Hospitable (Smartbnb) vs iGMS: Property Management Software Showdown [2024]

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Hospitable and iGMS are robust vacation rental management software with equal potential to elevate your rental business. How to choose between the two? That’s what we’ll help you figure out in this Hospitable (Smartbnb) vs iGMS comparison.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these platforms and dissecting their features and pricing, you’ll be empowered to choose the software that best suits your specific needs. Even if neither of the two rises to the task, don’t fret—we’ll also provide you with a list of alternatives.

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Hospitable vs iGMS: An Overview

As a platform that was initially created for streamlining communication with guests, Hospitable (formerly Smartbnb) provides next-level messaging automation. Besides AI question detection, personalized messaging, and advanced review management, this all-in-one vacation rental software also includes a channel manager, pricing synchronization, a direct bookings website, and other essential functionalities. 

iGMS (formerly AirGMS) aims to centralize short-term rental management with its powerful and all-encompassing set of features. This intuitive platform delivers a channel manager, unified inbox, website builder,  team management, automation tools, and guest communication productivity tracking. 


Plans start at $29/mo Plans start at $30/mo
Calculate your costCalculate your cost
Free TrialFree Trial
14 days14 days

Winner: Hospitable 

Hospitable’s pricing is based on the number of properties you manage, starting at $29/month for up to 2 properties, and most core features are included straight away. After the initial 2 units, you’ll pay only for properties with check-ins.

iGMS has a three-tiered pricing structure. The basic plan starts at $30/property/month (or $19/property/month for annual billing), but it’s limited to 4 properties and only supports Airbnb. This plan also lacks certain features like automated reviews, revenue management, and owner access.

For multi-channel management, iGMS recommends the Flex plan at $1/night booked with a minimum of $20/property/month, or the Pro plan (their most popular option) at $27/property/month when billed annually. For a property portfolio with over 30 properties, you’ll need to request a custom quote. 

Hospitable and iGMS offer a 14-day free trial and have comparable pricing, but Hospitable has a slight advantage with its straightforward, all-inclusive package.


✅ Multi Calendar✅ Multi Calendar
Oversee and manage all your bookings from a single calendarOversee and manage all your bookings from a single calendar
✅ Unified Inbox✅ Unified Inbox
Access and reply to all messages from a unified inbox Access and reply to all messages from a unified inbox 
✅ Channel Manager✅ Channel Manager
Integrate with vacation rental channels and sync reservation data and availabilities – Airbnb, Booking.com, VrboIntegrate with vacation rental channels and sync reservation data and availabilities – Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, Airbnb, HomeAway, and more
✅ Booking Website Builder✅ Booking Website Builder
Build a website for direct bookings and paymentsBuild a website for direct bookings and payments
✅ Owner Portal✅ Owner Portal
Keep owners in the loop with owner statements and reports Keep owners in the loop with owner statements and reports 
❌ Accounting Features✅ Accounting Features
No integrated accounting features, but you can export financial reportsCollect and analyze financial data like income, expenses, and payments (doesn’t integrate with Quickbooks)
✅ Automation Tools✅ Automation Tools
Automate guest responses, reviews, and other repetitive tasksAutomate guest responses, reviews, and other repetitive tasks
✅ Task Management✅ Task Management
Coordinate your team and assign them tasks automaticallyCoordinate your team and assign them tasks automatically
❌ Revenue Management✅ Revenue Management
Provides a pricing sync featureReplaces dynamic pricing tools with integrated revenue management functionality
✅ Open API✅ Open API
Create custom integrationsCreate custom integrations

Winner: iGMS

Hospitable stands out with its impressive machine-learning messaging system, which mimics human responses and learns from example questions so it can reportedly cover 90% of guest communication. While iGMS lacks this AI feature, it offers automated messaging based on time triggers and a messaging timeline for scheduling tailored responses. 

On the other hand, iGMS excels in providing built-in revenue management, accounting tools, and advanced reporting features. These functionalities can make iGMS a valuable choice for property managers seeking consolidated software solutions.

While both Hospitable and iGMS have their unique strengths, iGMS gains an advantage with its robust built-in functionalities, making it the preferred choice over Hospitable, whose primary strength lies in communication capabilities.

Customer Support

4.8 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email and live chat4.5 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email, live chat, and phone

Winner: Hospitable

Hospitable’s high rating serves as proof of the outstanding performance of its support team. Reviewers describe the service as prompt, on point, and helpful. iGMS also receives positive reviews overall, but there are a few isolated negative experiences.

Conclusion – Hospitable or iGMS?

When faced with the decision between these two impressive platforms, it is important to consider your specific business goals and needs. 

Hospitable shines with its effective communication automation and all-inclusive features, so it can be an excellent choice for small rental owners and property managers looking for comprehensive value. 

iGMS may be more suitable for growing businesses or managers with a larger portfolio of units, as they can benefit from its consolidated financial functionalities.

Ultimately, the choice depends on how you envision running your rental business and what aspects you prioritize. Whether it’s advanced reporting or smart communication, both platforms offer great features that can truly transform your short-term rental business.

Alternatives to Hospitable and iGMS

By taking the time to explore other software alternatives, you can ensure that no stone is left unturned in your search for the perfect solution. We would recommend checking out Uplisting, a highly-regarded platform that holds first place on our list of top recommendations

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In addition to Uplisting, we would also advise looking into popular solutions such as Smoobu, Guesty, OwnerRez, and HostHub. If you wish to know how Hospitable compares to these platforms as well as other sought-after rental management software, make sure to check out our list of Hospitable alternatives.

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