Minut Noise Monitor Review [2024]: Details, Features & More

Peek into the future of home security with the all-in-one Minut - privacy, innovation, and peace of mind await! Here’s our Minut Noise Monitor review.

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You’ve probably heard the buzz around the Minut Noise Monitor, but have you taken a closer look at what it offers?

In 2024, the Minut Noise Monitor is more than a noise detection device; it’s an all-in-one home security solution. From detecting unusual noise levels to monitoring occupancy, tamper detection, and even indoor smoke detection – it’s clear this device is designed to bring peace of mind.

The Minut team, a diverse collection of experts, have put privacy, community, and user-centric design at the forefront of their technology.

Curious to know more? Let’s unpack the details and features in this Minut Noise Monitor review together.

Do You Need Noise Monitoring For Your Vacation Rental?

If you’re a property owner in the short-term rental market, integrating noise monitoring like Minut’s solution into your property management can be a game-changer for maintaining peace, ensuring compliance with regulations, and enhancing your guests’ experience.

Noise regulation is crucial to prevent disruption and maintain a tranquil vacation environment. Minut’s solution helps you remotely monitor noise levels, ensuring you’re immediately alerted if the noise exceeds a certain threshold. This remote monitoring capability affords you the luxury of managing your property from anywhere, at any time.

Noise prevention is another key advantage of this system. It allows you to set custom noise thresholds, providing an early warning system to prevent potential noise disturbances. This not only safeguards your guests’ vacation tranquility but also protects your reputation as a rental host.

Moreover, Minut’s solution promotes rental peace, a vital aspect for any short-term rental property. It ensures your guests can enjoy their stay without disturbing the neighbors, fostering good relationships within the community.

What is Minut?

Minut is an innovative tech company that offers a cutting-edge noise monitoring solution designed to enhance property management in the short-term rental market.

With a strong commitment to privacy protection, Minut’s product is a great asset for landlords and property managers who prioritize the peace and quiet of their neighborhoods.

The company’s unique solution provides robust security features, without compromising the privacy of tenants. In fact, their approach to home monitoring ensures that residents can live comfortably without worrying about invasive surveillance.

This is achieved through the sophisticated noise detection system that alerts property managers when noise levels exceed a predetermined threshold.

In addition to noise monitoring, Minut’s product includes occupancy tracking. This feature allows you to monitor the number of people on your property at any given time, making it easier to enforce occupancy limits and maintain a safe and secure environment.

Minut Noise Monitor Features

Let’s now turn our attention to the features of the Minut Noise Monitor.

This device offers a range of capabilities, from Noise and Occupancy Monitoring to Cigarette detection and Outdoor mode.

It also enhances the guest experience and comes with Integrations & API for seamless operation.

Noise & Occupancy Monitoring

When it comes to noise and occupancy monitoring, you’ll appreciate how the Minut Noise Monitor deftly combines technology and privacy. With smart technology, the device gives you real-time occupancy insights by counting mobile devices in the area.

It’ll alert you if a crowd starts to assemble, helping you adhere to noise regulations without invading your guests’ privacy. It’s a clever blend of privacy protection and security measures.

The monitor also keeps a vigilant ear out for excessive noise, allowing you to set custom thresholds. You’ll get immediate notifications if the noise level gets too high, enabling you to take quick action.

With Minut, you’re not just getting a noise monitor. You’re investing in a smarter, safer, and more respectful way to monitor your property.

Cigarette detection

Another impressive feature you’ll find in the Minut Noise Monitor is its ability to detect cigarette smoke inside your property. This smoke detection capability isn’t just a boon for your health and safety, it also contributes to maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

The smart sensors embedded in the Minut device can identify cigarette smoke in the air. You’ll get notified when smoke particles are detected.

This feature is part of Minut’s comprehensive range of monitoring solutions, designed to keep your property safe and your tenants accountable. With the Minut Noise Monitor, you’re not just investing in a device, but a guarantee for a healthier and safer living environment.

Outdoor mode

The outdoor mode on the Minut Noise Monitor provides an added layer of security to your property, actively monitoring sounds and motion in your outdoor spaces. Its outdoor usage brings several benefits, such as detecting unusual activity and giving you peace of mind.

The device boasts weather resistance and durability, ensuring reliable performance in various climates. You can enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring, using the app to view real-time data and receive alerts.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the Minut Noise Monitor respects your privacy. It only tracks noise levels and movement, not conversations or personal details. The installation process is straightforward, offering ease and saving you time.

Guest experience

In addition to providing robust security with features like outdoor mode, Minut Noise Monitor also enhances the guest experience with its suite of innovative features.

The device’s noise regulation abilities allow you to set custom noise thresholds, which ensures the prevention of any disruptive noise levels. This not only maintains a peaceful environment but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the technology integration offers a seamless user experience and the ability to monitor and manage noise levels remotely. Privacy concerns are also addressed as the device works without cameras, respecting guests’ privacy while still maintaining a secure and comfortable environment.

With its commitment to guest experience, Minut Noise Monitor addresses key aspects like noise regulation, customer satisfaction, privacy concerns, technology integration, and noise prevention, all in one device.

Integrations & API

Minut Noise Monitor’s integrations and API features streamline your property management operations, automating contactless check-ins and enhancing efficiency.

With its smart connectivity, this tool links seamlessly with your existing systems, enabling smooth data integration for effortless operations.

The API automation feature of the Minut Noise Monitor allows for a more intelligent and responsive property management system.

It can automatically adjust noise thresholds and send alerts based on the data it collects. This allows for seamless operations with little to no manual intervention.

Custom solutions are no problem, thanks to the Minut’s flexible API. It can be tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your property management operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

Home security

Looking for a sophisticated home security solution that prioritizes both safety and privacy? Minut Noise Monitor has got you covered. With a robust setup, it addresses all privacy concerns by providing a camera-less security solution that ensures data security.

It integrates seamlessly with your smart home system, giving you complete control over your home’s safety.

Minut understands the neighborhood impact of a security system. Thus, it minimizes nuisance alarms and maintains a quiet, peaceful environment.

Aware of the legal implications of monitoring, Minut deploys a privacy-first approach, keeping you on the right side of the law. It also ensures your data is securely stored and used solely for your home’s security, preventing any potential misuse.


Diving into the cost aspect, you’ll find that Minut offers various pricing plans tailored to fit different needs and budgets. Let’s do a pricing comparison to get a clearer picture.

Standard Plan

Starting with the Standard Plan, it’s priced at $10 a month per home. This subscription option provides you with all core features, automated guest communication, and unlimited data history.

Pro Plan

For a more extensive feature set, you might consider the Pro Plan. This plan costs $15 a month per home, offering everything in the Standard Plan plus integrations with Property Management Systems, smart lock, climate control, and Zapier automation.

For Hotels or If you Have More Than 20 Properties

Minut also caters to larger establishments like hotels or property owners with more than 20 properties. The cost breakdown for this is provided upon consultation, offering tiered volume pricing.

This plan includes a customized portfolio setup, a dedicated customer success manager, and expert onboarding, training, and support.

In terms of value for money and budget-friendly options, Minut’s pricing plans are quite competitive. Offering a range of features for different price points, there’s a plan that fits every budget and need.

You can also buy Minut’s noise monitoring device on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

Looking into the Minut Noise Monitor, it’s important to consider both its strengths and potential drawbacks.

You’ll find that there are several pros to this device, but as with any product, there are also cons.

Let’s discuss these aspects to help you make an informed decision.


When evaluating the Minut Noise Monitor, one of the key advantages is its comprehensive set of features, which include noise and occupancy monitoring, tamper and cigarette detection, as well as a robust suite of communication, safety, and integration tools. These are all designed to ensure an efficient and secure short-term rental experience.

This innovation in technology not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to satisfaction. The effectiveness of the device, coupled with its efficiency, presents clear benefits. Despite its advanced features, the cost of the Minut Noise Monitor offers great value, making it a cost-effective solution.

Therefore, the advantages of the Minut Noise Monitor undeniably contribute to its growing appeal in the market.


While the Minut Noise Monitor boasts a multitude of impressive features, it’s not without its drawbacks, and these may deter some potential users. Despite the company’s focus on privacy, some users have voiced concerns over data security.

The monitoring system, though robust, can occasionally fall short in terms of data accuracy, leading to false alarms. User feedback suggests that the device can be prone to technical limitations, particularly in large or complex spaces.

Additionally, while the customization options are extensive, they may seem overwhelming to those who prefer a more straightforward user experience.

Some users also feel that there could be more flexibility in setting up the device according to their specific needs. These cons, however, should be weighed against the monitor’s undeniable advantages.

Minut Alternatives

While Minut offers a robust set of features for noise monitoring, there are other options in the market worth considering. To give you a broader perspective, let’s explore three alternatives – Alertify, Party Squasher, and NoiseAware.

These systems also provide a variety of monitoring solutions that might better fit your specific needs.


If you’re considering alternatives to Minut, Alertify is a notable contender in the home security space worth exploring.

Our Alertify review reveals that it offers robust noise solutions, making it a reliable choice for maintaining peace and quiet in your home.

With its smart monitoring features, Alertify provides real-time alerts about noise levels, ensuring you’re always informed about your home’s conditions.

Alertify noise monitor. Check it out.

Privacy protection is a major selling point of Alertify, keeping your personal information secure while offering top-notch home safety.

It’s a comprehensive system designed to keep you in control and your home safe.

Party Squasher

Another worthy alternative to consider in the home security market is Party Squasher. This system excels at party monitoring, enabling you to keep tabs on your property from anywhere. It uses event tracking to detect unusual activity, alerting you to possible disturbances.

With its advanced noise control, it can identify excessive sound levels that may indicate a gathering. Unlike traditional security systems, Party Squasher also prioritizes privacy protection, ensuring that your tenants’ activities remain confidential.

Party Squasher
Party Squasher noise monitor. Check it out.

Lastly, incorporating this system into your home not only serves as a deterrent for potential party-goers but also as a significant security enhancement. With Party Squasher, you can protect your property, maintain your peace of mind, and ensure a quiet environment for your neighbors.


Pioneering the concept of privacy-safe noise monitoring, NoiseAware is a robust alternative to Minut that you might consider for your property management needs.

With its advanced noise detection, NoiseAware ensures home safety by alerting you when noise levels exceed a certain threshold. It also stands strong on privacy protection, only tracking noise levels and not recording conversations or any personal data.

The smart monitoring system continually assesses the environment, providing you with real-time updates. The occupancy tracking feature is especially useful for property managers, as it provides data on the number of people present in a property at any given time.

With NoiseAware, you can maintain a peaceful environment while safeguarding privacy and ensuring safety.

Check out our Minut vs NoiseAware comparison review.

Wynd Sentry

Wynd Sentry emerges as a premier alternative for Minut for Airbnb hosts keen on guarding their properties against unwanted noise and smoking incidents.

Ingeniously designed, this device doesn’t just passively monitor; it actively alerts hosts in real-time to potential violations, encompassing cigarette, marijuana, vape smoke, and noise disturbances.

Its robust features, including live monitoring, incident reports, and tamper protection, are tailored to streamline claim processes and enhance guest satisfaction.

Moreover, the integration of airID technology leverages AI for precise detection, offering a seamless blend of innovation and peace of mind for property managers aiming to uphold their rental standards.


In conclusion, the Minut Noise Monitor offers a complete home security solution. Its impressive features, including noise and occupancy monitoring, tamper, and smoke detection, make it a worthy investment.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a property manager, this system is designed with your needs in mind. While it may have its drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh them.

The choice is yours to make, but Minut seems to be a reliable and efficient choice for home security.

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