Insurance: Partner Liability Insurance and More [2024]

While offers their own liability insurance to cover you, it has a lot of gaps. We broke down what you need to look for in a short-term rental insurance policy and the best insurance plans to cover your vacation rental property.

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Along with Airbnb and VRBO, is among the big players of online travel agencies (OTAs) and online hospitality marketplaces, and listing your property with them is sure to attract more guests.

But with more guest check-ins comes the increased risk of untoward incidents that might happen to your guests and your property.

In this article, we’ll break down how protects you and your property through their Partner Liability Insurance (PLI) program, and we’ll give you our top picks for the best insurance for your vacation rental property. 

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Why You Need An Insurance Policy for Your Property

As much as we try to prevent them, we have to accept the reality that accidents can happen to your property and your guests while they vacation at your property.

Rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, you need to take action to be prepared. As a vacation rental property owner or manager, your responsibility is to get an insurance policy. 

As you’ll find out below, while has its own Partner Liability Insurance plan for listed properties, it severely lacks complete blanket protection for you and your property.

You’ll need a supplemental insurance policy that comprehensively protects you more than what already offers.  

How Protects Property Owners and Managers has actually just recently begun to offer its Partner Liability Insurance (PLI) plan for property owners and managers.

You and your property are automatically enrolled at no additional cost once you list your home-like property with

The site has partnered with Zurich Insurance Group as their insurance underwriter to help protect you and your property against liability claims made against you. 

Base Offering

The Partner Liability Insurance can cover you against liability claims from third parties (guests, neighbors) for up to $1M for every reservation. So, say a guest gets injured during their stay with you that’s booked through—the PLI can cover the medical bills for you.

Primary Liability Coverage

If heaven forbid, a guest does make a claim against you, and you haven’t secured an additional insurance policy for your vacation rental property yet,’s PLI plan is your primary liability safety net. This gives you peace of mind that has your back.’s Partner Liability Insurance Limitations

Compared to other insurance offered by listing sites like AirCover for Hosts,’s PLI policy does fall short in a lot of aspects.

First off, it really just offers liability coverage without the bells and whistles that other insurance plans offer.

One example is how damage and/or harm caused by a pet (yours or your guests’) during their stay is not covered.

Here’s another example: let’s say you were doing inspections of your property, and you happened to be injured—this would not be covered under’s plan.

Another big con is that’s PLI does not insure your in-property amenities and furnishings (like bedding and furniture, appliances, and the like) nor off-property amenities (yachts, jet skis, hot tub, etc). 

Other significant exclusions include:

  • Health problems caused by asbestos and lead
  • Damage to your property
  • Damage to impaired property
  • Injury to cleaners or property caretakers
  • Damage caused by fungi or bacteria

Check out their full Policy Summary and FAQs to better understand what the policy does and does not cover.

What To Look For in a Insurance Plan

Now that you know that you need to have your vacation rental property holistically insured, here are several things you should find in short-term rental property insurance. 

Loss of Income

Just like for Airbnb and Vrbo, your property should be covered for loss of income.

Circumstances like sudden repairs and renovation can prevent your property from being rented out. Your insurance policy should cover lost income incurred during these times.

Property and Contents Insurance

One of the biggest limitations of’s Property Liability Insurance Plan is that they won’t cover any damages to your furnishings, bedding, furniture, and in-property amenities.

You’ll want to fill this gap with another insurance policy to ensure that costs for repairs or replacement of your property’s contents can be recouped. 

Liability Coverage

Every vacation rental property should have liability coverage. This way, you’re covered when—knock on wood—a guest finds themselves in an accident during their stay or when guests cause damage to a third party like a neighbor. 

Location-Specific Coverage

Some locations are more prone to floods, typhoons, earthquakes, and other catastrophes. You should look for an insurance plan that covers the damages incurred by natural disasters.

No Forced Entry Requirement for Damage or Theft

Most standard commercial and landlord policies require you to provide proof that your rental property was forcibly entered in the event of property damage or theft; you’ll want to find an insurance policy that won’t require this so you can be sure your property and its contents are covered.

Best Insurance For Vacation Rental Property

With the above in mind, you should seriously consider getting a supplemental insurance policy for your rental property. Here are some of the best vacation rental property insurance companies you should check out:

Proper Insurance

Our top-most pick is Proper Insurance, and for good reason.

Proper was founded with the very vision of tailoring policies to the unique needs of short-term rental properties like home-like stays listed with 

Proper Insurance - best insurance for vacation rentals

Proper gets its stellar reputation for their great customer service and the fact that you can customize your insurance policy according to exactly what you need.

It has aspects of homeowner, landlord, and commercial insurance policies that will comprehensively protect you and your property. 

Check out our full review of Proper Insurance and visit their site for a quote!


CBIZ vacation rental home page

CBIZ is one of the pioneers of short-term rental property insurance, and they have been in the business since 2002. With their stellar track record and great customer service, you can trust that they can provide you with your vacation rental property needs.

Check out their site here.


Foremost Insurance website -short-term rental insurance

Foremost is another great option for vacation rental property owners who do not live on the property they rent out. Aside from being able to customize your expanded landlord insurance policy with them, you can extend this same policy to multiple properties you own or manage.

Check out our full review of Foremost here

AllState HostAdvantage

AllState HostAdvantage is a solid affordable option. Though it has some limitations compared to Proper and Foremost, you can still use AllState to fill some gaps in the Partner Liability Insurance with pet liability coverage, amenities liability coverage, and property damage coverage.

Check our full review of AllState HostAdvantage here

Final Thoughts

While it’s great that offers Partner Liability Insurance to have your back, it’s not enough.

You’re better off looking for a supplemental insurance policy that fills all the gaps and comprehensively covers you and your property, like the one penned by Proper Insurance.

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