iGMS Review — Features, Pricing, and Reviews [2024]

Curious about iGMS as property management software? Dive into our review, uncovering pros, cons, and standout features!

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If you’re a vacation rental host or property manager, you’re likely juggling a multitude of tasks, from guest bookings to property maintenance. In the digital age, there’s a software solution for almost everything, and one such tool that promises to simplify the management of your vacation rental properties is iGMS. 

In this comprehensive iGMS review, we’ll delve into the features, pricing, and what users are saying about iGMS.

What is iGMS?

iGMS, short for “iGuests Management System,” is a comprehensive vacation rental management software designed to streamline the operations of hosts and property managers.

Key Features

iGMS boasts a wide range of features aimed at simplifying the lives of vacation rental hosts:

  1. Multi-Platform Synchronization –  One of the standout features of iGMS is its ability to centralize property management across multiple platforms. You can manage listings, bookings, and messages from various channels in one place, reducing the risk of double bookings and the hassle of navigating different interfaces.
  2. Automated Messaging Save time and enhance guest communication by automating messages. From booking confirmations to check-out instructions, iGMS allows you to schedule messages and personalize them for each guest, maintaining a personal touch even in a digital environment.
  3. Cleaning and Maintenance Management Ensuring your property is always in top-notch condition is essential for guest satisfaction. iGMS offers tools to schedule cleanings, maintenance, and inspections seamlessly. Stay on top of property upkeep without the stress of manual coordination.
  4. Channel Manager Managing property availability and rates across multiple platforms can be a daunting task. iGMS’ channel manager simplifies this process, helping you avoid double bookings and pricing inconsistencies. It ensures your listings are always up to date, saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.
  5. Website Builder – iGMS’ website builder is a valuable tool for hosts, allowing you to effortlessly create a customized website to showcase your vacation rental property. This feature can enhance your online presence and make it easier to attract potential guests and direct bookings.
  6. Direct Booking Management Toolset – iGMS’ Direct Booking Management Toolset empowers hosts with features like centralized communication, automated messaging, and custom booking websites. This toolset offers hosts greater control and flexibility in attracting and managing guests who made direct bookings.
  7. Guest Reviews – Monitoring and responding to guest reviews is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation. iGMS provides a platform to track and respond to reviews promptly. Positive reviews can boost your property’s visibility and reputation, attracting more guests in the long run.
  8. Financial Reports –  Keeping track of your vacation rental’s finances is made easier with iGMS. It offers detailed reports on earnings, expenses, and occupancy rates. Having a clear view of your financial performance can aid in making informed decisions to maximize your property’s profitability.
  9. Mobile App – As a busy host or property manager, you’re constantly on the move. iGMS offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to manage your properties anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re responding to inquiries or checking on cleaning schedules, the mobile app keeps you connected and in control.


Pricing is often a critical factor when considering software solutions for your vacation rental business. iGMS offers a transparent pricing model tailored to different needs:

  • Basic Plan: This plan is ideal for hosts managing a small number of properties. Pricing starts at $12 per month per property. While it offers essential features, it may be limited for those with larger portfolios.
  • Pro Plan: For hosts with more extensive portfolios and a need for advanced features, the Pro Plan offers a robust solution. Pricing for this plan is available upon request, allowing for flexibility based on your specific requirements.
  • Enterprise Plan: Property management companies and large-scale hosts with complex needs can opt for the Enterprise Plan. It provides customized solutions tailored to your unique challenges. To get a quote for this plan, you can contact iGMS directly.

iGMS offers unique pricing options compared to its competitors. Their “Lite” and “Flex” plans provide flexible, entry-level pricing choices. In fact, when considering the “Lite” plan, iGMS can be quite budget-friendly. its features and efficiency can make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to scale their vacation rental business. The choice of plan ultimately depends on the size of your portfolio and your specific needs. 

Check out the iGMS pricing page to calculate your pricing. 

iGMS User Reviews

To gain a better understanding of iGMS’ real-world performance, we turned to user reviews on various platforms:

Online reviews for iGMS generally highlight its user-friendly interface, exceptional customer support, and its effectiveness in managing multiple properties. Users appreciate its ability to centralize property management tasks, streamline communication with guests, and automate routine tasks. 

Additionally, the software is praised for its robust channel management capabilities and comprehensive reporting tools, helping hosts optimize their property listings and operations. However, some users mention that pricing can be on the higher side, particularly for hosts with numerous properties.

In summary, iGMS generally receives positive feedback for its ability to simplify property management tasks, enhance guest communication, and provide valuable insights through reporting.

iGMS Alternatives

If you’re looking to mix things up in the world of short-term rental property management, why not explore some iGMS alternatives? There are a variety of other software options out there, each with their own unique features to help you streamline your hosting game. 

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Should you use IGMS? Our Recommendation

We recommend iGMS if you’re a vacation rental host or property manager looking to streamline operations and enhance your property’s reputation. Its multi-platform synchronization, automated messaging, and comprehensive reporting make it a valuable asset. Get started with a free 14-day trial.

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