The Best Sheets for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals in 2024

What makes a night away from home so special? A luxurious sleep experience, for one. Here are our recommendations for bed sheets that will earn rave reviews from your guests.

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In this article, we’ll talk about what to look for in bed sheets and our list of the best sheets for Airbnb and vacation rentals.

OUR TOP PICK: Mellani Sheet Set – high quality, luxurious, and hotel-like feel

How We Make Our Recommendations

Here’s how we decide which products make our top picks list:

  • Feedback from 200+ Hosts: our Vacation Rental Inventory Spreadsheet has been downloaded and used by hundreds of hosts like you. We update it regularly based on the feedback we get.
  • Online Reviews: we scour the internet for product reviews from real Airbnb hosts.
  • Forums and Communities: we spend a lot of time in online forums and communities for vacation rentals, to see which products get recommended the most.
  • Suitability: products you buy for your Airbnb need to be durable, affordable, and easy to clean. We keep all these factors in mind when making our recommendations.

The Importance of Bed Sheets for Your Airbnb

Imagine walking into a room. The first thing you notice? The bed. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s an experience waiting to happen. This is where the magic of bed sheets comes in, especially in the world of Airbnb.

As opposed to duvets and duvet covers or comforters, where one could debate their necessity as part of the bedding, it’s a no-brainer to invest in bed sheets for your rental property.

You absolutely don’t want your guests to sleep on a naked mattress and pillows.

A sheet acts as a protective layer to the mattress and ensures it is safe from stains and dirt; mattresses can be quite a huge chore to clean. 

Needless to say, because this is the layer of bedding that your guests will lie on, you really need to get high-quality sheets to ensure that they are comfortable in any sleeping condition. 

What to Look For in a Bed Sheet

I’ve been on a quest, much like you, navigating the maze of bed sheet shopping. There’s a lot of factors that you need to consider, including some confusing terminology.

We’ll break this down for you so you know what type of sheets are best for your Airbnb space. 


In my experience, cotton and cotton-poly blends are the go-to fabrics. They’re the hotel standard for a reason.

But there’s a world beyond – silk, linen, microfiber, bamboo. Ever touched Egyptian cotton? It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Luxurious, durable, and oh-so-soft. Remember, the material affects everything – cost, quality, care.


Other terms you might have come across when browsing for sheets are percale and sateen. These refer to how the fabric threads are woven.

Percale sheets have a tight, flat weave that offers a soft, crisp feel that’s perfect for summer nights. Sateen, with its silky surface, is my winter favorite. It’s all about how the threads dance together.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. This is important for sheets because this dictates how soft to the touch and breathable they will be.

Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will be; but this doesn’t mean high thread count sheets are automatically better. It’s the total equation—thread count, material, and weave—that determines comfort.

You can basically find good quality sheets for your vacation rental space with anything above 200 thread count.

Drying Time

This would largely depend on the material and quality of the sheets. In the Airbnb world, quick drying is key. Material and quality dictate this. You need sheets that can go from wash to bed, fast.

Size and Fit

Here’s the tricky part. Standard sizes don’t always fit. I learned this the hard way. Measure your mattress. Depth, height, all of it.

While you can find sheets for the standard king-, queen-, and full-sized beds, it can be difficult to find sheets that fit the depth and height of your mattress. Keep in mind the specific dimensions of your mattress to find the perfect fit.


White is usually the go-to color for bed sheets for hotels and most vacation rental spaces for a reason: white sheets convey cleanliness and provide a classic, neat look.

But white sheets can be quite a chore to keep clean, especially if they get stained, and you’d need to bleach them.

To this, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and mix and match with your duvet sets and room decor to up the visuals of your vacation rental bedroom. 

Fitted Sheets & Flat/Top Sheets

Most sheet sets come with one fitted sheet (which stretches taut over the mattress) and one flat sheet or top sheet (which gets tucked into the bottom and sides of the mattress—hospital corners, anyone?).

Because some sheet sets are sold without a top sheet, it’s worth double-checking. If you want to venture into other combinations, make sure you know what you’re purchasing so you don’t get surprised.

The Best Sheets for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

After pouring over hundreds of reviews, asking dozens of hosts, and doing our own research, we’ve selected the Mellani Sheet Set as our top pick for the best sheet for Airbnbs. 

OUR TOP PICK: Mellani Microfiber Sheet Set

Picture this: luxury meets affordability. That’s Mellani for you.

The Mellani Sheet Set has raving reviews on Amazon for its luxurious feel at a great price point. We absolutely love the 1800 thread count microfiber fabric.

When I first wrapped myself in these sheets, the feel was nothing short of sumptuous. It’s like being hugged by clouds, soft and gentle. But here’s the real game-changer: the breathability.

Whether it was a chilly winter night or a balmy summer evening, these sheets adapted.

Sheet Set – Mellani

Here’s what we loved about the sheets:

High Quality, Luxurious, Hotel-like feel

Many reviewers claim that they instantly got a luxurious hotel-like sleep experience, even in the comfort of their own home bedroom, when they switched to the Mellani Sheet Set, so this would be perfect for your Airbnb or vacation rental.

This is thanks to the high-quality brushed microfiber that ensures softness and comfort.

Deep pockets

The Mellani Sheet Set has an elastic edge that can fit mattresses that have a depth of up to 16 inches so you never have to worry about the sheets getting loose when your guests are asleep.

They also have options for virtually every bed size: Full, King, California King, Queen, Twin, and more.

Easy maintenance

Because of the high-quality fabric used, the Mellani Sheet Set is fade-, stain-, shrink-, and wrinkle-resistant. This is definitely music to the ears of anyone running a short-term or vacation rental.

Lots of color choices

Aside from the classic white, Mellani also offers a variety of colors for their sheet set if you want to spruce up the looks of your Airbnb bedroom. They have baby blue, beige, black, blush pink, brown, and even patterned ones like chevron gray.

Mellani Lifetime Promise

Mellani believes in their product so much that they offer the Mellani Lifetime Promise, meaning if at any point you are dissatisfied with their products, you can return it with no questions asked.

Other Airbnb Sheet Alternatives

Here are two more sheet sets we love: SouthShore Fine Living, Cotton Sheet Set, and CGK Unlimited 

The SouthShore Fine Living Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set offers 18 colored varieties, while the CGK Unlimited Sheet Set offers a staggering 45 color and pattern varieties that are great if you’re looking to match your bed sheets with other decor elements.

These are among the best microfiber sheets for Airbnb since both pride themselves in top ratings for being lightweight, breathable, soft, durable, and easy to clean. 

A great cotton option is the sheet set from California Design Den. With a 400-thread count, firm stitching, and deep pockets, you can get the most out of the comfort of sleeping in soft, cool, and breathable cotton sheets.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best sheets for your Airbnb can be quite intimidating, given the technical jargon and so many options.

But stay focused on the goal: just like the other items on your checklist, you just want to make sure that your guests get the best experience when they spend a night in your place.

You can’t go wrong with our top pick of the Mellani Sheet Set, and the SouthShore Fine Living and CGK Unlimited as well as the California Design Den sheet sets are solid options you can look into as well.

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