How to Write The Best Airbnb Titles (with Examples)

Your potential guests are scrolling through hundreds of listings looking for their next stay. So how do you stand out and get more bookings?

Besides your listing photo, your Airbnb title is the most important feature of your listing. Along with using an Airbnb dynamic pricing tool, having a good listing photo and title is one of the best ways to increase your bookings on Airbnb.

In this post, we’ve put together some best practices to help you write your best Airbnb title, along with some examples of good Airbnb titles.

4 Best Practices for a Great Airbnb Title

The best Airbnb titles 1. feature your unique selling points, 2. use all (or close to) 50 allowed characters, 3. avoid generic descriptors, and 4. feature a branded property name. Let’s look at each of these ideas in more detail.

1. Highlight Your Unique Amenities or Location

Think about which amenities makes your property especially desirable or unique. A hot tub, pool, or balcony are all great amenities to feature (unless almost every other property in your area is featuring them as well).

To get ideas, you can take a look at the competing listings in your area, and see if there are amenities you have that others don’t. These are amenities you can feature that will make you stand out. What features could you highlight about your property to stand out to your ideal guest?

  • hot tub, pool
  • balcony
  • square footage
  • free parking
  • bikes included
  • w/ View of [insert popular destination]
  • 5 mins to [insert Airport]
  • 4 mins from [insert Freeway]
  • Steps away from the beach!

Remember, you are trying to stand out. Make sure your guests know why they should book with you instead of the listing directly above or below.

Pro Tip: Update your listing for upcoming events. Is there a big convention, sporting event, or something that’s bringing in lots of visitors? Highlight it in your listing.

2. Use All 50 Characters in Your Airbnb Title

Airbnb’s title limit is 50 characters. Airbnb appears to favor longer titles, and we recommend making your title as close to 50 characters as possible.

Consider using emojis and symbols. According to Airbnb’s content policy, emojis and symbols are not permitted in your title. However, many listings use them and seem to be fine, so it’s up to you. If you do decide to use them, here are some symbols you can copy and paste on your desktop computer:

★ ☆ ☀ ☼ ♥ ♡ ☻ ☺ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☞ ☟ ☝✓ ✔ ☑ ✅

Make sure to view your listing on mobile and desktop to verify the symbols are showing up properly.

Use an internal name. Airbnb now allows you to create an ‘Internal name’ for your listing. This feature is long overdue, and means you can easily organize and identify multiple properties without having to add things like identifying numbers in your Airbnb title.

Avoid all caps. All caps has the tendency to look spammy and unprofessional. Plus it can make your title take up more space, which means it might get cut off on smaller displays.

3. Avoid Generic and Redundant Descriptors

Remember, your goal is to STAND 👏OUT 👏among hundreds of other listings your guest is scrolling through. We recommend avoiding generic adjectives like these:

  • Beautiful, nice, comfortable. These are fairly generic and not helpful. Consider describing the style of your place: Luxury, modern, rustic, chic, retro.
  • Convenient. Consider being more specific. Why is it convenient? Is it “2 blocks from Downtown” or “5 mins from SLC Airport”?
  • Spacious. This is highly relative. You might instead consider including square footage if this is a unique selling point for your listing. Or include mention of “2 Stories” or a “Loft.”
  • Renovated. This really only matters to you. It’s not like you’re going to be showing your guests the “before” and “after” pictures (except maybe on your Instagram or blog, which is a great idea btw).
  • Private or ‘Entire place.’ This is a very common filter that guests will use to refine their search in the first place, so in most cases this information is going to be obvious and redundant.
  • Remember, you are selling an experience, not just a place to stay. You want your listing to be unique, and if every other property nearby is cozy, charming, and convenient, then yours will have a harder time standing out.

4. Give your Airbnb a Brand Name

If you are independently marketing your vacation rental, then you should already have a brand name for your Airbnb. A brand name can help your listing stand out in guests’ minds.

After looking through dozens or potentially hundreds of listings, a guest may have a better chance of remembering yours if it had a unique, branded name. If your property has a unique name and people Google it, it will be the first result. Added bonus if you have a website for your vacation rental, and guests find your website when they search in Google.

Examples of Good Airbnb Titles

We’ve compiled several examples of Airbnb titles that stand out for a variety of reasons. Check them out for inspiration to write your own Airbnb title.

Airbnb Title Example
Look out over Little Italy from a Unique Urban Treehouse
Airbnb Title Example - The Rockaway House
The Rockaway House – Family Friendly with Garage Parking
Airbnb Title Example - Beach Bungalow
The B*tchin’ Beach Bungalow!
Airbnb Title Example
Casita-Style Guesthouse With BBQ Patio and Pool
Airbnb Title Example
✓Rooftop Deck✓Walkout Patio to Dining and Shopping
Airbnb Title Example
Explore Portland on Foot form an Eclectic Retreat
Airbnb Title Example
✧ Chic Suite in Central PDX w/ Comfy King Bed ✧
Airbnb Title Example
Classic Brownstone Apt in a Historic Neighborhood
Airbnb Title Example
5 min to Chicago’s McCormick/Loop-Chic Loft!
Airbnb Title Example
The Owl’s Nest – Grafton Cabin with bikes


Hopefully these tips and examples help you to write your best Airbnb title. But don’t overthink it! Here’s a recap of some best practices to keep in mind when writing your Airbnb title:

  1. Highlight your unique amenities, location, or whatever else makes your property stand out
  2. Use the full 50 character limit
  3. Avoid generic adjectives like ‘nice,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘convenient,’ ‘spacious.’ Be more specific instead.
  4. Give your Airbnb a brand name.

And if you aren’t already, we recommend using an Airbnb pricing tool. Along with having a good listing photo and title, it’s one of the best ways to increase your bookings and maximize profits.

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