MisterBandB vs Airbnb: Which Is Better For Hosts? [2024]

Selecting the right listing site holds immense importance for vacation rental hosts. This MisterBandB vs Airbnb for hosts aims to provide clear insights into these platforms.

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Selecting the right listing site holds immense importance for vacation rental hosts. It directly influences your property’s visibility, bookings, and overall success.

At Floorspace, we’re here to simplify this decision-making process. Our comparison of MisterBandB vs Airbnb for hosts aims to provide clear insights into these platforms.

By outlining their features, costs, reach, and support, we help hosts navigate the distinct offerings of each platform. This way, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your hosting goals and the property’s unique characteristics.

Can You List on Both MisterBandB and Airbnb?

Yes, you can list your property on both platforms! This broadens your property’s reach, potentially bringing in more bookings. But managing multiple platforms can get tricky, leading to the risk of double bookings. To make it smoother, we recommend using a channel manager.

This tool syncs calendars across platforms, preventing mix-ups and simplifying communication. Want to know how to set this up and avoid double bookings?

Check out our post that guides you through the process of calendar sync step by step. It’s a smart way to maximize your presence on both MisterBandB and Airbnb while keeping things hassle-free.

What is MisterBandB?

Founded in December 2014, Misterb&b believes in the importance of exploring the world as part of our human experience.

They’re dedicated to creating an inclusive, welcoming space where people can discover, form lasting bonds, and connect not only with local cultures but also with the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Through their platform, Misterb&b aims to foster a sense of shared hospitality and respect among its users.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb originated in 2007 when two hosts opened their San Francisco home to three guests. Since then, it has expanded to encompass over 4 million hosts worldwide, facilitating more than 1.5 billion guest arrivals spanning nearly every country globally.

Daily, hosts provide distinctive stays and experiences, enabling guests to authentically connect with communities during their travels.

MisterBandB vs Airbnb: An Overview

Misterb&b and Airbnb differ in their unique approaches to accommodation, catering to distinct traveler demographics and fostering varied experiences.

Let’s delve into the key contrasts between these platforms.

Comparison PointMisterb&bAirbnb
Costs For HostsPosting is free, but there’s a 17% fee on room fare from hosts and guestsGuests pay a listed cost plus a 6-12% service fee; hosts receive the listed price with a 3% fee deduction
Reach and Getting Bookings1 million+ LGBTQ+ friendly listings in 200 countries, diverse stays availableVarious unique accommodations, from shared rooms to private islands, cater to a broad audience
Host InsuranceOffers insurance at no extra cost, ensuring protection against unexpected damagesProvides up to $1M in coverage for guest injuries or property damage; limitations apply
Cancellation PolicyHosts set policies; flexible options often allow 100% refunds up to 7 days before check-inCancellation fees vary; cancellations within 48 hours or between 48 hours and 30 days incur fees
Customer ServiceOffer extensive FAQs but have mixed reviews
Receives better ratings for customer service
Offer extensive FAQs but have mixed reviews

MisterBandB vs Airbnb: Costs for Hosts

Let’s break down the costs: from fees for hosts to charges for guests, here’s how pricing varies between Misterb&b and Airbnb.

Misterb&b Fees

Posting an apartment or room on Misterb&b is free of charge. However, the platform applies a 17% fee to the room fare from hosts and an additional 17% from guests based on the final bill.

Users can explore various parameters when searching for accommodations in their preferred city.

Airbnb Fees

Guests pay the listed cost plus a guest service fee ranging from 6-12%, determined by the listing price, directly to Airbnb. Hosts receive the accommodation’s listed price, with a deduction of a 3% host service fee.

If you prioritize a straightforward pricing structure without intricate guest service fees, Misterb&b might be your choice. However, if you prefer a system where guests cover a portion of the service fees, Airbnb could be the better option for you.

MisterBandB vs Airbnb: Reach and Getting Bookings

MisterB&B, with its expansive presence across 200 countries and boasting over 1 million LGBTQ+ friendly listings, offers diverse accommodations.

From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, it caters to various preferences. You can choose to stay in gay districts or explore other neighborhoods during your travels.

In contrast, Airbnb hosts provide an array of spaces, ranging from shared rooms to private islands. With options like entire places, private rooms, hotel rooms, and shared spaces, Airbnb accommodates a wide range of travelers.

It caters to a diverse audience, including young travelers, offering everything from traditional houses to unique stays.

MisterBandB vs Airbnb: Host Protection Insurance

  • MisterB&B Host Insurance – This platform offers hosts insurance at no extra cost, safeguarding against unexpected damages. They prioritize host peace of mind, highlighting their positive hosting experiences.
  • Airbnb Host Insurance It provides Host liability insurance, offering up to $1 million in coverage for guest injuries or property damage during stays. This insurance covers various scenarios but has limitations, such as intentional damage or certain property-related incidents that are not included.

Hosting Tip! While both MisterB&B and Airbnb offer host insurance, we recommend to supplement this coverage with your vacation rental insurance for added protection and peace of mind. Your personal insurance can offer additional safeguards.

For comprehensive vacation rental coverage, explore the best insurance options for Airbnb hosts.

Additionally, you can request a quote from Proper Insurance for tailored vacation rental coverage that suits your needs.

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MisterBandB vs Airbnb: Cancellation Policies

MisterB&B hosts set their own cancellation policies, detailed on each listing’s page. Flexible policies often allow a 100% refund up to 7 days before check-in, with variations for ‘Entire place’ listings. Strict policies may offer a 70% refund up to 14 days before check-in.

On Airbnb, cancellation policies differ. If canceled 48 hours or less before check-in or after check-in, a 50% fee applies for the remaining nights. For cancellations between 48 hours and 30 days before check-in, a 25% fee is charged based on the reservation amount for the nights not stayed.

MisterBandB vs Airbnb: Host Customer Support

Both platforms have varied reviews regarding their customer service, but both offer extensive FAQs to assist users before contacting support.

Overall, MisterB&B tends to receive better ratings on review platforms for its customer service compared to Airbnb.


Understanding the differences between MisterB&B and Airbnb, like fees, accommodation types, guest preferences, cancellation policies, and customer service quality, is key for hosts. Your choice affects earnings, guest interactions, and support.

If you prefer straightforward pricing and cater to LGBTQ+ travelers, opt for MisterB&B. For diverse accommodations, a broad audience, and flexible policies, choose Airbnb.

You could also build a website for your vacation rental and offer direct booking to avoid OTA fees. Use effective marketing, SEO, and property management software to reduce dependency on these platforms and increase revenue.

Maximize your reach by using a channel manager for both platforms. Choose what suits your hosting best. For more options, explore our guide to the top vacation rental sites. Making the right choice enhances your hosting experience.

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