting guest privacy.

Best Airbnb Noise Monitor

Here are our top picks for the best Airbnb noise monitor.


In the world of renting out properties for short stays, it’s important to keep things quiet and respectful of the neighbors while making sure guests have their privacy. NoiseAware offers a smart solution for this. It uses advanced sensors to keep an eye on noise levels and can even count how many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. This helps property managers spot potential issues like loud parties that could cause trouble or damage.

What makes NoiseAware stand out is its focus on not invading guests’ privacy. It comes with sensors both inside and outside the property that are designed to withstand the weather, making sure the property is watched over all the time. This system works on its own to handle noise problems, helping to stop any loud activities before they become a bigger issue.

NoiseAware also works together with cities, local governments, and groups that support vacation rentals. This shows they’re serious about renting properties in a way that’s good for both the people staying there and the local community. It’s all about making sure renting out places for short stays is done respectfully and keeps everyone happy.

For property managers looking for a way to keep their places quiet and avoid complaints while also respecting their guests’ privacy, NoiseAware is a great tool. It helps keep the peace and makes sure everyone involved has a good experience.

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Minut provides a versatile home security solution tailored for property management, enhancing the traditional noise monitoring function with a suite of additional features. 

It includes smoke detection, crowd monitoring to prevent overcrowding, mold risk assessment to ensure a healthy environment, and an automated system for communicating with guests. Designed to integrate effortlessly with Airbnb, various property management platforms, smart locks, and Zapier, Minut equips property managers with a comprehensive tool for maintaining and securing their properties. 

Minute Home Sensor. Check it out.

This holistic approach not only simplifies property oversight but also promotes a safer, more enjoyable stay for guests, making it a valuable asset for modern property management.

Check out our Minut vs NoiseAware comparison review.

You can also buy the Minut Home Sensor on Amazon.

Party Squasher

The Party Squasher stands out as a unique device designed specifically to prevent unauthorized gatherings before they turn into disruptive parties. Differing from traditional noise monitors, Party Squasher counts the number of WiFi-connected devices on the property, offering property managers a way to preemptively detect potential large gatherings.

Party Squasher
Party Squasher noise monitor. Check it out.

Party Squasher is not a traditional noise monitor but an advanced occupancy counter. It alerts rental managers to the number of people on their property, aiming to prevent parties before they start. This device provides real-time data on occupancy levels by counting mobile phones within and around the house. Managers can set occupancy limits and receive notifications via text message or email when these limits are exceeded.

The creators of Party Squasher highlight its occupancy monitoring as a more immediate and effective strategy than noise detection, allowing for faster intervention to stop disruptive gatherings before neighbors notice. The device monitors the entire property, including outdoor spaces, and its discreet design means it cannot be easily tampered with or disabled. Installation involves connecting it to the WiFi router and setting alert thresholds through the app.

While effective for detached properties, Party Squasher’s reliance on WiFi signals to detect nearby mobile devices may not make it ideal for apartments or homes in close proximity to others. However, it prioritizes privacy, avoiding audio surveillance while monitoring unauthorized gatherings. Available on platforms like Amazon and the Party Squasher website, this device is a solid choice for those prioritizing privacy despite its higher price compared to other monitoring options.

You can also buy the Party Squasher on Amazon.


Roomonitor offers a real-time noise level tracking system. It alerts property managers to sound patterns that might indicate disturbances, facilitating timely intervention. Designed to filter out transient noises and focus on significant noise incidents, Roomonitor reduces unnecessary alarms and focuses on disturbances that could impact the neighborhood’s peace.

Romonitor noise alarm. Check it out.

Founded in 2015 in Barcelona, Roomonitor aims to improve the coexistence between local residents and the short-term rental industry by addressing noise issues. It offers an operating system for managing devices across properties, providing real-time monitoring, a dashboard, and daily noise reports. This functionality and privacy-safe design demonstrate Roomonitor’s commitment to peaceful rental environments.

For those looking for an affordable yet reliable noise monitoring solution, the Roomonitor Noise Alarm is a notable option. Its performance and straightforward functionality allow hosts to quickly manage disturbances. Although it lacks some of the advanced features of more expensive devices, its effectiveness in noise monitoring makes it a practical tool for rental managers wishing to ensure a peaceful environment.

Wynd Sentry

Wynd Sentry stands out as a leading solution for Airbnb hosts who are determined to protect their properties from unwanted noise and smoking events.

Crafted with ingenuity, this device goes beyond mere surveillance; it actively notifies hosts the moment potential infringements occur, covering a range of issues from cigarette and marijuana smoke to vape usage and noise disruptions.

Its comprehensive capabilities, including real-time monitoring, detailed incident reports, and safeguards against tampering, are designed to simplify the claims process and improve guest experiences.

Furthermore, the integration of airID technology utilizes AI to ensure accurate detection, providing a perfect fusion of innovation and reassurance for property managers dedicated to maintaining their rental standards.


Alertify is a versatile noise monitor designed for the management of rental properties and hotel rooms, offering solutions for noise control, indoor smoking detection, occupancy tracking, and environmental monitoring.

It enables property managers to set customized thresholds for noise levels, receive instant alerts for smoking and large gatherings, and ensure comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

Alertify noise monitor. Check it out.

The device also monitors air quality and mold risk, enhancing the health and safety of the environment. With a built-in backup battery, Alertify guarantees continuous operation, even during power outages.

For properties seeking enhanced security, Alertify supports custom guest screening through integration with property management systems, allowing for ID verification and payment authentication. Managers can customize notification settings to their preferences, ensuring they are promptly informed of any issues.

Amazon Echo Dot

One surprising tool that offers a practical solution is the Amazon Echo Dot. Known primarily as a smart speaker and voice assistant, the Echo Dot also doubles as an effective, budget-friendly noise monitor for Airbnb hosts.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot, commonly found in many households for managing daily tasks and controlling smart devices, offers more than meets the eye.

Through Alexa Routines—a feature available on all Amazon smart devices—hosts can use their Echo Dot to detect specific sounds, such as loud music or noise from parties. This feature turns an already popular device into a useful tool for monitoring noise levels without needing to invest in specialized equipment.

Setting up the Echo Dot to monitor noise is simple. The device can be configured to listen for sounds that exceed a certain level, alerting hosts to potential issues early on.

While it’s important to note that the Echo Dot’s noise monitoring capabilities aren’t as advanced as those of dedicated devices, it provides a basic yet valuable solution for hosts looking to address noise concerns.

Despite its limitations, using the Echo Dot as a noise monitor highlights the device’s adaptability and the creative ways technology can be repurposed to meet the needs of Airbnb hosts.

This approach not only leverages the functionality of a device many hosts already own but also offers an affordable way to manage noise, making it an attractive option for those new to hosting or seeking to minimize expenses.


In choosing the right noise monitor for Airbnb properties, it’s important to find a balance between effective noise management and guest privacy. 

Our top recommendation, NoiseAware, excels in providing sophisticated noise monitoring capabilities while ensuring privacy, making it an ideal choice for hosts. 

For those looking for broader functionalities, Minut offers comprehensive property management features, and Party Squasher is effective for detecting potential unauthorized gatherings. These tools are selected to help hosts manage their properties efficiently, ensuring a peaceful environment for both guests and neighbors. Each option presents a practical solution to meet different hosting needs, contributing to a better hosting experience.

We hope our best of guide has helped you choose the right Airbnb noise monitor for your needs.

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