20+ Lodgify Websites (with Examples of Each Template)

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Here's how to build your own direct booking website!

More and more vacation rental owners are seeing the value of having a direct booking website for their properties. If you’re thinking about creating your own, Lodgify is an increasingly popular option you might be considering. And if you’re wondering what Lodgify websites actually look like in the wild, you’re in the right place.

This post includes a running list of some of the best Lodgify websites we could find on the internet. We hope this post gives you a sense of what you can achieve using a Lodgify template, as well as provide inspiration and ideas for making your own.

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The Lodgify Website Builder

Lodgify is a comprehensive vacation rental software platform that includes a channel manager and website builder. The Lodgify website builder is quite basic, but that makes it relatively simple and easy to use. Here are a few of the main features:

  • Built-in direct booking form
  • Collect and display guest reviews
  • Available in over 30 languages
  • Custom domain name
  • Mobile-optimized, and SEO-friendly templates
  • Create custom pages

Lodgify is one of the most popular vacation rental website builders on the market today because it allows you to manage both your bookings and your website all in one place.

Lodgify Templates & Example Websites

Lodgify websites are built on templates and can be customized to match your brand. There are currently four main Lodgify templates: Livingstone, Brooklyn, Capucine, and Tideway. We’ve organized the list below by template.

Livingstone Template

Here are some websites built on the newly updated Livingstone 2.0 template.

1. Tailwaters Lodge

Lodgify Website Example - Tailwaters Lodge

The Tailwaters Lodge website makes excellent use of some of their beautiful outdoor photography, including fishing, to draw their target audience into their site–converting visitors into guests. We love the professional logo and the consistent branding throughout.

Template: Livingstone 2.0

2. Sun King Vacation Rentals

Sun King Vacation Rentals uses active, bright, sunny photography to give their website all the fun vacation vibes their potential guests are seeking. They also include a helpful “Things To Do” and “Plan Your Trip” page to help their guests have a better stay. This type of content is also great for SEO.

Template: Livingstone 2.0

3. Ylläs Villas

Lodgify Website Example - Ylläs Villas

The Ylläs Villas website combines stunning photography of Finnish winter landscapes with simple, consistent branding. We especially love the custom-designed icons they’ve created to enhance the brand.

Template: Livingstone 2.0

4. Roccella Villa

Lodgify Website Example - Roccella Villa

Roccella Villa has some beautiful photography, simple, effective branding, and all the information guests are looking for clearly laid out in their main header menu. They include 3D galleries, rates, and reviews to help their potential guests make the decision to book.

Template: Livingstone 2.0

5. Top Florida Rentals

Lodgify Website Example - Top Florida Rentals

Top Florida Rentals makes you feel like you’re stepping into Disney World when you visit their websites. The bright pink branding adds consistency, and they’ve included lots of helpful content about Central Florida, which is also great for marketing.

Template: Livingstone 2.0

Brooklyn Template

Here are some examples of the Brooklyn template. The Brooklyn template has been recently updated to version 2.0 (see sample website image below).

Lodgify Website Template - Brooklyn 2.0

Brooklyn 2.0 features a hidden left sidebar menu that opens on click. The booking form has also been moved from the top of the homepage to the center.

6. Tahiti Luxury Apartment

Lodgify Website Example - Tahiti Luxury Apartment

This Tahiti Luxury Apartment website uses beautiful, neutral tones that match and enhance the professional property photography. The focus is on the properties, and the menu includes all the information a guest would need to decide to book.

Template: Brooklyn

7. Sunshine Vacation Rentals

Lodgify Website Example - Sunshine Vacation Rentals

Sunshine Vacation Rentals has a fun, playful brand that fits perfectly with their beach rental properties. The “Meet The Owner” page adds a personal touch that many guests who are looking for a connection will appreciate.

Template: Brooklyn

8. Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals

Lodgify Website Example - Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals

Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals features a custom, illustrated logo, and a simple, effective navigation and content layout. The homepage slider features images of the surrounding area to pique the interest of would-be guests.

Template: Brooklyn

Capucine Template

Here are some websites using the Capucine template. The Capucine template has been recently updated to version 2.0 (see sample website image below).

Lodgify Website Template - Capucine

Capucine 2.0 has a more open layout. The original boxed layout of Capucine v1 (as seen in the websites below) is also still available as of this writing.

9. Monkitail

Lodgify Website Example - Monkitail

Monkitail has created a simple, minimal, and effective website. We love the subtle background color choice that complements the beautiful property photography. And of course, loving the custom Monkitail logo, featuring a swinging monkey.

Template: Capucine

10. Kelso Beach Rentals

Lodgify Website Example - Kelso Beach Rentals

Kelso Beach Rentals chose a beach photo as their background on the original boxed-layout Capucine template. It’s a simple but effective design that invites their visitors to book right on the homepage.

Template: Capucine

11. Villa Sunset Cruz

Lodgify Website Example - Villa Sunset Cruz

The Villa Sunset Cruz website also features a full-width background image of the beach, offset by the photography of their vacation rental villas.

Template: Capucine

Tideway Template

Here are some websites using the Tideway template. Tideway has also been updated to version 2.0 (pictured below).

Lodgify Website Template - Tideway 2.0

Tideway 2.0 features a full-width, yet boxed header hero image. If you want the full-screen homepage image like the websites below, you might try the new Livingstone 2.0 template instead of Tideway.

12. In2thewild Tiny Holidays

Lodgify Website Example - In2thewild Tiny Holidays

We love what In2thewild Tiny Holidays has done with their website. They incorporate their branding with the script font overlays on their images. They also feature their beautiful Instagram feed right on the homepage.

Template: Tideway

13. Wildpod

Lodgify Website Example - Wildpod Luxury Waterfront Glamping

Wildpod Luxury Waterfront Glamping is another example of a modern, Instagram-worthy brand making good use of a Lodgify website template.

Template: Tideway

14. Little Lazy Lodge

Lodgify Website Example - Little Lazy Lodge

The Little Lazy Lodge is an event venue with a simple and effective website They beautifully matched their website colors to the colors in their property photography, and we love the result.

Template: Tideway

15. TRM Luxury Properties

Lodgify Website Example - TRM Luxury Properties

Top Rentals Mexico Luxury Properties uses their photography and font choice to create an elegant, sophisticated feel on the homepage of their website.

Template: Tideway

17. Villa Tres Amores

Lodgify Website Example - Villa Tres Amores

We love the teal branding of Villa Tres Amores. Combined with their beautiful property photography, it creates a unique, inviting website experience.

Template: Tideway

18. Drakestone Executive Suites

Lodgify Website Example - Drakestone Executive Suites

Drakestone Executive Suites offer luxury properties for professionals. The strong pops of color from the property photography work perfectly against the black, white, and gray of the website layout.

Template: Tideway

19. Beachfront Bliss Villas

Lodgify Website Example - Beachfront Bliss Villas

Beachfront Bliss Villas achieve a fun, playful vibe with their bold branding. The colorful brand is present throughout the website, giving potential guests a consistent, memorable experience.

Template: Tideway

20. El Encanto Villa Rentals

Lodgify Website Example - El Encanto Villa Rentals

El Encanto Villa Rentals features blue and yellow branding and stunning ocean vacation photography. The result is a website that feels polished and professional, giving potential guests the confidence to book direct.

Template: Tideway

21. Yellow Block Bed & Breakfast

Lodgify Website Example - Yellow Block Bed & Breakfast

Yellow Block Bed & Breakfast has a bright, bold brand to match their bright, bold properties. Their website features a chat box and social icons to help greet visitors and turn them into guests.

Template: Tideway

More Lodgify Websites

We’ll continue to add to this list as we come across more well-designed Lodgify websites.

  1. Hood River A-Frame

Use Lodgify with a Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress Website

If you already have a website, or you want to create one with another website builder like Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress, you can still take advantage of Lodgify’s booking features.

Here are some examples of websites using Lodgify as a booking engine for a website built on another platform.

Squarespace and Lodgify Website - Rent Nosara

Rent Nosara has a beautiful Squarespace website that features the embedded Lodgify booking form right on the homepage. Check out our post on using Lodgify and Squarespace together, or create a free Squarespace trial account.

Built with: Squarespace + Lodgify

The Tropic Shores Apartments website also combines a Squarespace website with a Lodgify website to take direct bookings. They have a beautiful website front, and they link to their Lodgify account to handle direct bookings.

Built with: Squarespace + Lodgify

Create a Lodgify Website

If you’re interested in creating a Lodgify website, you can start with a free 7-day trial. Start by choosing a template (you can always change it later), and then customize it by adding your properties, photography, content, and colors. If you liked any of the websites in this post, you can easily create a nice website on Lodgify with a similar look and feel.

Lodgify Website Templates

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