Top 9 Best Hosthub (Syncbnb) Alternatives in 2024

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Primarily a dedicated vacation rental calendar synchronization tool, Hosthub (formerly Syncbnb) was founded with the very goal of seamlessly syncing the booking calendars of vacation rental listings across multiple channels. When it comes to this feature, Hosthub is among the best compared to other vacation rental management software out there, and with their “Zero Double-Booking Guarantee,” you can be sure that even if you place your property on multiple listing sites, you’ll never have any problems.

But the strength Hosthub has in calendar syncing falls a bit short in their other vacation rental management software features. With that in mind, here are the best Hosthub alternatives today:

There are many, many more vacation rental management software platforms than this, but these are some of the most popular on the market. Aside from these, we’ve also included some alternatives that didn’t make our list if you want to compare even more options.

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Uplisting vs Hosthub - Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Uplisting is a premium, comprehensive vacation rental management platform. They are quickly growing in popularity due to their focus on usability, reliability, and excellent customer support. They’re our top pick overall if you’re looking for the best vacation rental management software.

  • Higher Price – Uplisting comes with a premium price tag, and starts at $100/mo for up to 5 properties.
  • Better Customer Service – Uplisting has virtually no negative reviews. They are committed to making their customers happy, and they’re responsive to feedback (which they use to inform their frequent new feature releases).
  • Limited Website Builder – Uplisting just has 1 template, and it’s not customizable. That said, their direct booking website template is clean, modern, and optimized for bookings.

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OwnerRez vs Hosthub

Owner Reservations (OwnerRez) Vacation Rental Website Builder - Homepage

OwnerRez is a robust platform built for property managers. If you have multiple properties to manage, OwnerRez can offer great value for the price.

  • Flexible Pricing – OwnerRez has flexible pricing (only pay for the features you want). Depending on the features you want, you can get better value for their mid-range pricing.
  • Better Customer Support – The customer support from OwnerRez is outstanding. It’s one of the reasons they’ve been able to grow such a committed, satisfied user base.
  • Similar Management Features – Both platforms share many similar features – Property Management, guest automation, and Channel Management, etc. OwnerRez also has a Quickbooks Accounting Integration, and a robust Owner Commission Statements and Payouts feature.

Visit or head on to our OwnerRez review posts to learn more.

iGMS vs Hosthub

iGMS is a comprehensive vacation rental management software platform. They also have a flexible pricing plan, where you just pay $1/booking. Overall, iGMS is a solid alternative to Hosthub.

  • Similar Price Range – iGMS starts at $20/property/mo. But they also have a flexible entry-level pricing option.
  • Similar Feature Set – Hosthub and iGMS both have similar features, though iGMS one-ups Hosthub with having a website builder and booking widgets to go on your vacation rental website, while this feature is an add-on on Hosthub.
  • Similar Reviews – Hosthub scores a tad bit higher in customer support than iGMS, though both share the same reputation in both customer service and ease of use.

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Smoobu vs Hosthub

Smoobu is an all-in-one vacation rental software. They are a bit more expensive than Hosthub. While Smoobu has good support generally, they’ve received their fair share of complaints about customer support not being knowledgeable enough to help, and delayed response times. 

  • Tad Bit More Expensive – Smoobu offers a slightly higher price thanHosthub. If you manage more than 20 properties, you’ll need to request a price quote.
  • More Feature Set – Smoobu has a native website builder and dedicated owner management and reporting portals on their platform, something that Hosthub lacks.
  • Digital Guest Guide – Smoobu has a feature that allows you to create personalized digital guidebooks for your guests with the information they need for their stay.

Visit to learn more.

Lodgify vs Hosthub

Lodgify Vacation Rental Website Builder - Homepage

Lodgify is a popular property management software known for its easy-to-use channel manager and direct booking website builder. The growing set of convenient features for hosts and property managers, including basic accounting featuresautomation tools, and task management.

  • Higher Price – Lodgify sits on the mid-range pricing for vacation rental management software with their minimum plan starting at $32/month.
  • Bad Customer Support Reputation – There have been a few complaints about Lodgify’s customer service which has taken a bad hit on their ratings.

Visit to learn more.

Tokeet vs Hosthub

Tokeet Vacation Rental Website Builder

Tokeet is very similar to Hosthub in features with a slightly lower price. They take a spot in one of the best vacation rental website builders out. While they are a solid alternative to Hosthub, they do rate lower in customer service.

  • Similar Lower Price Range – Tokeet is one of the more affordable vacation rental management software options.
  • Similar Features (including Website Builder) – While both share a lot of the basic features of a rental management platform, some of Tokeet’s features (electronic signatures, guest messaging automation, etc.), are packaged as separate products, which require an additional subscription.
  • Worse Customer Support – Tokeet has plenty of positive reviews, but there are enough negative ones to make the trend hard to ignore.

Visit and our Tokeet overview here.

Hospitable vs Hosthub

Hospitable (formerly Smartbnb) was built for guest messaging automation, and they do an excellent job at it. They’ve recently added several features like direct bookings and task management, making them a viable option if you’re looking for a replacement for Hosthub.

  • Mid-range Pricing – Hospitable starts at $29/mo for 2 properties.
  • Newer Features – Hospitable has excellent automation and channel management features, but some of their newer features are still working out the kinks.

Visit to learn more.

Hostaway vs Hosthub

Hostaway offers more advanced features and integrations than Hosthub, and might be a better fit if you’re managing lots of properties. Their support and onboarding are personalized, so to get started, you’ll need to request a demo and get customized pricing.

  • Premium pricing – Hostaway pricing plans are customized and start at $100/mo.
  • Better customer support – Hostaway has glowing reviews for their customer support and onboarding process.
  • No free trial – They don’t offer a free trial like Hosthub, and instead, you’ll need to request a demo and go through a personalized onboarding process.

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Guesty vs Hosthub

Guesty is a full-service software solution for larger, established vacation rental property management companies. In 2021, Guesty acquired Your Porter App and turned it into Guesty for Hosts, which is a more affordable option for hosts with up to 3 properties.

  • Higher price – Guesty is one of the more expensive vacation rental software platforms on the market. Guesty pricing plans are customized and require a quote.
  • Similar customer support reputation– Both Hosthub and Guesty have their fair share of negative reviews but Hosthub tends to score a bit higher on ratings.
  • No free trial – Guesty doesn’t offer a free trial like Hosthub’s 14-day trial. You’ll need to request a demo and go through a personalized onboarding process unless you have 1-3 properties, in which case you can sign up for Guesty for Hosts (formerly Your Porter App).

Visit to learn more. Or visit Guesty for Hosts, if you manage 1-3 properties.

Other Alternatives

Aside from these platforms, there are many, many more options you could look into. Here are a few that almost made our list, and are worth a look if you want to compare more options.

  • Hostfully – Hostfully is comparable to many of the options on our list, with a comprehensive feature set including channel management, direct bookings, and guest messaging automation. They don’t offer a free trial, but you can request a demo. Their $400 setup fee is waived with an annual subscription. Use code EGNTNJ494 for $100 off your Hostfully subscription.
  • Lodgix – If you’re familiar with WordPress development, Lodgix is an option that might be a good fit for you.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of more Hosthub alternatives: Rentals United, Streamline VRS, Cloudbeds, Kigo, LiveRez, Escapia, Avantio, Reservation Key, Barefoot, Bookerville, ResNexus, Host Tools, Hometime, Eviivo, Ciirus, Your Rentals, Booking Sync, MyVR, Booking Automation, Bookster, Fantastic Stay (Vreasy), Hostify, and literally hundreds more.

Other Website Builders

If you’re just looking for a way to create a website for your vacation rental (and you don’t need direct bookings or vacation rental property management software), you can use a more general website builder like Squarespace or Wix.

Summary & Recommendations

Uplisting and OwnerRez are usually at the top of our recommendations if you’re looking for a Hosthub alternative.

For more recommendations, check out our review of the best property management software platforms, as well as our software comparison spreadsheet.

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