What is the Best Towel Color for Airbnb?

If you want to keep it simple and easy to maintain, we suggest going with white towels for Airbnb guests, along with a black makeup removal cloth.

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Every guest that walks into your Airbnb will use towels. Considering the continual staining and washing process they’ll have to endure, a question that arises is what is the best towel color for Airbnb? 

We’ve done the research, and we’re sharing our answer in the lines below!

White Bath Towels vs Colored for Airbnb – Which Wins the Battle?

For hassle-free maintenance, we recommend white towels. Wear and tear is at the highest level at Airbnbs, so when stains appear (it’s inevitable), you can use oxygen bleach on white towels without fear of ruining the color.

Luzia Turkish Cotton Towels

Colored towels may hide the stains better, but if you want to keep them looking bright and new you shouldn’t wash them at a high temperature—and high temperature is highly recommended for properly cleaning the linens. And when a bleach-demanding stain appears, you’ll have no other choice but to replace the towels altogether. 

A nice alternative to white towels is ivory-colored towels. The color ivory is often associated with elegance and luxury, and the color won’t fade rapidly, since it’s already very light. Hosts who don’t want that classic white hotel look might find ivory towels to be a better fit. 

Since makeup stains are difficult opponents, the best solution is to provide black makeup removal towels in addition to white hand and body towels. 

The Little Black Towel – Megan Graham Beauty

When Should You Choose Colored Towels for Airbnb?

Colored towels can be a suitable choice when you have a certain theme going on at your rental. If your bathroom is filled with vibrant colors and crazy patterns, basic white towels can ruin the ambiance. For a pop of color that won’t fade fast, go with lighter shades, such as light blue, lavender, or light grey. 

Luiza Turkish Cotton Towels Light Blue

These colors are a great compromise between bold colors, which fade quickly, and ho-hum white.

How to Clean Airbnb Towels

Keeping your linens clean is a must for a 5-star-worthy Airbnbs. We’ve put together a list of the most important tips for cleaning Airbnb towels:

  • Machine wash colored towels with similarly colored laundry
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach which can damage cotton and wool very quickly. A good alternative is oxygen bleach (like OxiClean) which is safe for many fabrics
  • Wash the non-stained towels on a quick wash (with hot water)
  • When you spot stains, remove them as quickly as possible (find more on stain removal in our super helpful post)
  • Don’t use bleach on every load, only on towels that need spot treatment 
  • Try using white vinegar instead of a fabric softener, since it helps with stain removal and keeps the towels soft and fluffy

Final Thoughts

White towels with black makeup removal cloths are our choice for Airbnb because they’re the easiest to maintain—and we all know how important cleaning is for Airbnb hosts. In case of any stains, you can use spot treatments on white towels without damaging their crisp look. White towels will also last longer since they won’t need to be replaced when the color starts fading. All in all, if you want an easy-to-clean and long-lasting option, white towels are your best bet.

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