The Best Bunk Beds for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental in 2024

Are you considering adding bunk beds to your vacation rental? Let us help you make that choice, so you can get the best value for the price. Here’s our winner in the category of best bunk beds for Airbnb!

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Bunk beds aren’t just a convenient sleeping solution for children. They are very versatile and can be a great addition to your short-term rental, whether you want to increase sleep capacity or give your vacation property a unique look.

To find the best bunk beds for Airbnb, we’ve read numerous reviews from customers and vacation rental owners. After considering the key factors for vacation rentals (read on to find out what they are), our pick is the Harper & Bright Designs Twin Over Full Bunk Beds. If you want more options, we’ve covered that in this post as well!

How We Make Our Recommendations

Here’s how we decide which products make our top picks list:

  • Feedback from 200+ Hosts: our Vacation Rental Inventory Spreadsheet has been downloaded and used by hundreds of hosts like you. We update it regularly based on the feedback we get.
  • Online Reviews: we scour the internet for product reviews from real Airbnb hosts.
  • Forums and Communities: we spend a lot of time in online forums and communities for vacation rentals, to see which products get recommended the most.
  • Suitability: products you buy for your Airbnb need to be durable, affordable, and easy to clean. We keep all these factors in mind when making our recommendations.

Why Do You Need Bunk Beds for Your Airbnb?

Adding two (or more) beds to the room can take up a lot of space. Bunk beds can be your solution to that problem. You’ll get more sleep capacity for your guests and more room for other furniture. 

If you want to make room for as many people as possible in your Airbnb, that’s when bunk beds can add real value. When it comes to vacation rentals, bunk beds work best for destinations that attract families, short-term rentals for bachelor/bachelorette parties and spring break, or for adding a unique flavor to the property. 

Bunk beds also come in handy for getting more storage space, as some of them have built-in drawers or shelves.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bunk Beds for Your Vacation Rental

Having a list of criteria that the bunk beds need to fulfill will help you make the best choice for your needs. Here are a few factors that you should have in mind:

Sizes – Bunk beds come in many sizes. Almost every combination is available, so you can get twin over twin, twin over full, full over full, and even queen over queen and triple-stack twin sizes. Decide on how many people you want to accommodate before you pick out your new bunk beds.

Design – You can find well-crafted bunk beds in pretty much any color. If you choose wisely, a bunk bed can become a statement piece of the bedroom. Throw on some nice pillows and stylish comforters and even a simple bunk bed can look luxurious. 

Durability –  Bunks made out of solid wood are more reliable and longer-lasting than those constructed from thin metal or particle board.

Assembly – Putting together a bunk bed is more complex than putting together a regular bed frame. You should get a detailed instruction manual, but if you’re not confident in your assembly skills, hiring a furniture assembly service is a safer choice.

Mattress Compatibility – The size of the mattresses should be compatible with the bunk beds. You should be wary of the thickness of the mattress because you don’t want it to be too high, especially if you want to add a mattress topper

Storage – Bunk beds with shelves or drawers are great for storing an extra set of sheets, blankets, and other necessities.

The Best Bunk Beds for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

With so many different variations to choose from, choosing the best bunk beds for Airbnb was no picnic. But if you want to get great quality and style for a decent price, you can’t find better than the Harper & Bright Designs Twin Over Full Bunk Beds. The bed also comes in twin over twin and full over full sizes.

Harper & Bright Designs Twin Over Full Bunk Beds

Here are some features of the Harper & Bright’s bunk bed that stood out for us:

Comes in Several Colors – We love this bunk bed for short-term rentals because it comes in a ton of different colors and designs, so you can pick the one that matches your property’s theme. 

Convertible to Two Beds – What won us over is that this bunk bed can be transformed into two separate beds. If you ever decide to change up the look of the bedroom, you can just convert it into two beds and put them in different rooms. 

Made Out of Pine Wood for Long-Lasting Use – The bed is constructed with high-quality pine wood, and it has a medium-density fiberboard with built-in reinforced wood slats. 

Integrated Shelves for Storage – Underneath the stairs, you have four shelves of different sizes. You can use them for storing things or for books and decor pieces. Another variant offers drawers under the bed for added storage. 

Top-Notch Safety for Children – For an extra safety measure, there is a full-length guardrail attached to the ladder. The ladder is inclined which makes it easier to climb. On top of that, its low height makes it easy for children to get in. 

You Don’t Need a Box Spring  – This bunk bed doesn’t need a box spring; just throw a mattress on top of it and it’s all set. 

Other Airbnb Bunk Beds Alternatives

Besides the above-mentioned Harper & Bright Bunk Bed, the DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed and Max & Lily Bunk Bed can also be good fits for some short-term rentals.

If you want to save space and are looking for a compact and basic bunk bed, check out the DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed. It has a metal bed frame and comes in four colors (black, blue, silver, and white). The available sizes are twin, twin/full, full/full, and a more unique variant—twin/futon.

Some of you may want a traditional twin/twin for guests with kids, and in that case, we suggest the Max & Lily Bunk Bed. This is a wooden bunk bed with a reversible ladder that can be installed on either the left or right side. For that extra support, the beds have strong plywood slats with a metal support bar and secure metal-on-metal bolt connections. If a family with older kids is coming in, you can turn this bunk bed into two separate beds. 

Final Thoughts

Despite our great alternatives, in our opinion, the Harper & Bright Designs Twin Over Full Bunk Bed still has the best configurations. You can pick between a classy and rustic design, you get that added safety of the guardrails, and then, there’s that storage space that every vacation property owner appreciates. When you add it all together, the bedroom will look great, the guests will feel safe in their bunk beds, and the room will look tidier and organized thanks to the storage.

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