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Thinking of trying out DPGO for your vacation rental? We’re sharing our DPGO review to help you decide if it’s the right one for you!

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Ever considered how your vacation rental can remain competitive in a crowded market? The right pricing strategy is critical for the success of your rental business, and having a tool that provides this advantage is essential. This brings us to DPGO, a sophisticated solution aimed at transforming vacation rental operations. 

This DPGO review article explores the dynamic pricing and growth optimization features designed to improve occupancy rates and maximize rental income.

What is DPGO?

DPGO stands for Dynamic Pricing and Growth Optimization, software tailored for vacation rental management. It targets hosts, short-term rental managers, and vacation rental owners, offering a user-friendly and efficient tool. 

Powered by AI, DPGO analyzes over 200 market data parameters to enhance occupancy rates. Its features include dynamic pricing, growth performance tracking, real-time market data analysis, yield management, and benchmarking, alongside machine learning tools that provide daily pricing recommendations.

Created by real estate investors with a portfolio of over 20 properties in Canada, the US, and Europe, DPGO is built on firsthand experience of the Airbnb hosting challenges. This experience is supported by a team of leading Big Data engineers, ensuring the tool’s capabilities are at the forefront of the industry.

How Does It Work?

At its core, DPGO utilizes its Airbnb Dynamic Pricing tool to analyze market data and evaluate demand. This information allows for the adjustment of prices to keep your listing competitive. 

By integrating AI insights and deep learning technology, DPGO goes beyond standard pricing tools. It’s designed to process live data and forecast market trends, providing users with strategies to preempt market changes.

DPGO – AI-Driven Dynamic Pricing

The software’s predictive power is enhanced by deep learning, enabling it to refine its pricing recommendations with each data point it processes. This continuous improvement means users can anticipate and adapt to market dynamics, ensuring their properties are priced optimally to maximize both occupancy and revenue.

In essence, DPGO represents a significant advancement in vacation rental management technology, offering a set of tools that help navigate the complexities of dynamic pricing and market demand. Through its AI-based approach, it empowers users to manage their rental properties more effectively, achieving better market alignment and financial outcomes.

DPGO Key Features

Airbnb Dynamic Pricing

Deep Learning and Market Predictions

At the heart of DPGO’s Airbnb Dynamic Pricing tool lies its advanced deep learning capabilities. This technology enables DPGO to not just analyze current market data but to also predict future market trends with impressive accuracy.

For Airbnb hosts, this means having access to a tool that continuously evolves, using live data to refine and improve its pricing recommendations. 

With DPGO, hosts can set comprehensive pricing rules that cover every aspect of the Airbnb booking process, from setting baseline, maximum, and minimum prices to adjusting for seasonality and weekends. 

This approach allows for the establishment of a sophisticated pricing strategy that doesn’t require daily updates, yet remains responsive to market dynamics.

DPGO Pricing Menu

The DPGO Pricing Menu is designed to give hosts control over their pricing strategy. Here, you can input a baseline price and establish maximum and minimum price thresholds for your listing. This flexibility ensures that your rental remains competitively priced without the need for constant manual adjustments. 

The system evaluates over 200 market data points to generate these pricing recommendations, ensuring that your pricing strategy is backed by comprehensive market analysis.

Discounts Section

One of the standout features of DPGO is its Discounts Section. This allows hosts to incentivize longer stays or last-minute bookings by offering discounts. Hosts have the liberty to set the discount percentage and the applicable number of days before the booking.

For instance, you can specify a discount for stays longer than a week (seven nights) or for those extending beyond a month (28 nights). This customization ensures that the discounts you offer align with your business strategy and occupancy goals.

Weekend Adjustments

Weekends often bring higher demand for vacation rentals, and DPGO’s weekend adjustment feature allows hosts to capitalize on this. 

By setting weekend price adjustments, you can ensure your listing is priced optimally during these peak times, maximizing earnings without underselling your property’s potential.

Seasonality Adjustments and More

Beyond weekend pricing, DPGO offers seasonality adjustments to align your pricing with market demand fluctuations throughout the year. This feature ensures your rental remains competitive and profitable regardless of the season, adapting to market conditions to optimize occupancy and revenue.

Growth Performance

DPGO provides hosts with a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor and enhance their listing’s performance. The Overall Health Score offers a snapshot of your listing’s market competitiveness, while Listing Analytics dive deeper into performance metrics. 

Additionally, Market Data and Local Data Analysis provide insights into broader market trends and neighborhood-specific dynamics, respectively.

Market Intelligence and Competitor Analytics

A unique advantage of DPGO is its market intelligence and competitor analytics capabilities. Hosts can set a list of competitors to monitor, gaining access to valuable data on how their listings compare in terms of pricing, occupancy, and other key metrics. 

The platform’s analysis tools, including a map display and mobile device support, ensure that hosts can access critical information anytime, anywhere, making informed decisions to stay ahead in the competitive vacation rental market.


DPGO offers a transparent and straightforward pricing model designed to accommodate the diverse needs of vacation rental owners and managers. There are three main pricing options available:

  • Flat Fee: $18 per listing per month, providing a cost-effective solution for those with a stable number of bookings.
  • Flexible: 0.5% of the booked price, ideal for hosts seeking a cost that adjusts with their earnings.
  • Fixed: $1 per booked night, offering a predictable cost per booking.
  • Free 30-Day Trial: DPGO also provides a no-obligation, free 30-day trial, allowing potential users to explore its features and capabilities without financial commitment.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive suite of dynamic pricing and market analysis tools.
  • Flexible pricing options to suit various business models.
  • User-friendly interface with robust support and continuous updates.


  • Occasional software bugs, although the DPGO team is noted for their swift responses to issues, ensuring minimal disruption to users
  • Still very new and unproven

DPGO Alternatives

Compared to other tools, DPGO is still very new and unproven. We recommend choosing the following alternatives instead.

Among these, Wheelhouse, Beyond Pricing, and PriceLabs stand out for their distinctive approaches to pricing strategy and property management.


Wheelhouse is particularly noted for its dedication to enhancing dynamic pricing capabilities. This platform is an excellent choice for those who either don’t require a channel manager or are already equipped with one that seamlessly integrates with Wheelhouse. 

The platform’s ongoing commitment to introducing advanced features makes it a compelling option for users who place a high value on sophisticated dynamic pricing tools.

Head on over to our Wheelhouse review to find out more.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing takes a more holistic approach by offering a blend of vacation rental management software features alongside dynamic pricing solutions. Key offerings include channel management through Relay and a direct booking website builder named Signal. 

It’s crucial to recognize that leveraging the full potential of the website builder necessitates integration with a separate Property Management System (PMS). Despite this requirement, Beyond Pricing’s suite of tools is comprehensive and ever-expanding, providing a solid foundation for vacation rental management.

Check out our Beyond Pricing review to learn more.


PriceLabs distinguishes itself with a focus on customizable pricing strategies. The platform offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to tailor settings to their specific operational needs. 

Its emphasis on detailed market analytics and a wide array of customization options positions PriceLabs as the go-to choice for managers who prefer to take a hands-on approach to their pricing management strategy. 

The strength of PriceLabs lies in its ability to equip property managers with the insights needed for informed strategic decision-making, enabling the development of pricing strategies that are both responsive to market trends and reflective of individual business models.

Read our PriceLabs review to learn more.


For vacation rental owners and managers aiming for a more effective pricing strategy, DPGO offers a practical solution. 

Utilizing AI and deep learning to analyze market trends for real-time pricing adjustments, DPGO ensures properties are competitively priced to enhance occupancy and profitability. With a range of pricing options and dedicated customer support, it addresses issues quickly, minimizing any potential disruption. 

Given its comprehensive features and the minor inconvenience of software bugs, DPGO stands out as a user-friendly tool in vacation rental management. 

Despite all these, it’s no secret that DPGO is still very new and unproven. We recommend you try Wheelhouse or Beyond Pricing instead.

To assess DPGO’s capabilities in improving your rental business, consider trying the free 30-day trial.

If you’re still shopping around, look no further for we rounded up the best pricing tools in the market today.

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