The Best Quilts for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental in 2024

Quilts can add to the aesthetic of the room while also contributing to a comfy sleep for your guests. If you want to give your guests a 5-star sleeping experience, check out our recommendation for the best quilts for Airbnb!

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How to enhance your bedroom’s look and provide your guests with comfy and lightweight cover? A quilt is the answer! Quilts can add a touch of style or luxury, or they can accentuate the theme of your bedroom (depending on what you’re going for), and also provide just enough warmth and cover for your guests to have a dreamy night.

We’ve searched above and beyond for the best quilts for Airbnb that promise quality, comfort, and a stylish look at a decent price, and managed to find a few picks that your guests will love! Our absolute favorite is Love’s Cabin Quilt, and we’ll explain why below.

Quilt vs Blanket vs Comforter vs Duvet

If you’re confused by the choice between a quilt, blanket, comforter, and duvet, and the lines between these cozy covers are starting to get blurry, let us briefly explain the difference between them and which one works best in which situation.

A quilt is a thin bed cover that works well for all-year-round use. For extra warmth, you can add a blanket or comforter underneath the quilt.

A comforter is thicker than a quilt, and it is usually filled with down. Comforters can keep your guests warm during colder weather. 

Lastly, we have the duvet,which is somewhat of a big quilted pillow that is usually paired with a duvet cover. Duvets and comforters are bulkier, so if you opt for these for your Airbnb, you’ll probably need to hire a cleaning service to launder them.

To choose the best bedding configuration, you should consider the weather conditions at your rental and how much you want to invest in bedding. While providing all options may be the easiest to accommodate guests’ warmth preferences, a quilt is best if you want a light cover that you can wash easily, since you can throw the whole thing in the washer whenever the need arises.

Why Should You Get a Quilt for Your Airbnb?

In addition to the ease of cleaning, which we mentioned a moment ago, quilts are a handy cover because they can be used on their own as a lightweight and breathable cover, or they can act as an add-on for extra warmth, similar to a throw blanket. 

Quilts will also elevate the look of the bedroom. They often come in a set of a quilt cover and two pillow shams, so you can dress up the whole bed in the same style. 

You can get quilts in many different designs to match the vibe of your Airbnb. Just take a look at this beach-style quilt, or this vintage patchwork one that can bring your rustic or traditional vacation rental to life. If you’re going for an elegant look, just imagine how much better the bedroom would look with this classic cream quilt set. For a boho safe haven ambiance, you can get a colorful bohemian quilt. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Quilts for Your Airbnb

Here are a few relevant factors that can help you pick out a quilt set that’s just right for your vacation property:

Material and Quality –  Quilts are made of two or three layers of fabric, and the most high-quality quilts are made of cotton or microfiber. They are the most durable, but they also promise breathability and warmth. 

Filling – The filling of quilts is called batting. It’s designed for added warmth, and that heavier feel that makes sleeping cozier. For a lightweight quilt, choose one without batting. 

Ease of Cleaning – One of the benefits of quilts is that they’re machine-washable. Make sure that the manufacturer gives a green light to wash the quilt in the machine, as this will save you a ton of money by not having to pay for dry cleaning after every guest.

Durability – When a quilt is washed as much as Airbnb owners wash it, it needs to be able to withstand that amount of cleaning and usage. Avoid low-quality quilts if you want them to last.

Design – Besides the variety of colors and patterns, some quilts have interesting stitching that can make them stand out even more. You can match the aesthetic of the quilt with the theme and color of the bedroom.

Size – Quilts come in different sizes that match the size of the bed; that includes full, queen, king, and twin-sized quilts. Bear in mind that a queen-size quilt, for example, will be a few inches larger than the bed; that is, it is designed to drape over the queen size bed. 

Weight and Warmth – Summer quilts are more lightweight, don’t have filling, and your guests can use them to cozy up during summer and spring. Winter quilts are best for colder climates. They have filling, and the feather or down quilts ones are the warmest. However, since the filling makes them bulky, they are usually not machine washable.

The Best Quilt for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

We’ve had to search long and hard for the winner in the best quilt category, but we’ve managed to find the one that meets all the expectations—the Love’s Cabin Quilt. The reviews are highly positive for this quilt set, and the quality-price ratio is amazing.

Love’s Cabin Quilt Set

These are the characteristics of the Love’s Cabin quilt that stood out for us:

Elegant and Versatile Design – The solid gray color combined with unique stitching will add a touch of luxury and elegance to any room. Despite the elegant look, the design is simple enough to complement any Airbnb style. You can also get this quilt set in 17 different colors.

High-Quality and Breathable Microfiber Fabric – Microfiber will ensure breathability so your guests won’t need to suffer through sweaty nights. 

Durable – The brushed microfiber and ultrasonic quilting that’s stronger than regular stitching will ensure long-lasting use without losing the softness or color. 

Easy Care – You can throw this quilt set in a washer after every guest and it will be clean and ready for the next round of guests in no time. 

Perfect for Year-Round Use – The microfiber fabric is the best choice for summer bedding, but this quilt can also be an ideal extra layer during the winter. Just add a blanket or comforter underneath and the quilt will keep your guests warm while maintaining breathability. 

Other Airbnb Quilt Alternatives

With so many options available, we had to give you a couple of alternatives as well.

The HORIMOTE HOME Classic Geometric Spots Quilt Set is made of 100% microfiber fabric, making it a life-saver during hot and humid summer nights. This is a stone-washed quilt, meaning that it is pre-washed for that ultra-soft touch. The color and design of this quilt goes well with any Airbnb style, but it will especially complement rustic and boho-chic themed vacation rentals. If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight quilt, you’ll be more than happy with this one.

If you want an attractive pattern, you should check out the Great Bay Home Modern Bedspread Quilt Set. This quilt set can turn the bed into an accent piece. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can choose one that complements your theme. If you fall in the ‘cotton-all-the-way’ group, the good news is that this quilt is 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

Final Thoughts

For a superhost-worthy bedroom impression, your guests should have the urge to throw themselves on the comfy- and inviting-looking bed—and a beautiful quilt can create that effect. Since you’ll get a decorative piece and bedding in one, a quilt set is a profitable expense.A simple change of the quilt can give the bedroom a whole new look which is awesome if you want to freshen up the bedroom. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, versatile quilt set that provides premium quality at a modest price, there’s no better than the Love’s Cabin Quilt Set.

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