Our Hosthub Review: Is It Right For You? [2024]

Discover Hosthub's full potential. Dive into our review for a comprehensive look at its pros, cons, and standout features.

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Hosthub (formerly Syncbnb) is an all-in-one property management software best known for its channel manager and calendar synchronization. With Hosthub, you get a zero double booking guarantee, use advanced AI technology for your business, and automated messaging.

In this post, we’re going over the main features, pricing plans, and our overall Hosthub review, so you can see if Hosthub would be a good fit for you.

What is Hosthub?

Born with a vision of simplifying property management, Hosthub has been a trusted partner for vacation rental hosts since it was launched in 2018; formerly, it was Syncbnb. Over the years, it has evolved into a powerhouse of innovation, adapting to the dynamic needs of property owners and managers.

Let’s unravel the magic of Hosthub, highlighting some of the standout features that make it a leader in the vacation rental software industry:

Hosthub Features

  • Availability & Rate Sync It simplifies the critical tasks of keeping your property listings accurate across multiple booking platforms. With Hosthub, you can effortlessly synchronize availability and rates, ensuring that your property information is consistent and providing peace of mind for both you and your guests.
  • Expense Management Streamlines expense tracking and management, helping you maintain a clear and organized financial overview of your rental properties. This feature makes it easier for you to keep control of your expenses, allowing for better financial decision-making.
  • Automated Messaging Designed to enhance guest communication, you can automate pre- and post-stay messages, ensuring that you never miss a guest message or request.
  • Reports and Charts It provides insightful reports and charts to help you make data-driven decisions. These tools offer a deeper understanding of your property’s performance, from revenue trends to occupancy rates.
  • Team Access Collaborative property management is made easy with Hosthub’s team access feature. You can grant your team members the necessary access to manage tasks, reservations, and guest interactions, ensuring seamless teamwork and efficient property management.
  • Supported Channels It supports listings on multiple booking channels, extending your reach to a broader audience of potential guests. This enables you to maximize your property’s visibility and booking potential.
  • Real-time Sync Real-time data synchronization ensures that any changes made to your property listings are instantly updated across all platforms.
  • Zero Double Booking Their robust system eliminates the risk of overlapping reservations, enhancing your property’s reputation for reliability and preventing guest disappointment.
  • Easy Setup Getting started with Hosthub is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly setup process. You can quickly and effortlessly configure your property listings, making onboarding a hassle-free experience for new users.
  • Advanced AI Technology From dynamic pricing strategies to predicting maintenance requirements, their AI tools help you make informed decisions that maximize your property’s profitability and guest satisfaction.

But there’s one more thing that sets Hosthub apart. Their Website Builder and Booking Engine are still separate products, which is unique compared to most PMS platforms. This means you can have a beautifully designed website for your rental properties, along with a powerful booking engine that’s easy for your guests to use.

Let’s zoom in on some of Hosthub’s most remarkable features.

Channel Manager

Hosthub excels in channel management with over 200 integrated booking channels, expanding your guest reach. They are committed to accuracy and offer a guarantee that there won’t be double bookings. If such a rare situation happens, Hosthub takes it seriously and compensates, boosting your confidence as a property manager and ensuring your guests have a seamless experience.

Calendar Synchronization

When it was founded as Syncbnb, it was established with a singular mission: to perfect calendar synchronization. When you choose Hosthub, you benefit from their zero double booking guarantee, eliminating the anxiety associated with double bookings and providing assurance to both you and your guests. Moreover, Hosthub ensures your rates are consistently synchronized across all platforms, ensuring precise and up-to-date pricing for your rental properties.

Hosthub Pricing

Hosthub offers a single plan for property management, priced at $20 USD per month for one property; but you can calculate your own price based on the number of properties you manage! This plan includes their top-rated channel manager and a full suite of property management tools.

If you opt for annual billing, you’ll get a 20% discount and gain access to features like managing up to 10 active channels, two-way synchronization with all channels, near real-time sync, 24/7 support, and more!

They also offer a 14-day free trial and a demo to help you decide if Hosthub is the right choice for your needs. For property managers with over 100 properties, they encourage reaching out for customized pricing options.

Hosthub Alternatives

If you’re considering other platforms, we rounded up the best Hosthub alternatives on the market to help you explore other vacation rental software options. Find the one that perfectly aligns with your unique needs by also checking out our review of the best vacation rental channel managers.

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Is Hosthub the Right Choice for You? Our Verdict

In a nutshell, Hosthub shines as an exceptional solution for vacation rental hosts and property managers. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set, and flexible pricing options make it a standout in the vacation rental software realm.

Hosthub Pros

  • Effortless Setup: Hosthub makes getting started a breeze with a simple and user-friendly setup process.
  • Double Booking Prevention: The system is equipped to link all your rentals, ensuring that double bookings become a thing of the past.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Hosthub offers excellent customer service to assist you whenever you need support.

Hosthub Cons

  • Challenging VRBO Integrations: While Hosthub offers great features, integrating with VRBO may be a bit more complex, and improvements in this area could enhance the user experience.
  • Manual Block Automation: It would be a valuable addition if manual blocks from other channels could be automatically synchronized, streamlining the property management process even further.

Our recommendation? Dive into Hosthub with their free trial and witness how it can streamline your vacation rental management, eliminate double bookings, and elevate your guest communication. For deeper insights and a well-informed decision, check out our review of the best software. Give it a go and see if it’s right for your hosting needs!

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