The Best Blankets for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental in 2024

Blankets offer a touch of style and added luxury to your vacation rental property, showing guests that you’ve gone the extra mile in tending to their comfort.

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So you’ve gone through your checklist of bedding for your Airbnb and are contemplating whether to throw a blanket in the mix. In this article we’ll guide you through why it’s wise to get blankets for your vacation rental, factors to consider before purchasing, and why we think the Utopia Bedding Luxury Fleece Blanket is the best blanket for Airbnbs. 

The Importance of Blankets for Your Airbnb

A blanket may seem like an optional extra, especially when you have a duvet set or a comforter already. But remember that your guests will have a variety of needs and preferences (like warm or cold sleepers). Plus, for the occasional cool night, the duvet or comforter just might not provide enough warmth.

Getting a blanket is  a wise investment so you have something to provide for your guests in case they need an extra layer. And who doesn’t love cozying up with a blanket after a long day of travel?

Some Airbnb hosts and vacation rental space providers located in tropical regions, where it’s generally warmer most of the year, could even do away with the bulkier duvet set or comforter and opt for the thinner blanket as the default layer of the bedding. 

How Many Blankets Do I Need for My Vacation Rental?

Generally, we recommend that you provide one for each bed as part of the bedding set, and have a couple of extras (in different materials and weave type for variety) stashed  in the closet or drawer in each bedroom. 

Utopia Bedding Luxury Fleece Blanket (in Navy Blue)

Throw blankets, while primarily a decorative part of the bedding where you can add a pop of color or accent in your vacation rental bedroom, can still serve the function of providing an extra layer. Fuzzy faux fur or diamond patterned throw blankets are also great to put on couches or outdoor patios so your guests have something to use when they want to snuggle but not get into bed yet. And just imagine how eye-catching a brightly colored blanket will be in your rental listing online!

Duvet vs Comforter vs Blanket vs Quilts

It can get quite confusing sometimes navigating through which layers of the bedding you should get, especially when some of these terms are used interchangeably. To make your selection process easier, here’s a quick breakdown.

All of these layers of bedding generally have the same purpose: they provide warmth and comfort. Where they differ is in the construction. 

A duvet is like a huge quilted pillow that is paired with a patterned or decorative cover (together, they make up a duvet set). A comforter is a thick layer of bed covering, usually filled with down or synthetic material that can be used without a cover. A quilt is a bit thicker than a blanket as it usually has at least three layers sewn or quilted together (hence the name), while a blanket is a relatively thin piece of single layer bedding.

What to Look For In a Blanket

Here are a few considerations you need to look into when making your purchase:

Material and Quality – Needless to say, what the blankets are made of is going to dictate the cost, comfort, and care instructions. Cotton, cashmere, and synthetic polyester blankets are popular for being light and durable. Wool and down are heavier, which is great for cold winter nights, while fleece is a great year-round option for any Airbnb guest. 

Weave – How the fabric is woven is also an important factor you should take note of. Knitted and quilted blankets usually provide a lot of warmth, while conventional and thermal weaves provide a lot of breathability which is perfect for sweltering summer nights. 

Size – Blankets come in standard full, queen, and king sizes so it’s not hard to find for the perfect one for your Airbnb. Throw blankets usually come in smaller sizes—or you can use a twin-size blanket as a throw.

Color – The blanket is also an opportunity for you to explore mixing and matching with the other layers of bedding or decor elements in your vacation rental bedroom to elevate your visuals. While white is a popular choice for blankets, you can’t go wrong with colored or patterned blankets for your Airbnb bed. 

The Best Blanket for Airbnbs

After sifting through different product reviews and guest testimonials, we discovered that the Utopia Bedding Luxury Fleece Blanket is at the top of its game and is our pick as the best blanket for Airbnbs and vacation rentals.

Utopia Bedding Luxury Fleece Blanket

The Utopia Fleece Blanket has received rave reviews for being super soft, comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean: all signs of a perfect blanket for an Airbnb bedroom. It’s made out of microfiber flannel fleece that is soft and luxurious to the skin and provides warmth without sacrificing breathability, which makes it great for year-round use in any sleeping condition. 

Luxury Fleece Blanket – Utopia

It comes in navy, black, burgundy, forest green, gray, purple, rose pink, turquoise, and a classic white color that will go great with your other bedding layers and room decor. It also comes in a 60”L x 50”W throw blanket size you can toss over couches and chairs throughout your vacation rental. 

Because it’s lightweight, cleaning isn’t much of a hassle since it’s machine-washable and can be tumble dried for easy maintenance. It’s also highly reviewed for being durable, so you don’t have to worry about damage from regular wear and tear. 

Other Airbnb Blanket Alternatives

The Bedsure Sherpa Fleece and Utopia Soft Breathable Thermal blankets also offer great options and are just as highly-rated as our top pick.

The Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket comes in 28 different colors, so you’ll never run out of options to mix with your room and bed decor. Bedsure promises a warm, plush feel to their blankets, making them great to use any time of year. 

Another Utopia offering, the Soft Breathable Thermal Blanket is constructed with a dobby weave that’s meant to keep the fibers tightly woven for durability and breathability and a waffle pattern to avoid pilling and provide a timeless classic look. This thermal blanket is great at maintaining warmth but won’t smother sleepers on warmer nights. 

Final Thoughts

Blankets provide an extra layer of comfort to your Airbnb guests and allow them to customize their sleep experience—so you’ll get fewer requests during their stay. The Utopia Bedding Luxury Fleece Blanket is sure to provide year-round comfort and a sense of luxury to the guests, while the Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blankets and the Utopia Soft Breathable Thermal Blankets are also versatile no-frills alternatives for you and your short-term rental guests.

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