Duvet vs Comforter — Why A Duvet Is Superior to a Comforter for Airbnb

Is a duvet set better for your guests or a comforter? We are taking the duvet’s side, and we’ll explain why we chose the fantastic duo over a comforter in this article!

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Guests grade their experience based on many different aspects, but one of the main ones is the quality of sleep they get at your Airbnb. When choosing the bedding for a short-term rental, hosts are usually torn between a duvet or a comforter. 

Should you choose a duvet or comforter for Airbnb? Our vote goes to the duvet, and we have a good reason why!

What Is a Duvet?

A duvet is a pillow-like cover filled with various natural or synthetic fillers. To continue with the pillow analogy, just as a pillow needs a pillowcase, a duvet insert is paired with a duvet cover.

Duvet on Airbnb bed
Bedsure Comforter Duvet Insert

What Is the Point of the Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover protects the duvet insert from getting dirty or stained. It especially comes in handy for Airbnb owners, since you won’t need to struggle with washing the bulky duvet—just wash the cover! Considering the duvet won’t need to endure the wear and tear of consistent washing, it will last longer.

Can You Use a Duvet Cover Without Insert?

Yes, you can! A duvet cover is perfect for light bed covering during the summer. It can give guests another option during hot days—in addition to a summer blanket or quilt.

Are Duvets Good for Summer?

They can be, but it depends on the filling. There’s a warmth rating scale (measured in togs) that shows how much warmth the duvet provides. It starts at a cool 1.5 tog to a super warm 15 tog. For less air insulation and a cooler feel during the summer months, choose a duvet with a rating between 2.5 tog and 4.5 tog.

What Is a Comforter?

A comforter is a quilted, top-most layer of bedding, usually stuffed with either down or down alternatives. The stitching keeps the fillers in place and provides breathability. You don’t need a cover for a comforter.

Beckham Hotel Collection All-Season Goose Down Alternative Comforter

How Often Do You Need to Wash the Airbnb Comforter?

Ideally, you should wash the comforter after each guest, along with all the other linens. You can buy a comforter that is machine-washable to avoid paying for cleaning each time. 

Are Duvets Fluffier Than a Comforter?

Duvets usually have more filling, so yes, they are generally fluffier than comforters. Comforters have that sewn-through pattern which keeps the stuffing in place but also makes the cover flatter. Duvets have stitching too, but it’s usually looser. 

Can You Put a Comforter in a Duvet Cover?

If you have a duvet cover that is similar in size and shape to your comforter, you can use them together. The duvet cover should be two inches (plus or minus) bigger in dimension. However, we recommend you stick to a duvet and duvet cover combo as they will fit better. 

Duvet vs Comforter—Which One is Better for Your Airbnb?

We recommend the duvet and duvet cover duo instead of a comforter. Unlike the comforter, the duvet won’t have physical contact with guests, which is more hygienic. Laundering a duvet cover between guests is much easier and more cost-effective than washing a comforter. Ultimately, that means that the duvet will last longer in an Airbnb.


Bedsure Solid Color Duvet Cover

Final Thoughts

The opinions about the controversial ‘what bedding cover to use’ topic are divided, but if you want bedding that’s easier to maintain, the duvet set is a clear choice. Keep this in mind when creating your bedroom checklist. If you still don’t know which to get and you have a considerable budget, buying both and giving your guests some options is also a valid choice. 

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