NoiseAware Alternatives & Competitors [2024]

Looking for NoiseAware alternatives? We’re sharing several competitors that are worth checking out.

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Are you looking for effective ways to manage noise in your rental properties or hotels? 

Noise control is essential for maintaining a peaceful environment for guests. As we move into this year, several alternatives and competitors to NoiseAware have emerged, offering advanced solutions for noise monitoring and management. 

This guide explores the leading technologies in the market, providing property managers with the information needed to choose NoiseAware alternatives.

Do You Need Noise Monitoring For Your Vacation Rental?

It is advisable for those who own vacation rentals or Airbnb properties to consider installing a noise monitoring system due to various reasons.


These systems are vital to keep an eye on the noise levels within the property, which is necessary to avoid disturbing neighbors or breaking local noise regulations. This can ultimately lead to complaints, fines, or legal actions.

Property Protection

Noise monitoring systems are also useful in safeguarding your property against potential damage, especially in situations where guests become disruptive or invite additional guests. The data collected from these systems can also be used as evidence for insurance claims or even to defend against guests who may file complaints against you.


Some states or cities have specific regulations on noise levels, and having these systems in place can help you stay compliant and avoid penalties.

Peace of Mind

Noise monitoring systems can provide peace of mind for hosts and property managers, knowing that you will be promptly alerted to any noise disturbances and can take appropriate action to address them, even if you are not physically present on the property.

Alertify vs NoiseAware

Alertify is a solid alternative to NoiseAware for its user-friendliness and diverse integrations. While NoiseAware is trusted specifically for noise management, Alertify ups the ante by providing detailed insights for a more peaceful environment for your vacation rental.

Alertify noise monitor. Check it out.
  • Customizable Settings – Alertify allows the host or property manager to adjust sensitivity levels and notification preferences.
  • User-friendly Interface – Alertify has a very easy-to-learn user interface that makes it a breeze to navigate and manage your properties.
  • Detailed Insights – Alertify keeps track of noise levels over time and peak noise periods to help hosts identify patterns and trends. Alertify then analyzes guest behaviors given these data. You can also get detailed reports for compliance reporting, which could be useful for regulatory purposes and dispute resolutions.  

Visit Alertify to learn more.

Minut vs NoiseAware

Minut expands the capabilities of property management through a multifaceted home security solution. It goes beyond mere noise surveillance to include smoke detection, crowd monitoring, mold risk evaluation, and automatic communication with guests.

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Minute Home Sensor. Check it out

Designed for seamless compatibility with Airbnb, a range of property management platforms, intelligent locks, and Zapier, Minut offers property managers a holistic strategy for overseeing their properties. 

  • More Features – Minut features smoke detection and mold risk evaluation aside from its noise monitoring capabilities.
  • Cheaper Price – The standard plan is at $10/month/home making it cheaper for hosts owning one property.
  • Integrates up to 25 PMS – Compared to NoiseAware, Minut can integrate with more PMS than NoiseAware.

Visit Minut to learn more.

Party Squasher vs NoiseAware

Crafted with short-term rental managers in mind, Party Squasher presents a forward-thinking approach to curtail big events.

Party Squasher

Party Squasher noise monitor. Check it out.

Similar to NoiseAware’s sound monitoring capabilities, Party Squasher gauges the number of occupants by counting WiFi-connected devices, thereby aiming to preemptively halt parties before they start.

  • Sensor Monitors Inside & Outside – Party Squasher’s sensor has all-in-one features. You don’t need to buy a separate outdoor sensor.
  • Can Cover All Property Sizes – Party Squasher can be used for small, medium, and large properties compared to NoiseAware, which is only available for only for single-family homes 
  • Pro Version – Can cover property portfolios larger than six properties and up to 1,000 properties per account.

Visit Party Squasher to learn more.

Roomonitor vs NoiseAware

Roomonitor provides a sophisticated system for the real-time tracking of noise levels, instantly alerting you when sensors detect sound patterns that may disrupt peaceful living.

Romonitor noise alarm. Check it out.

It ensures you’re informed of any situations needing your prompt intervention. The system is designed to eliminate false alarms, like occasional bangs or yelling, so you’re only notified about substantial noise incidents.

  • More Features – Roomonitor has features that can detect tobacco smoke, as well as record temperature, humidity, and air quality
  • Alarm Assistant – Experts will monitor your property anywhere in the world and will activate a conflict resolution plan when they receive an alert.

Visit Roomonitor to learn more.

Wynd Sentry vs NoiseAware

Wynd Sentry positions itself as a leading solution for Airbnb hosts, actively safeguarding properties from noise and smoking through instant notifications.

Equipped with live monitoring, detailed incident reporting, and tamper resistance, it simplifies the claims process and enhances guest experiences. Leveraging airID technology, it employs AI for precise detection, ensuring hosts can easily uphold their rental quality standards.

  • More Features – Wynd Sentry has comprehensive smoke detection, edge privacy, and incident reporting

Visit Wynd Sentry to learn more.


For those exploring options beyond NoiseAware for their rental properties, Minut, Party Squasher, and Roomonitor stand out as solid alternatives. 

Each system brings specialized features aimed at effectively managing noise, ensuring a peaceful environment for both property owners and neighbors. This selection caters to a range of preferences and operational requirements, from real-time noise level monitoring to occupancy tracking. 

By integrating these tools, you can enhance guest compliance with noise regulations, reduce the risk of disturbances, and maintain a harmonious relationship with the surrounding community. 

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We hope our guide has helped you to streamline your decision-making process, helping you identify the noise management solution that best aligns with the needs of your vacation rental.

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