Expedia Calendar Sync: How to Import & Export Your Expedia Calendars

Our simple guide will show you how to import and export your Expedia calendars to them in sync with other booking sites.

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Ready to simplify your booking process? Syncing your Expedia calendar with other sites is the way to go.

Why bother? Well, it’s simple. It means smoother booking management and avoiding double bookings.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through Expedia calendar sync and show you different ways to keep all your calendars in sync. 

How Expedia Calendar Works

In your Expedia calendar, you can see all your upcoming reservations, block off dates for your own use or maintenance, and keep everything organized.

But what if you’re listing your place on different websites? 

Instead of bouncing back and forth between calendars whenever you get a new booking, you can sync your Expedia calendar with the others. This means when someone books through Expedia, it automatically updates your calendar everywhere else to show those dates as unavailable.

To make this happen, you can use a unique link that each property has called an iCalendar (iCal) link. 

But here’s the trick: for it to work smoothly, you have to set up two-way connectivity. That means you import calendars from sites like Airbnb and Booking.com into Expedia, and vice versa.  

Now, let’s walk you through how to set it all up.

Expedia Import Calendar (Instructions)

You need an Expedia Partner Central account to import or export a calendar and sync it with other platforms. 

If you already have that account, copy the link from another platform like Airbnb, and follow these steps to import it to Expedia:

  1. Log in to your Expedia Partner Central account
  2. Go to “Rooms and Rates” 
  3. Select “Room Types and Rate Planes”
  4. Click “Connect Calendars”
  5. Select the room or unit you would like to connect
  6. Paste the URL into the URL field

Expedia Export Calendar (Instructions)

  1. Log in to your Expedia Partner Central account
  2. Select “Rooms and Rates” 
  3. Click “Room Types and Rate Planes”
  4. Choose “Connect Calendars”
  5. Select the room or unit you would like to connect
  6. Go to the Export Expedia Group calendar section and click “Create Link”
  7. Copy the iCal link

Expedia Calendar Availability

You can keep track of when your rental is available on Expedia or in your channel manager if you’re using vacation rental manager software. This software gives you a bird’s eye view view of all your booked dates across different platforms.

If you’re not using this software, the easiest way to keep your availability current is by syncing your calendars. This ensures that your availability is updated everywhere at once.

How to Find Expedia Calendar URL

If you want to find your Expedia iCal link, just follow the same steps as for exporting your Expedia calendar.

Let’s revise them again:

  1. Click “Rooms and Rates” and then “Room Types and Rate Planes”
  2. Select “Connect Calendars”
  3. Click on the room you would like to connect
  4. Go to the Export Expedia Group calendar section, click “Create Link”, and there you have it

How to Keep Your Calendars in Sync

You can choose how you want to sync your calendars, and there are three methods you can use. 

Let’s take a closer look at each one. 

Manually Updating Your Calendars

This method can be time-consuming and demands some work, but it still works.

How to Sync Your Airbnb and Vrbo Calendars

To manually update calendars, you need to log into each platform, mark dates as unavailable if there were any changes, and then accept new bookings. That’s the only way you can prevent double bookings. 

Using iCal Sync

We’ve already covered the second method, and that’s importing and exporting calendars through iCal links. 

iCal format is supported by all the major booking sites, so you can easily set up two-way syncing between any of them.

You now know how to sync Expedia calendars, and in the following guides, you can find out how to do the same for Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo:

For a more in-depth explanation of how this works, go to our guide on syncing vacation rental calendars.

Using a Vacation Rental Channel Manager

There’s one more method and that’s syncing calendars through a vacation rental manager. You might already be familiar with these handy tools that streamline managing all your properties, but what you might not know is they can also help you sync calendars.

Within the channel manager, you’ll have the option to connect calendars from your booking sites. Once linked up, the software automatically updates your calendar whenever new bookings come in.

The benefit of opting for a channel manager instead of iCal is the instant updates. While some platforms might take their time to update the calendar, a channel manager keeps things up to speed.

You can head to our list of the best vacation rental channel managers to learn more about their features and explore our top picks, including:

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If you’re thinking of syncing your calendars through iCal, our guide will walk you through it step by step.

In case you decide to do it manually, here’s a tip: If your listing is on Airbnb, consider turning off the Instant Book option. Otherwise, it can cause chaos with your calendars.

And if you’re using a vacation rental manager, this decision is simple. Your channel manager can link all your calendars in minutes and keep them updated around the clock.

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