The Best Duvet for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental in 2023

A quality duvet guarantees your guests a cozy night’s sleep, plus it’s more affordable and easier to clean than a traditional comforter. Here are our top picks.

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Among the most important pieces of bedding that you need to invest in aside from the mattress, sheets, and pillows is the duvet. Along with the duvet cover, the duvet ensures that your guests get a restful sleep by keeping them cozy in most sleeping conditions.

In this article, we’ll break down what a duvet is and how it compares to a comforter, what you should consider when shopping for a duvet, and why we recommend the Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert as the best duvet for Airbnbs and vacation rentals. 

What is a Duvet?

A duvet is a type of bedding that’s usually the top layer of a bed and can basically be used as a blanket. It is usually inserted in a duvet cover; together, they make a duvet set.

Think of a duvet as a huge pillow that you can use to cover yourself when sleeping. Like a pillow, it’s stuffed with various natural or synthetic fillers and shouldn’t be used without its cover. This is what differentiates a duvet from a comforter; a comforter is one whole piece of bedding that’s quilted and can be used by itself, while a duvet is a bit thicker and needs to be used with a cover.

Now, speaking of comforters, it’s also important to note that the words ‘duvet’ and ‘comforter’ can be used interchangeably in Europe, but in the US, ‘duvet’ refers to the quilted insert that is unique from a comforter. 

Why Get a Duvet for Your Airbnb?

It’s generally more cost-effective to purchase a duvet set rather than a comforter for your Airbnb bedroom. In the case of a comforter, because this comes into physical contact with the guest, you’d need to wash it along the pillow case and mattress cover.

The duvet, however, can be cleaned every week or two, or after every few guests that check out. Since it’s just the duvet cover that guests are sleeping under, that’s all you’ll need to launder between guests.

Duvets are also a bit thicker than comforters, and they offer more comfort and hold in warmth—without being weighty or sacrificing breathability. This ensures that your guests get a good night’s sleep no matter the weather.

What to Look For in a Duvet

There are several things you need to look into when choosing the best duvet for your Airbnb or vacation rental space. 

Material, Construction, and Quality  – A duvet comes in two parts: the outer shell and the filler. The duvet shell is usually made of durable cotton or manmade fibers woven in a way to keep the filler in without sacrificing breathability.

There are several options for fillers: wool, down, feathers, cotton, microfiber, polyester, and silk. Choose a material that offers the weight and breathability that suits your preferences, and take note of its recommended cleaning procedures. 

Cost – A duvet set’s price is usually determined by the kind of stitching and the material of the fabric and fillers. It goes without saying that premium materials come with a premium price. We recommend investing in a high-quality duvet that’s not too expensive to maintain. 

Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert

Size – A duvet usually comes in standard bed sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect duvet that fits the full-, queen-, or king-sized bed in your vacation rental bedroom. If you want to mix and match the duvet from its cover, you should know that the dimensions of a duvet cover should be slightly larger than the duvet insert.

The Best Duvet For Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

After doing a deep dive on a variety of sources, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert is our top pick as the best duvet for Airbnbs.

Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert

The Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert has a polyester microfiber surface that’s comfortable, smooth, and feels luxurious to the skin and stuffed with alternative down filling that can accommodate most guests’ sleeping needs.

It’s sewn with a classic box-stitching to hold its shape, which ensures that the filling is evenly dispersed to avoid clumping. The Bedsure Duvet insert can actually be used as a comforter by itself, but it’s best used along with the Bedsure Solid Cover Duvet Cover—our selection for the best duvet cover for Airbnbs

Comforter Duvet Insert – Bedsure

Bedsure promises luxurious coziness and year-round warmth. The alternative down filling offers the breathability and comfort that conventional bird feather down is known for. But unlike goose or duck feathers, alternative down is cheaper, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic—which is great to make sure your guests catch their z’s without sneezing.

It also comes in 11 different colors to mix and match with the Bedsure Duvet Cover.

The Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert’s 40,000 reviews celebrate it for being easy to clean. While some duvets call for dry cleaning or more extensive cleaning procedures, this one is machine washable. It won’t shrink over time and generally does not need ironing, perfect for hassle-free maintenance for your vacation rental bedrooms. 

Other Airbnb Duvet Alternatives

There are also a few other duvet options you can look into that don’t compromise on quality and comfort.

The Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert is filled with their ‘plush siliconized fiberfill down alternative’ that offers uncompromised breathability and comfort. It comes in 10 different colors that you can have fun matching with your duvet cover.

The COHOME Cooling Down Alternative Duvet Insert is another duvet that managed to catch our attention. The COHOME Duvet can also be used as a standalone comforter. It’s machine-washable, easy to maintain, and easy to insert in any duvet cover, thanks to its corner straps that keep it in place. 

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert still takes the spot as our top pick for the best duvet for Airbnbs and vacation rentals, though Utopia and COHOME are qualified contenders. They all make the cut for being easy to clean and maintain, comfortable and luxurious, and relatively cheaper than premium duvets in the market today without compromising on quality.

And to go along with your duvet, be sure to check out our top picks for Airbnb duvet covers.

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