Hosthub (Syncbnb) vs Guesty: Which Vacation Rental Software is Best for You? [2024]

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With the rise in popularity of platforms like Airbnb and, managing multiple listings has become a top priority for hosts. That’s where Hostbnb and Guesty come into play with their comprehensive management solutions tailored to the needs of the industry. But which one is the better choice for your business? 

In this post, we dive into the intricacies of Hosthub (Syncbnb) vs. Guesty and examine their features, integrations, pricing, and advantages. So, whether you’re a seasoned host or just dipping your toes into the world of vacation rentals, read on to discover the ideal platform to streamline your operations.

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Hosthub vs Guesty: An Overview

Hosthub is designed to simplify property management, automate tasks, and enhance guest experiences. What makes this software stand out is that its channel manager synchronizes listings across over 200 channels while providing the added assurance of a Zero Double Booking Guarantee. Additional useful features are automated messages, rate synchronization, and reporting.

Guesty is one of the top-rated channel managers in the short-term rental industry. It has an incredibly intuitive dashboard backed up with powerful features, such as automation, a website builder, a centralized calendar, multi-unit management, accounting tools, and revenue management, making this an end-to-end solution for hosts. Our Guesty review holds more information about this powerful tool.


Plans start at $25/moCustom pricing
Calculate your costGet a quote
Free Trial No Free Trial
14 daysDemo available

Winner: Tie

Hosthub has a volume discount, so the more properties you manage, the less you pay per property. For a single rental, the cost is $25/month. For two properties, the price lowers to $20/month/property, and for 50 properties, for example, the price is slashed to only $9.70/month/property. This pricing is for monthly subscriptions, and when billed annually, you’ll get a 20% discount. 

Hosthub also offers an off-season mode that you can take advantage of twice a year, allowing you to pay only $3/month for seasonal properties.

Certain Hosthub features come at an additional cost, such as a website builder available for a flat fee of $799, a revenue booster priced at $75/property/channel, and a booking engine available for an additional $399.

Guesty’s pricing structure is quite different, as you need to request a custom quote. They also charge a setup fee which includes the benefit of onboarding support for 6 weeks.

While Hosthub allows users to test out the platform during the 14-day free trial, Guesty solely provides a free demo. 

Comparing the two options is difficult as they have completely different pricing structures. While Hosthub does offer an affordable monthly fee, we can’t overlook the pricey website builder add-on which comes included in Guesty’s package. Overall, which software is more affordable depends on your needs and the number of properties you manage.


✅ Multi Calendar✅ Multi Calendar
Oversee and handle all bookings from a single calendarOversee and handle all bookings from a single calendar
❌Unified Inbox✅ Unified Inbox
No unified inbox featureRead, reply, and organize all messages from a central inbox (booking sites, email, SMS, WhatsApp)
✅ Channel Manager✅ Channel Manager
Synchronize bookings and property information across numerous channels, like  Airbnb,, Vrbo, Expedia, Agoda, and moreSynchronize bookings and property information across numerous channels, like Airbnb, Vrbo,, Agoda, and more
✅ Booking Website Builder✅ Booking Website Builder
Available, but as an add-onCreate a direct booking website 
✅ Owner Portal✅ Owner Portal
Keep property owners in the loop with owner statements and reportsKeep property owners in the loop with owner statements and reports
❌ Accounting Features✅ Accounting Features
Integrates with accounting toolsKeep track of income and payments, and connect directly with Quickbooks
✅ Automation Tools✅ Automation Tools
Automate guest messages onlyAutomate guest messages, notifications, reminders, reviews, and more
❌ Task Management✅ Task Management
Integrates with task management tools as an alternativeOrganize your team and assign tasks automatically based on triggers, like check-ins and check-outs 
❌ Revenue Management✅Revenue Management
Provides rate sync featureEliminates the need for a dynamic pricing tool with its built-in revenue management tool
✅ Open API✅ Open API
Create custom integrationsCreate custom integrations

Winner: Guesty

Guesty is, without a doubt, the more robust platform of the two. Some of the useful features for managing a rental business that Guesty provides and Hosthub lacks are the unified inbox, task management, multi-unit management, and accounting tools. 

Guesty also surpasses Hosthub in automation capabilities as it offers a broader range of automation options. On top of that, Hosthub requires an additional payment for a website builder, which Guesty provides as a part of the package.

A feature unique to Hosthub is Rental Relations. This functionality simplifies the management of entire houses and individual rooms within the same property by automatically blocking booked rooms or the entire house and ensures availability for other rooms when only one is booked.

Customer Support

4.7 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email and live chat4.3 Custom Support rating on Capterra – Email, phone, and live chat

Winner: Hosthub

Hosthub has an excellent customer service rating, with predominantly positive reviews from satisfied users. Guesty also receives mainly positive feedback regarding its support, but there are a few negative impressions. It’s worth noting that Guesty has a significantly larger number of reviews compared to HostHub.

Conclusion – Hosthub or Guesty?

Even though there are notable differences between these two platforms, there isn’t a superior choice. Instead, let’s focus on the advantages that could define whether Hosthub or Guesty is more suited for your needs.

Hosthub can be a cost-effective option if you run a small rental business, require fewer property management tools, and already have a direct bookings website. Owners with a couple of properties can leverage useful functionalities like off-season mode and Rental Relations to maximize their efficiency.

On the other hand, Guesty may be the preferred choice for those seeking a robust platform with comprehensive solutions, particularly suited for medium and large rental businesses. If you like the features of Guesty but manage just a few properties, consider exploring Guesty for Hosts, which we explain in detail in our comparison of Guesty vs Guesty for Hosts.

Alternatives to Hosthub and Guesty

When it comes to other well-known software for rental management, our top selection is Uplisting

Uplisting is the best vacation rental management software in our book since it provides an all-in-one solution, and its customer support is unparalleled. 

Compare the best vacation rental software platforms with our free spreadsheet.

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Besides uplisting, we would also recommend considering OwnerRez, Smoobu, HostHub, and Lodgify.

Browsing through our detailed list of Guesty alternatives if you wish to learn more about tools that can match Guesty’s comprehensiveness.

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