Lodgify vs. Wix – Vacation Rental Website Builder Comparison

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If you’re planning to create a website for your vacation rental, Wix and Lodgify are two website builders you might be considering — Wix being one of the most popular website builders, and Lodgify being one of the most popular vacation rental website builders.

Both Wix and Lodgify are good options, and which one (or ones) you use will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

In this Lodgify vs Wix comparison post, we’re taking a look a closer look at the features of these two website builders to help you decide which one is a better fit for your vacation rental website.

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A Closer Look at Lodgify

Lodgify Vacation Rental Website Builder - Homepage
Visit Lodgify.com to learn more.

Lodgify is a vacation rental management software platform that allows you to create a direct booking website. It’s becoming increasingly popular among vacation rental hosts and owners, and some of their most popular features are the channel manager and direct booking website builder.

If you’re looking for a basic website builder (something that will get the job done) that has a ton of vacation rental management features to make your life easier, Lodgify is one of the best options available.

Lodgify Pros

  • Built-in booking engine and channel manager
  • Tons of integrations and other vacation rental management features


  • Fewer templates than Wix
  • Higher price (but has more vacation rental management features)

Our Lodgify Recommendation

We recommend Lodgify if:

If that sounds good to you, you can start a 7-day free trial of Lodgify.

A Closer Look at Wix

Wix Website Builder (for Vacation Rentals)
Visit Wix.com to learn more.

Wix is one of the most popular website builders on the market, up there with Squarespace and WordPress.com. They have a huge library of templates, and their flexible website builder features enable you to create virtually any kind of website you can think of.

Their Travel & Tourism templates are a good fit for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners and property managers looking to create a website to showcase their properties.

Check out our list of the best Wix vacation rental templates.

Wix Pros


  • Requires more setup to take direct bookings
  • No built-in channel manager (we don’t recommend Wix Hotels)

Our Wix Recommendation

We recommend Wix if:

  • You aren’t planning to take direct bookings or you plan to integrate with another vacation rental software for direct bookings (like a Lodgify competitor). Note: Wix does have a booking engine/channel manager called Wix Hotels. But based on the terrible reviews, we recommend avoiding it.
  • You found a Wix vacation rental template you want to use.

If that sounds like you, you can get started for free with Wix.

Conclusion – Lodgify vs. Wix

The website builder you choose will depend on your specific requirements and preferences. Here’s a quick recap of Lodgify vs Wix and how to choose which website builder is best for you.

Use Lodgify if you want the simplest way to create a direct booking website. Using a vacation rental website builder like Lodgify is hands-down the easiest way to get a website for your vacation rental that handles direct bookings and payments. And Lodgify also offers several template options. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Lodgify.

Use Wix if you want more website templates and customization options, or if you aren’t planning to take direct bookings. Visit Wix.com to start creating a website (no credit card required) or browse their templates.

And use Lodgify and Wix together if you want the best from both — the direct bookings and vacation rental management features of Lodgify and the templates and customization options of Wix.

Compare the best vacation rental software platforms with our free spreadsheet.

View the spreadsheet

Lodgify and Wix work very well together. You can easily embed a Lodgify booking widget or search form on your external Wix website. Or you can simply add a “Book Now” button on any Wix page or your navigation menu that links to your Lodgify booking page.

Check out our post on how to use Squarespace and Lodgify to create a direct booking website. While it covers Squarespace specifically, the general concept is the same for a Wix + Lodgify website as well.

We hope this helps you get a better sense of whether to use Lodgify vs Wix or when it might make sense to use both.

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