The Best Pool Lounge Chairs for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals in 2024

Spruce up your poolside area with the best pool lounge chairs perfect for short-term rentals!

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Ready to upgrade your poolside? Adding some comfy and stylish lounge chairs can really up the guest experience and make your rental more enticing, which means more bookings for you.

Even if you don’t have a pool, placing a few lounge chairs in your outdoor space can still create a laid-back atmosphere, giving guests a spot to kick back, read, and soak up the sun.

To make your search easier, we combed through the web, checked customer reviews, collected feedback from hosts in our network, and weighed in factors like durability, comfort, style, and price to track down the best pool lounge chairs for Airbnb.

Our top choices are:

How We Make Our Recommendations

Here’s how we decide which products make our top picks list:

  • Feedback from 200+ Hosts: our Vacation Rental Inventory Spreadsheet has been downloaded and used by hundreds of hosts like you. We update it regularly based on the feedback we get.
  • Online Reviews: we scour the internet for product reviews from real Airbnb hosts.
  • Forums and Communities: we spend a lot of time in online forums and communities for vacation rentals, to see which products get recommended the most.
  • Suitability: products you buy for your Airbnb need to be durable, affordable, and easy to clean. We keep all these factors in mind when making our recommendations.

What To Think About When Buying Pool Lounge Charis for a Vacation Rental

When shopping for pool lounge chairs for your Airbnb, you want ones that last, look great, and serve their purpose well. 

Here are some key factors to consider as you make your decision.

Durability and Maintenance

These pool lounge chairs need to stand the test of time and constant wear and tear. So, you’ll want materials like polypropylene, steel frame, aluminum, and sturdy resin that can handle exposure to sun and water without wearing down. Look for features like fade-resistant and UV-resistant finishes to ensure that the chairs maintain their colors over time. 

Also, don’t forget about maintenance. Opt for chairs that are easy to wipe clean or hose off between guest stays to keep them looking fresh.

Comfort and Style

Making sure your guests are comfortable is just as important as ensuring the chairs can handle wear and tear. That’s why we recommend choosing lounge chairs with cushy cushions or ergonomic designs. Some other features that can add to comfort are adjustable reclining positions and built-in cup holders. 

Think about the look of the chairs as well. Pick the ones that complement the overall look and feel of your vacation rental. Whether you’re going for a contemporary vibe or a more classic aesthetic, make sure the chairs elevate the visual appeal of your pool area.


Opting for lightweight chairs has several perks. They are easier to store, which comes in handy when it’s time to pack them away during the off-season or bad weather. 

Let’s not forget about guest comfort. Lighter chairs are way more manageable if your guests want to chase the sun or find some shade. So, by going for lightweight options, you can make your poolside setup even more convenient and versatile for your guests to enjoy.


Pool lounge chairs come at various price points, so it’s helpful to have a budget in mind. If you’re decking out a high-end vacation rental, you might want to splurge on some sleek, modern chairs that really up the luxury factor. 

If your budget is a bit tighter, you can still snag great chairs without breaking the bank. There are plenty of great options out there in the $100 to $200 range that offer both style and comfort.

Best Pool Lounge Chairs For Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

When you start looking into pool lounge chairs, you find there are so many options out there. But after doing some careful searching, we’ve found the best ones for Airbnb hosts like you, starting with our absolute favorite, the Devoko Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Set.

This set of 2 pool chairs is affordable, stylish, and durable, and its quality has been confirmed by countless positive reviews. Now, let’s dive deeper into it’s key features.

Suits Every Style

When it comes to design, the Devoko Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Set is incredibly versatile. It’s available in three classic colors (black, brown, and khaki) so it can easily fit in with any outdoor decor style. Thanks to its imitation rattan design, this chair gives out a luxurious retreat vibe that complements both modern and beachy styles.

Perfect for Outdoor Use Year-Round

These chairs are made from premium polypropylene material, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. Their sturdy construction ensures they can handle the frequent use in vacation rentals without wearing out. They are also fade-resistant and UV-resistant, so they’ll keep looking good even if they’re left out in the sun or rain.

Adjustable for Comfort

These ergonomic lounge chairs are all about comfort, with five adjustable positions to suit every guest’s needs. Whether guests want to relax with a book, sunbathe, or take a nap, they can easily find their ideal comfort level. 

Easy Assembly

The Devoko Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair is super easy to set up. You can assemble it in a couple of minutes without any tools. If you plan to store them away for the fall and winter, taking them apart will be just as easy.

Other Airbnb Pool Lounge Chairs Alternatives

Choosing a pool lounge chair for your short-term rental isn’t a small decision, so we’ve lined up some alternatives to give you more options.

Best Choice Products Lounge Chair Set can be perfect for hosts on a budget choice who still want those extra touches like a plush headrest, adjustable recline, and a removable tray with two cup holders, a phone holder, and a tablet holder.

YITAHOME Chaise Lounge Chair combines durability and affordability. Made from sturdy polypropylene resin with a wood grain look, it’s built to last and it’s resistant to UV rays and water.

If you want something more luxurious, then you should check out the upscale Aqua Outdoors In-Pool Chaise Lounger. You can put them in the pool for a refreshing soak or keep them in the poolside area for relaxation.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our selection of top pool lounge chairs will help you find just the right fit for your rental.  While we have some fantastic options here, our all-time favorite is the Devoko Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Set. Since tastes and needs differ, you might find your own favorite among the Best Choice Products Lounge Chair Set, YITAHOME Chaise Lounge Chairs, or Aqua Outdoors In-Pool Chaise Lounger.

If you’re considering adding more amenities to your outdoor area to make it more enjoyable for your guests, check out our list of the best outdoor furniture for ideas.

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