The Best Plants for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental in 2024

Bring your short-term rental to life with the best plants for Airbnb (that you and your guests can’t kill!)

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Greenery can freshen up any space and add a splash of color to an otherwise dull room. It also gives short-term rentals a more homey vibe since hotels don’t decorate with plants.

The best plants for Airbnb are low-maintenance ones that won’t die on you if you forget about them for days. Since some prefer real but impossible-to-kill plants and others like to play it safe with artificial plants, we’ve picked out the best species in both categories. 

How We Make Our Recommendations

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Which Plants Should You Buy for Your Airbnb?

To be certain that you’ll pick a plant that is best for you, first consider these factors:

Faux vs Real Plants The main decision is whether you want real or fake plants—or maybe a mix of both. Real plants shouldn’t scare you as there are low-maintenance plants with minimal watering needs. They also offer many benefits such as purifying the air, improving humidity, being biodegradable, and giving off an eco-friendly vibe.

Artificial plants, on the other hand, require absolutely no care (except for the occasional dusting). You won’t need to worry about guests tipping them over and spreading soil all over your stylish rug. However, you need to be careful when choosing faux plants since they can look tacky if they’re not realistic.

Maintenance – When it comes to caring for real plants, what matters the most is watering them regularly and positioning them so they get enough sunlight. Before you pick up a plant for your rental, check how often you should water it and how much sun exposure it needs. The plant’s needs should match your availability to water it and the amount of sunlight in the place where you plan to put it.

How Often Should I Water the Plants in My Vacation Rental?

Every plant has its unique watering needs, so you need to adapt the watering schedule to each of them. You should also observe how the plant reacts to your maintenance—whether it’s thirsty and begging for more water or whether you’re drowning it. A completely dry soil usually means that the plant needs water while fading leaves show that the plant needs more sunlight.

What can help with your watering habits is buying plants that have similar requirements so you can water them all at once. You can also choose one day each week to be your plant-watering day to create a routine.  

The Best Real Plants for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

You don’t need to fret about having real plants as there are species that don’t require special treatment. We’ve picked out plants that also work as air purifiers so not only will they beautify the space, but they’ll also allow your guests to breathe fresh and pollutant-free air. 

Air Plants

Air plants look almost otherworldly; that’s why they are one of the trendiest plants. There are hundreds of species that provide a great variety in look and shape. They don’t need soil but they do require water and sun. However, you should keep them out of direct sunlight. 

Plants for Pets Store Ionantha Tillandsia Air Plant

The perfect amount of watering is once every one to two weeks as these plants love humidity. Just submerge the plant in a small jar or a sink and let it soak up the water for about half an hour. After that, shake the plant gently and put it upside down on a cloth or a  towel to drain. 


Altman Plants, Live Succulent Plants

Succulents are subtle but beautiful plants that need watering only twice a month (approximately). You can get them in eye-catching terrariums or individually to accompany the decor on the coffee table tray, for example. Check out some options on the Altman Plants Amazon store. The proper way to care for succulents is to soak the soil and then wait for it to dry out before the next round of watering. Medium lighting is what these plants love the most. 

ZZ Plant

Costa Farms ZZ, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant, is as low-maintenance a plant as you can get. You can put it down and forget about it for months and months. It doesn’t require frequent watering, but you should keep it out of the harsh sun. You can get it on Amazon for an affordable price. 

Devil’s Ivy

Costa Farms Devil’s Ivy Golden Pothos

Vining plants look incredible when placed on a shelf or a coffee table. Some species are more delicate and more difficult to maintain, but devil’s ivy (such as this one from Costa Farms) isn’t one of them. It doesn’t mind drought, and it likes bright light so you won’t have to worry. You can water it weekly.

Rubber Tree

Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant

The dark color of the rubber tree (or ficus elastica) makes it unique and ideal for creating contrast in a room with a lighter color scheme. It prefers bright indirect light, and if it’s not receiving enough of it, you’ll notice the fading color of the leaves. Water it every one to two weeks, and allow the soil to dry completely between waterings. You can find a beautiful rubber tree at an affordable price on Amazon.

Snake Plant 

Perfect Plants Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii

The great thing about the snake plant is that it purifies the air, removing the colorless pungent-smelling gas known as formaldehyde (found in cleaning and personal care products), and it releases oxygen even during the night. There are loads of different species that differ in color, leaf shape, and height, but we love this Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii the most. This gorgeous plant can go weeks without water and thrives in indirect sunlight.

Majesty Palm 

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree

A bigger plant such as a majesty palm can fill out empty corners and make the room feel more alive and put together. You can get an already grown, three- to four-foot high plant at Costa Farm’s store on Amazon. Caring for it is quite easy as you need to water it just once a week. Make sure that you provide it with as much light as possible.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a classic. It is a powerful plant with antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties, but it also works as a modern decor piece. It loves the exposure to artificial light or bright, indirect light, and you don’t need to water it frequently—once a month will do. It’s available at Hirt’s Gardens Store on Amazon.

The Best Artificial Plants for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

Artificial plants ask for absolutely no maintenance, except the occasional dusting. We picked out some of the most attractive-looking artificial plants that can accentuate any living area


Nearly Natural Dracaena

With lush foliage, dracaena is great for dramatic and impressive decor. When it comes to artificial dracaena, the most important thing is that the leaves look as natural as possible. The Nearly Natural Dracaena is a great example of how realistic faux plants can be.


BESAMENATURE 30-inch Artificial Paradise Palm Tree

Palms go well with any style of Airbnb. They can bring harmony and elegance to your vacation rental. If you want a high-quality artificial palm, we suggest the BESAMENATURE 30-inch Artificial Paradise Palm Tree. It is a smaller palm, so it won’t overwhelm the space but it will still be noticeable.


LuckyGreenery Store Succulents

Like the live succulents we mentioned above, these plants add a calming and meditative vibe to any space. Since they are small in size, you can use them to decorate the shelves, a coffee table, and even a bathroom cabinet. These succulents from LuckyGreenery Store are super realistic.

Silk Palm Tree

Nearly Natural 6.5ft. Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

For an exotic touch, pick up a silk palm tree. If you have a beach rental or you’re going for a tropical theme, the palm tree will be the perfect addition. Since it’s hard to find a natural-looking artificial palm tree, we picked out the one from the Nearly Natural store that does a fairly good job.


Nearly Natural Ficus Artificial Tree

Ficus has that familiar, home-like feeling to it and can add a sense of warmth to a room. If you want a large ficus to fill the corners of the room, it needs to be realistic. We suggest the Nearly Natural 6 foot tall Ficus Artificial Tree that can complement modern, classic, and rustic styles.

Hanging Ivy

Ageomet Store Fake Ivy Vine

Hanging plants can create a visually appealing wall display and complement your wall art without taking up precious space on countertops, tables, or shelves. If you want an artificial hanging plant, this Fake Ivy Vine from the Ageomet Store is a great choice. The guests will need to take a second (maybe even a third) look to notice that it’s not natural.

Dried Flowers Bouquet 

Dried floral arrangements are very popular and an absolutely gorgeous decor piece. They can really make the room pop, and they can work well with any aesthetic—from luxury to boho to rustic. There is a huge variety of dried flower bouquets, so you can pick one that will look best in your room. 

Our picks are the Natural Dried Flower Bouquet from Musunny and Glamativity Store’s Various Dried Pampas Grass Décor. The combination of flowers is beautiful, the popular pampas grass comes in both bouquets, and you can arrange the bouquet as you like to suit your favorite vase.

Final Thoughts

Plants can brighten up any room and add warmth and texture to your short-term rental. With this selection of real and artificial plants, you can choose the ones that complement your space and suit your availability for taking care of them. You don’t need to stick to a certain group of plants (real or faux) as a mixture of both may be the best for you.

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