The Best Airbnb Pricing Tools in 2021 – Maximize Profits with Automated, Dynamic Pricing

One of the easiest ways to maximize your vacation rental profits is to optimize your pricing. In this post, we’ve reviewed the top 3 dynamic pricing tools to help you choose the best one for your business.

Though often referred to as Airbnb dynamic pricing tools, these tools can also optimize and automate your pricing on Vrbo,, or Tripadvisor, and can be used with popular vacation rental property management software (PMS) platforms.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, and we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. The information in this post is based on the in-depth research we do in order to recommend the best software to our clients.

Here are the 3 main vacation rental pricing tools on the market:

  • Wheelhouse – Our top pick overall. Robust feature set, great customer support, and flexible pricing plan options available.
  • Beyond Pricing – Best for optimizing pricing on multiple channels like Airbnb, Vrbo,, or for use with a Property Management System (PMS). Charges 1% of all bookings.
  • PriceLabs – Best for property managers with several properties. Charges a flat monthly rate.

When comparing these top platforms (Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing vs PriceLabs), we recommend Wheelhouse for most Airbhb hosts and property managers. Their flexible pricing plans allow you to choose between a percentage fee or a flat monthly rate, making them a great fit for a range of business sizes. - Airbnb Dynamic Pricing Tool
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Why Use a Vacation Rental Pricing Tool?

If you’ve ever wondered how to price your vacation rental, you should have some idea of the potential benefits of an automated, dynamic pricing tool. Rather than constantly monitoring competitor pricing, seasons, events, and spending your time testing rates, you can automate your pricing with an Airbnb pricing tool.

You can, of course, use Airbnb’s Smart Pricing Tool, but one problem with using Airbnb’s built-in pricing tool is that Airbnb’s incentive is to offer guests the lowest price possible. Compared to a paid dynamic pricing tool (which proves its value by maximizing your profits), Airbnb is going to be less concerned about getting you, the host or property manager, the maximum nightly rate.

Having your vacation rental pricing automated by a pricing tool is the easiest and most effective way to optimize your pricing, thereby maximizing your profits and freeing up more of your time.

The Best Vacation Rental Pricing Tools

There are three main competitors in the vacation rental dynamic pricing software space: Wheelhouse, Beyond Pricing, and PriceLabs.

Because all three of these companies have good customer support and fairly similar features, the main differences to look for are their cost (pricing structures) and integrations (which OTA channels and PMS software they integrate with). Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of these pricing tools.

Beyond Pricing logo1% per Booking25+
Wheelhouse LogoHybrid/Flexible10+
PriceLabs logoFlat Monthly Rate50+

While Wheelhouse has the fewest direct software integrations, you may still be able to link it to your PMS of choice. For example, see this explanation from Uplisting.

And now let’s go over each of these pricing tools in more detail.

Wheelhouse - Airbnb Dynamic Pricing Tool
Wheelhouse Logo

Pricing: 1% per booking or $19.99/listing/mo (volume discounts apply)

Free Trial: 30 days (Also have an indefinite Free plan with limited features)

Wheelhouse is one of the newer pricing tools on the market, but it’s growing rapidly, with over 40,000 customers. They claim to help their users increase revenue by 10-40%, and have plenty of customer reviews to back it up. They offer different pricing options, so you can choose to pay a percentage of each booking, or pay a flat monthly rate per listing.

Wheelhouse also emphasizes customization. There are 10+ pricing adjustments you can set, and you can choose a ‘conservative,’ ‘recommended,’ or ‘aggressive’ pricing strategy. Overall, Wheelhouse is an excellent solution to optimize your Airbnb pricing.

Integrations: Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Your Porter, Hostfully, BookingSync, Guesty, MyVR, Hostaway, Streamline VR, Rentals United, iGMS, and more (More)

We recommend Wheelhouse for hosts and property managers only listing on Airbnb, or who are using one of their available PMS integrations.

Read our full Wheelhouse review and our Wheelhouse vs Beyond Pricing comparison for more info.

Visit to get started for free, and use this Wheelhouse referral code for 75% off your first month.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing website
Beyond Pricing logo

Pricing: 1% of all bookings

Free Trial: 30 days (charges for bookings made during free trial when your trial ends)

Beyond Pricing is the original dynamic pricing tool for vacation rentals, and still one of the best. They integrate with an impressive number of channels and PMS software platforms, and some of the best coverage, so it’s more than likely available in your area. Beyond Pricing also has its unique Health Score, so you can see how well your pricing strategy is working.

The 1% per booking pricing works well for a smaller number of properties and bookings, but can become expensive for larger property management companies.

Integrations: Airbnb,, Track, Vrbo, Guesty, Streamline VR, Escapia, Kigo, Barefoot, Brightside, Ciirus, Direct, Hostaway, Hostfully, LiveRez, Lodgix, Smoobu, SuperControl, VRM, Vreasy, Zeevou, OwnerRez, Your Porter, Rentals United

We recommend Beyond Pricing for hosts and property managers (small to mid-sized) who want to list on multiple channels (Vrbo,, etc.), or use a PMS not supported by Wheelhouse.

Visit to learn more.


PriceLabs logo

Pricing: Starts at $19.99/mo for 1 listing (price per listing decreases as number of listings increases)

Free Trial: 30 days

Last but not least is PriceLabs. With their bulk adjustment options and 0% fee pricing structure, they’re a great fit for larger property management companies with lots of properties and bookings. They also have an impressive number of integrations, including most of the options on our list of best vacation rental channel managers.

Integrations: Airbnb, Lodgify, Smartbnb, Uplisting, Guesty, Fantastic Stay, Hostfully, iGMS, Hostify, Lodgix, MyVR, Smoobu, Tokeet, Uplisting, Zeevou, Streamline VR, Kigo, OwnerRez, Your Porter, Rentals United, and more (More)

We recommend PriceLabs for larger property management companies who want to pay a flat monthly rate, rather than pay a percentage of every booking.

Visit to learn more. Or check out our PriceLabs vs Beyond Pricing comparison.

Summary & Recommendations

We recommend Wheelhouse for the majority of Airbnb hosts and property managers. They have a flexible pricing structure, and they offer tons of customization options to control your dynamic pricing settings. They also integrate with a number of other vacation rental management software platforms, so there’s a good chance they integrate with yours. - Airbnb Dynamic Pricing Tool
Use code PARTNER75 for 75% off your first month of Wheelhouse.

You can create a free Wheelhouse account, and use code PARTNER75 for 75% off your first month off Wheelhouse when you’re ready to subscribe.

If you’re listing primarily on Vrbo and not using a PMS, or using a PMS you can’t integrate with Wheelhouse, we recommend Beyond Pricing.

Using a dynamic pricing tool is one of the best ways to maximize your vacation rental profits, and it will more than likely pay for itself many times over. We hope this post has helped you choose the best pricing tool for your business.

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