Minut vs NoiseAware: Side-by-Side Comparison [2024]

Minut vs NoiseAware: which is the right noise sensor for you? We’re sharing a side-by-side comparison in this post.

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Looking for effective ways to manage your rental properties?

The comparison between Minut and NoiseAware (transitioning to Rest) offers a clear insight into two leading solutions for noise and safety monitoring.

This article provides a side-by-side comparison of these two leading noise and safety monitoring systems. Discover which system best aligns with your property management goals, considering their features, integration capabilities, and the evolving focus on guest privacy and safety.

Do You Need Noise Monitoring For Your Vacation Rental?

It is recommended that owners of vacation rentals or Airbnb properties consider installing a noise monitoring system for various reasons.


These systems can help keep an eye on the noise levels within the property, which is essential to avoid disturbing neighbors or breaking local noise regulations. This can ultimately lead to complaints, fines, or legal actions.

Property Protection

Noise monitoring systems are also useful in protecting your property against potential damage, especially in situations where guests become unruly or invite additional guests. The data collected from these systems can also be used as evidence for insurance claims or even to defend against guests who may file complaints against you.


Some states or cities have specific regulations on noise levels, and having these systems in place can help you remain compliant and avoid penalties. remain compliant and avoid fines and penalties.

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Peace of Mind

Noise monitoring systems can provide peace of mind for hosts and property managers, knowing that you will be promptly alerted to any noise disturbances and can take appropriate action to address them, even if you are not physically present on the property.

Minut vs NoiseAware: An Overview

Minut expands property management possibilities with a multi-functional home security system. In addition to noise monitoring, it includes capabilities for detecting smoke and crowds, assessing the risk of mold, and facilitating automated communication with guests. 


Its compatibility with Airbnb, numerous property management systems, smart locks, and Zapier make Minut an ideal solution for managers aiming for an all-encompassing strategy in property oversight.

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Minute Home Sensor. Check it out

On the other hand, NoiseAware delivers a smart solution with advanced sensor technology for monitoring noise levels and counting wireless devices. This system alerts property managers to potential issues, such as parties that could lead to complaints or damage.

NoiseAware is designed to monitor without compromising guest privacy. It includes indoor and the first industry-grade weatherproof outdoor noise sensors for continuous protection. The automated system efficiently addresses noise problems, allowing property managers to manage their properties more effectively. 

Early detection of disturbances and high occupancy help in preventing unwanted parties before they happen.

Take Note

Recently, NoiseAware has transitioned to Rest, evolving into a platform dedicated to privacy-centric monitoring tailored for the short-term rental and hotel industry. 

This strategic move is designed to streamline operations for property managers and hoteliers, enhancing the overall guest experience while reducing operational challenges and costs. Initially acclaimed for its noise monitoring solutions that shielded properties from penalties, damage, and revenue loss, Rest is now broadening its suite of services.

Moreover, Rest is collaborating with hotels to reinforce no-smoking policies using its advanced smoking detection technology. This system promptly notifies hotel staff of any smoking events, enabling swift intervention or the imposition of fines on violators.

To date, the company has safeguarded over 11 million accommodation and hotel stays. The rebranding process to Rest will be gradual, with the original NoiseAware branding remaining on its website, dashboard, and mobile application for the time being until further updates are implemented.

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Pricing Plans

Minut NoiseAware
✅ Standard Plan: $10/month/home
✅ Pro: $15/month/home
✅ Tiered volume pricing for hotels or 20+ properties
✅ Call Assist: $10/month/home
View plans
✅ Starter Plan: $15/month (for 1-9 properties)
✅ Custom Pricing (tailored for property managers managing 10 or more properties)
✅ Add-On: Outdoor sensor – $99 one-time fee
View plans

Winner: Minut

For a host focusing on cost-effectiveness and scalability for a smaller number of properties, Minut would be the winner due to its lower entry price point and the availability of a cheaper plan for basic needs. However, for hosts who prioritize specific features like outdoor noise monitoring and possibly tailored solutions for larger portfolios, NoiseAware could be more appealing despite the potentially higher cost.

Ultimately, the decision would hinge on the balance between budget constraints and the specific features that are most important for managing the properties effectively.


Minut NoiseAware
Noise Monitoring – Monitor noise and get instant notifications of loud noise levels and their duration.✅ Noise Monitoring – Monitor noise and get instant notifications of loud noise levels and their duration. 
Automated Guest Communication – Alerts guests to lower their noise, usually without needing further action from the owner.Automated Guest Communication Alerts guests to lower their noise, usually without needing further action from the owner.
Occupancy Monitoring – Track the count of wireless devices on the property to detect when a gathering is forming.Occupancy Monitoring – Track the count of wireless devices on the property to detect when a gathering is forming.
Integrations – Airbnb, 25 PMS, Enso Connect, Zapier, Smart Locks, Climate ControlIntegrations – Autohost, Guesty, Hostfully, Hospitable, Zapier, Uplisting, Seam, Hostaway
Cigarette Detection – Receive notifications when the sensor detects smoke particles. Cigarette Detection – The original NoiseAware website did not list cigarette detection among its features. Following its rebranding to Rest, the company has introduced an advanced smoking detection sensor that integrates with a cloud-based platform and an intuitive dashboard.

Note: The transition to the Rest brand will be gradual, with the NoiseAware name still visible on its website
Mold Risk Analysis – Monitor and be notified of the risk of mold growing.❌ Mold Risk Analysis

Winner: Minut

While both Minut and NoiseAware provide robust solutions for vacation rental management, Minut’s broader feature set, including health and safety considerations, along with its extensive integration options, positions it as a more comprehensive tool for hosts prioritizing property integrity, guest safety, and operational efficiency. 

This makes Minut the preferable choice for hosts looking to maximize the value and appeal of their rental property while minimizing risks and manual oversight.

Conclusion – Should You Use Minut vs NoiseAware?

While NoiseAware has its strengths, especially with the option for an outdoor sensor and potentially more tailored solutions for larger property managers, Minut‘s overall value proposition in terms of cost, features, and integration capabilities makes it a more attractive choice for a wider range of hosts. 

Especially for those prioritizing property integrity, guest safety, and operational efficiency within a reasonable budget, Minut offers a compelling solution that addresses these needs effectively.

We hope our comparison guide has helped you choose which one is best for your vacation rental.

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