How to Market Your Vacation Rental on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms It’s a great place to find potential guests, and connect with them where they are already spending time online.

In this post, we cover what you need to know about marketing your vacation rental on Facebook. We’ve included both some practical ideas and best practices.

Ideas for Facebook

Here are some ideas for marketing your vacation rental on Facebook:

Share links to your blog posts. Share your blogs posts on Facebook, and include a photo and a quick description about why they should check it out. Facebook is one of the most natural and convenient ways to share links to your content, and it can become an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

Share your Instagram posts to Facebook. This is an easy way to be active on Facebook without really doing anything on Facebook. You can simply set up your Instagram posts to also post to Facebook.

Share videos. You can share videos from other sources on your page. A video is harder to scroll past than an image post. YouTube is a great place to find videos to share. Share videos that makes your area look like a good place for a vacation. You can also, of course, create your own videos to share on Facebook.

Share infographics. Posting an infographic is another way you can share information on Facebook without simply posting text, which people are more likely to scroll past. The more visually engaging your posts, the better.

Post interesting facts about your area. These don’t have to be long posts. They can be simple comments about what makes your location special. If you make these posts into a graphic, that’s even better.

Engage with other Facebook pages. Follow local businesses, organizations, events, and other relevant Facebook pages related to your area. Comment and share their posts. You can build meaningful, mutually beneficial connections through Facebook. Remember, this is a “social” media platform.

Join relevant Facebook groups. You can find groups for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners, where you can get advice and support. But you can also find local Facebook groups that might be a good place to share links to your blog posts and share advice and recommendations about your area.

It’s important to be aware of the rules of the group, and not to be overly self-promotional. More than anything, try to be helpful and contribute meaningfully.

Create your own Facebook group. If you’re up to the task, creating a Facebook group can be a great way to connect with your ideal audience and help discuss and answer questions they might have about vacationing in your area.

Best Practices for Facebook

When using Facebook, here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Have a content strategy. Rather than simply posting ads and promotions, think about the kind of content your Facebook audience will want to see and engage with. Take your time to create a content strategy that focuses on helping your customers and growing your audience.

Limit self-promotion. Your focus should be on regularly posting helpful resources, rather than simply posting ads or promotions.

Monitor your post performance. Pay close attention to which posts perform well, and try to create or share more similar posts. Keep monitoring and measuring results, and make adjustments as you go. Be patient when it comes to growth on Facebook. It can take time for your efforts to translate into tangible results, and once you find something that works, your efforts can really pay off.

Facebook Ads for Vacation Rentals

Another option with Facebook is to run ads. You can either simply boost posts that are performing well, or you can run an entire ad campaign. We’ll cover more on this in a later post. Keep in mind that with new privacy laws and Apple’s latest privacy updates, targeted advertising on Facebook has become a bit more difficult.

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