Funniest Airbnb Reviews That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Prepare yourself for some serious laughs with these hilarious Airbnb reviews.

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When life throws unexpected twists during Airbnb stays, it’s like stumbling upon hidden comedy gold. 

Even with hosts trying their best, mishaps can lead to unforgettable stories. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the funniest Airbnb reviews, where every blunder is a chance for laughter.

16 Airbnb Reviews That’ll Have You Rolling

The One with the Missing Cabin

“I really looked forward to a relaxing night in a secluded cabin in the woods. When I arrived at the address, however, there wasn’t anything there. I called the hostess, and she said, “Oh, my apologies, the cabin burned down four days ago. Sorry, I’ll refund you right away, and apologies for any inconvenience caused. Hey, at least the hostess was super nice!”

We believe that the first rule of Airbnb is to have a place to rent, and burned-down cabins just don’t fit the bill. 

The One with the Beautiful Tall Man

“We are from Russia. We are living in Florida 5 years. All my life we dreamed of visiting Alaska. The visit to Taylor was the final stage of travel. We loved: host, house, fish, dogs, birds singing, cozy bed, big kitchen, delicious tea, seashell balls, review book, wooden bread board, reading lamp. We rested, washed and in the evening we fly to Miami. The host is a beautiful tall man, similar to a rich man from Russian fairy tales. It’s unforgettable.”

There’s so much about this review that we could comment on, but the thing that absolutely took the win is the description of the host. They not only praise the rental but also compliment the host and compare him to a wealthy man from fairy tales. What more could a host ask for?

The One with Paper-Thin Walls

“If by ‘comfortable’ this host meant ‘being able to hear every word the neighbors were saying, then yeah! This property was as comfortable as they come. The walls were so thin that sometimes I could hear the neighbors arguing about who left the toilet seat up. And do not even get me started on the bathroom that was separated from the kitchen by a curtain.”

This host might’ve forgotten to mention the communal vibe of this place since it seems like the walls are almost non-existent. At least their guests have another source of entertainment: the reality show “Keeping Up with the Neighbors”. Who knows what the next guests might hear? 

The One with the Tattoo Parlor

“My husband, two young daughters, and I stayed in an Airbnb that was next to our host’s tattoo parlor. The separating wall was thin. So, throughout the day, we’d hear tough-sounding clients come to get tattooed. Only to end up screaming and cursing while getting inked. We’d giggle throughout the whole thing, and we also learned more Spanish cuss words than we could ever need.”

The paper-thin walls seem to be a kind of a trend. At least these guests know how to make the most of any situation. Maybe the host should consider adding ‘learning Spanish’ as one of the experiences they offer.

The One with Modern Amenities

“The most memorable experience during my stay was when the host’s cows came mooing through the front door at 5 am. Plus, I guess the host referred to the ‘outhose and jug of water’ when he mentioned ‘modern amenities.’ Anyway, if you are looking for a rustic and authentic farm experience, this is the property for you.”

There might not have been any issues here if the host hadn’t promised modern amenities. Maybe he just didn’t get the memo that the outhouse and jug of water don’t fall under that category.

The One with the Enchanting Treehouse

“I do not comprehend the kind of enchantment this host was going for. The only enchantment that was apparent to me, however, is how long the treehouse had managed to stay standing. The ladder was extremely rickety, and the walls were paper-thin.”

Apparently, the problem here is that the host and the guest had different viewpoints of what enchanting means. We can’t quite say that the host lied, since based on what the guest shared, it really seems magical that the treehouse is still standing.

The One with TMI

“My boyfriend and I fought before our travel so we did not visit this accommodation in the end. He dumped me the following week. So, I’m only leaving this review because Airbnb keeps asking me to. I’m confident this place is lovely.”

Now this is a guest who knows how important leaving reviews is since she left one even if she didn’t stay in the rental. She might’ve missed the point and mistaken the Airbnb community for a diary, but the host still received a 5-star review, so it’s a win-win.

The One with the Ropes

When you first read this, you might think that the host has a bit of fetish stuff going on, but wait for it…

“The host was fantastic, she was there when we arrived and gave as a little tour of the apt. She had many items in the refrigerator already, like milk, bread, jam, and condiments. She really was very sweet, even had ropes in the closet to use. We had a very enjoyable experience. If I come to LA again and need to rent this is where I will go first. Thank you again.”

The host’s response will clear this up:

“Hi Albert! I think you mean robes ;)”

You see how one letter can make all the difference. Always a good laugh when a simple typo changes the whole story.

The One with the Praising Host

Before we get to the review, let’s clarify that this one was left by a host. You might not find anything strange about it, but we’ll explain in a jiffy.

“Chinh was an inspiring individual, and I have no issue recommending her as a guest. She is the kind of guest you’d love to see staying with you. She is full of knowledge and fascinating ideas, and she is self-sufficient. I’d love to welcome her back again to my home sometime in the future.”

Now, here’s the punchline: According to Chinh, she and the host never met or talked.

The One with the Shirtless Man

“Thank you so much (…). I also want to salute your speed regarding the change of shower head (even if I would have preferred that my 9-year-old daughter did not come across a shirtless man in our bathtub with loud music).”

Guests usually expect to find body wash, shampoo, and maybe bath salts in the bathtub, but what they don’t expect is to find a shirtless man there. Still, props to the handyman for keeping things lively.

The One with the Petty Guest

According to the host, they had a run-in with a really bossy guest who was dead set on telling them what to do right from the start. She even threatened them with a bad review if they didn’t cater to her every demand. Well, she did leave a review, and here’s what it said:

“There were only 4 cups and there were 6 of us.”

You really threw a punch, Karen.

The One with Two-Word Review

“Cold Room.”

That’s it. That’s the review. Some people just have a knack for saying everything they need to in as few words as possible.

The One with the Crying Friend

“My husband and I came to Spain on vacation. Our host was extremely welcoming. On our last day, he even showed us how to prepare his grandmother’s paella recipe. On the same day, he also invited his friend Kiko over, who had been recently heartbroken. Kiko moped the whole night as we tried to cheer him up. After our meal, they offered to drop us off at the airport. Kiko drove, but he played the saddest songs at full volume and was crying most of the way. We had to keep consoling him while keeping our eyes on the road because our driver wasn’t.”

This is a prime example of a unique, immersive experience. Traditional cooking? Check. Transportation to the airport? Check. Comforting a crying local who just got dumped? Check.

The One with the Tiny Room

“While the bed in the bedroom was comfy, the ceiling was so close I could touch it with my nose. I guess it’s my fault for not asking ‘how tiny’ after reading the listing.”

If you’re wondering how tiny is too tiny, this is the answer. 

The One with the Shower

“Terri and her family is very friendly. And so are her lovely cats. It’s in great location, convenient, and we absolutely love the double shower heads setting. We can chat and shower together without worrying who gets the water first. Recommend everyone who passes by Tri-city to stay there.”

It’s great that the shower was such a hit, but this review really borders on TMI.

The One with the Private Room

“As promised, I expected I was renting a “private” room. As it turned out, however, it was only a closet with a cot. And hey, when I say “cot,” I mean a plywood piece with a beat up layer of foam on top. Even worse, the real kicker was when my host walked in unexpectedly while I was asleep. What did he say ‘Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just here to pick some of my clothes.’ Yeah, so much for privacy.”

The problem is simple here, a host just has a different definition of private. They simply don’t see the issue of waking guests up in the middle of the night to get their things. We believe that someone needs to explain to them what private means.

Final Thoughts

You’ve got to admit, that Airbnb is full of hilarious stories.

Guests might not have seen the humor in the moment, but they’ll definitely have some unforgettable tales to share. 

Have you ever received a funny or absurd review from a guest? Or maybe you left one for a guest? 

We’d love to hear about it! 

Share your funny Airbnb review stories with us in the comments below.

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