Calendar Sync: How to Import & Export Your Calendars

Learn how to import and export your calendars through a couple of simple steps.

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You can simplify managing your bookings and prevent double bookings simply by syncing your calendar with other third-party calendars. 

How can you do that? Well, you’ll need to import and export your calendars.

Learn how Airbnb calendar sync works with our step-by-step guide.

How Calendar Works

The calendar lets you manage your property’s availability and bookings. You can mark dates as available or unavailable, block off time for maintenance or personal use, and see details about upcoming reservations like guest names and check-in dates. 

But, if you’ve listed your place on other sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, there could be overlapping bookings if you don’t sync those calendars. 

To double-bookings, import bookings from those sites and export your reservations and blocked dates. It’s smart to do both to save yourself from manually blocking off dates in each calendar. Import Calendar (Instructions)

You can import a calendar from platforms like Airbnb into your using a URL. 

Start by getting the link from the platform whose calendar you want to add. Then, just follow these steps to add it to

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Select “Rates & Availability”, then click on “Calendar” or just click “Calendar & Pricing”, this depends on your dashboard
  3. Choose “Sync Calendars”
  4. Click on “Add Calendar Connection” and paste the link from the third-party calendar you want to import reservations from 
  5. Give the connection a name, like “Vrbo” if you’re connecting to Vrbo, and then click “Next step”
  6. Choose to “Skip Export” if you don’t want to export the URL right now (you can always export your calendar by clicking “Complete Set-up” on the “Sync Calendars” page)
  7. Go back to the Extranet and select “Done”

While the connection is setting up, you’ll see the “Activating” status. Once your calendars are synced, it’ll change to “OK”. You can always check your calendar connections overview on the “Sync Calendars” page. Export Calendar (Instructions)

  1. Log in to the Extranet.
  2. Go to “Rates & Availability”, then “Calendar” (or “Calendar & Pricing”)
  3. Click “Sync Calendars”
  4. Choose “Add Calendar Connection”, then scroll down and select “Skip This Step”
  5. Click on “Copy Link” and paste it into the relevant field on your third-party calendar, like Vrbo’s syncing page
  6. Under Export options, choose whether to export only your booked dates or both booked and closed dates 
  7. Return to the Extranet and click “Done”

How to Find Calendar URL 

Your unique calendar link is always available to you. To find your link, just follow the steps for exporting the calendar. 

Let’s go over it again:

  1. Select “Rates & Availability” then “Calendar” on your dashboard (or “Calendar & Pricing”)
  2. Choose “Sync Calendar”
  3. Select “Add Calendar Connection” and then click on “Skip This Step”
  4. There you’ll find the calendar URL

Refreshing Your Connected Calendar will automatically import synced calendars, but you can also manually sync them by selecting “Import now.” To stop syncing and remove an imported calendar, click “Remove.”

If you’re using a channel manager for calendar sync, you’ll typically find an option like “Sync Now” to refresh it immediately.

How to Keep Your Calendars in Sync

To sync your calendars, you need to establish a two-way sync between the platforms. You can do this in three different ways:

Manually Updating Your Calendars

First up is updating the calendars manually. However, this is not the most popular choice since it takes time and can be a hassle.

How to Sync Your Airbnb and Vrbo Calendars

Before you approve a new booking, you’ll need to go to other calendars, check the availability, update the calendar, and block dates.

But, if you don’t mind all the work, it can still do the trick and keep your calendars in sync.

Using iCal Sync

iCalendar (or iCal) is a computer file format for storing calendar information. It’s supported by all the major listing sites, including, Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia. Their iCal URL is actually the link you copy and paste when you want to sync the calendars.

Syncing your vacation rental calendars with iCal is simple. Just export and import the calendars into each other and you’ll set up a two-way sync.

We’ve already explained how to export and import iCal URLs, and you can also check out how to do the same for Airbnb and Vrbo: 

Would you like to know more about how syncing works? Then, go to our in-depth guide on syncing vacation rental calendars.

Using a Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Using vacation rental software is the simplest way to sync your vacation rental calendars. If you already have one, then how you’ll sync your calendars should be an easy choice.

In the channel manager, you’ll find an option to sync your availability across all channels. Even though the software does this automatically, you can always refresh it yourself. 

If you’re considering signing up for a channel manager, here are some of our top picks:

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There you have it. That’s all it takes to sync your calendars.

Just import from another platform to and export your link to the other platform. 

Be sure to double-check if the booked dates have synced correctly. 

If you have a channel manager or plan to sign up for a vacation rental platform, syncing will be even easier. 

Now, it’s your call to decide which syncing method suits you best.

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