Foremost Short Term Rental Insurance Review [2024 Edition]

Shopping around is imperative when it comes to finding the right insurance for your short-term rental property. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s a review of Foremost’s policy offerings for your Airbnb or Vrbo.

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Owning a vacation rental can be a dream come true, but it’s not without risks. What if your property faces unexpected damages or legal issues?

Foremost Short Term Rental Insurance offers a solution tailored for Airbnb and vacation rental owners. Protect your investment and peace of mind with coverage that understands your unique needs.

Discover why Foremost stands out in the crowded market of short-term rental insurance.

Read on to learn how this insurance can be the safety net your rental property needs.

What To Look for in Short-Term Rental Insurance

Are you diving into the lucrative world of short-term rentals? Hold that thought.

Before you list your property, there’s a critical piece you need: Short-Term Rental Insurance.

It’s not just a safety net; it’s your peace of mind. But what should you look for in a policy? Let’s break it down.

Comprehensive Coverage

Imagine a scenario where a guest accidentally damages a valuable item in your rental. Comprehensive coverage is crucial. In case such mishaps happen, it will not financially burden you.

This coverage should also include liability protection, shielding you from the financial repercussions if a guest gets injured on your property.

Income Protection

Your rental income is vital. But what happens if an incident renders your property unrentable? This is where loss of income coverage becomes indispensable.

It ensures that you’re compensated for the income lost during such periods, maintaining your financial stability.


Every property is unique, and so are its insurance needs. Seek out policies that offer the flexibility to tailor coverage to your specific requirements.

You can avoid overpaying for unnecessary coverage or being underinsured for critical risks with this customization.

Support and Ease of Use

An efficient, hassle-free claims process is vital. In times of stress, you need an insurer who provides quick and supportive assistance. Additionally, 24/7 customer support is essential for addressing your concerns and emergencies outside regular business hours.


A company’s history can tell you a lot. Look for insurers with positive reviews and a strong reputation in the market.

Foremost Short Term Rental Insurance

When it comes to selecting the ideal short-term rental insurance, Foremost Insurance emerges as a top contender, especially when considering the key factors essential for comprehensive coverage.

Founded in 1952 in Michigan, Foremost Insurance was one of the pioneers of offering insurance coverages for mobile homes and cars.

They’ve gained a reputation for being one of the insurance companies open to those who aren’t able to qualify for getting a policy through other insurance carriers by tailoring their coverages for customers’ specific needs. 

Foremost Insurance logo -short-term rental insurance

Now part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, Foremost is one of the leading insurance underwriters for cars, small businesses, home and dwelling properties.

How Foremost Insurance Protects Your Vacation Rental

Foremost Insurance takes the concept of landlord insurance to the next level, especially for your vacation rental needs. Imagine having all the benefits of a standard Foremost Insurance landlord policy, then adding a layer of tailored options specifically designed for your short-term rental property. It’s like having a safety net, customized just for you.

Here’s an interesting twist for Vrbo property owners: as part of their landlord policy, Foremost stipulates that you, the owner, cannot occupy the property while renting it out. This aligns perfectly with the needs of many Vrbo owners who manage properties remotely.

Foremost doesn’t require that your primary residence be insured with them in order to insure your seasonal or secondary property (though they offer a discount if you have multiple policies with them).

One of the biggest pros of working with Foremost Insurance is that you can customize additional coverages with them (for an additional cost, of course). Here’s a bit more about what Foremost short-term rental insurance typically covers:

Standard Base Landlord Property Coverage

Foremost Insurance’s base coverage varies depending on the size and location of the property, but all of their landlord insurance plans include these features at a minimum:

  • Actual Cash Value
  • Agreed Loss Settlement
  • Comprehensive Property Coverage
  • Optional Replacement Cost
  • Liability Coverage
  • Extended Replacement Cost

Loss of Income

This additional coverage protects you and makes sure that your business and property in the unexpected circumstance that you aren’t able to rent out your property while it’s undergoing damage repair and renovation, or if there’s nearby construction, and more.

Named Perils Coverage

This means that your property is protected from the damage done by natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes.

Make sure to read the fine print though; the reason it’s called “named perils” is that you’re only covered by the calamities and circumstances explicitly set out on the insurance policy.

You have the option to include extra perils like water damage from drainage problems, fire, hail, explosion damage, and the like (again, at additional cost).

Coverage on Multiple Properties

Another great perk from Foremost Insurance is that you can apply a single expanded landlord policy on multiple vacation and short-term rentals that you own and/or manage.

Final Thoughts

It’s important that you take a good look at what you and your vacation rental property need when you’re looking around for which insurance policy to get.

Foremost Insurance offers a great option for those not occupying their short-term rental, especially when you also want several of your properties covered by a single insurance plan.

An augmented homeowners policy like the one offered by Allstate HostAdvantage might work for some, especially those who want to live within the property they’re renting out; or you could be seeking a comprehensive, tailored premium insurance plan like those from Proper Insurance.

Whatever it is, make sure you read the specifics so you can relax knowing that your insurance plan has got you covered.

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