NoiseAware Review [2024]: Details, Features & More

Thinking of trying out NoiseAware for your vacation rental? We’re sharing our NoiseAware review to help you decide if it’s the right one for you!

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Ever wondered how technology can help maintain the peace and ensure respect in the rental market without stepping on anyone’s privacy? Enter NoiseAware, a cutting-edge solution designed to address a prevalent issue in property management: noise disturbances and overcrowding without compromising guest privacy. 

With an innovative blend of sensor technology and smart algorithms, NoiseAware stands at the forefront of modern property management solutions.

In this NoiseAware review, we’ll help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

Do You Need Noise Monitoring For Your Vacation Rental?

There are several reasons why you should consider setting up a noise monitoring system for your Airbnb or vacation rental properties. 


These systems help monitor noise levels within the property; excessive noise can disturb neighbors or violate local noise ordinances, leading to complaints, fines, or even legal actions.

By having noise monitoring technology in place, hosts can be alerted to potential noise disturbances and address them before they escalate.

Property Protection

Noise monitoring systems also help you protect your property. When guests get rowdy or bring over extra guests, this can put your property at an increased risk of damage.

The data and information you get from these systems can help back you up in case you need to file an insurance claim and may even safeguard you from guests who file complaints against you. 


Some states, cities, and municipalities have noise level regulations, so you must have these systems in place to remain compliant and avoid fines and penalties.

This is especially true if your Airbnb or vacation rental property is within a residential area or residential building. 

Peace of Mind

For hosts and property managers, having noise monitoring systems can help provide some sense of peace, knowing that your property and guests are safe.

You can be rest assured knowing that you will be promptly notified of any noise disturbances and can take appropriate action to address them, even if you are not physically present on the property.

What is NoiseAware?

NoiseAware provides a smart solution with its advanced sensor technology that monitors noise levels and wireless device count. This system alerts property managers about potential risks like parties, which could lead to complaints or property damage.

NoiseAware stands out by ensuring monitoring does not infringe on guest privacy. It features indoor and the industry’s first weatherproof outdoor noise sensors, offering 24/7 property protection.

Its automated system handles noise issues efficiently, allowing property managers to “rest easy”. Detecting disturbances and excessive occupancy helps prevent unwanted gatherings before they start.

Moreover, NoiseAware partners with cities, counties, and vacation rental alliances to promote responsible renting practices. This collaboration supports rental freedoms while maintaining community harmony. The company represents a technological solution aimed at fostering respectful rental experiences for all involved.

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Note: NoiseAware has recently rebranded to Rest, moving towards a platform focused on privacy and monitoring for short-term rental and hotel management. This shift aims to save time and money for property managers and hotel operators, improving guest experiences while minimizing issues and costs. Originally known for its noise monitoring technology, which helped protect properties from fines, damages, and loss of rental income, the company has now expanded its services.

Rest has also started working with hotels to help enforce no-smoking policies through its smoking detection technology. This technology alerts hotel staff to smoking incidents in real time, allowing them to take appropriate action or impose fines on guests.

The company has monitored over 11 million stays in rentals and hotels. The transition to the Rest brand will be gradual, with the NoiseAware name still visible on its website, dashboard, and mobile app until further updates are made.

NoiseAware Key Features

Imagine your guests decide to have a house party at your vacation rental property. As the number of people increases, so does the risk of noise complaints and potential damage. This is where NoiseAware can help, monitoring noise levels and the count of wireless devices to identify risks like parties without compromising guest privacy.

Once the sensors installed on your vacation rental property give you a ping through their app, you can either contact your guests to tone it down or use data obtained for any future action.

Now, let’s examine the key features of NoiseAware and how they enhance your property management approach.

Noise Monitoring

NoiseAware offers privacy-centric noise monitoring to prevent issues like complaints, fines, and property damage without recording specific guest activities. 

This system measures noise levels over time, focusing on maintaining guest privacy while addressing potential disturbances. It helps property owners avoid penalties and ensures compliance with rental policies, such as Airbnb’s party ban.


AutoResolve is an automated service that solves 90% of noise problems without owner intervention. Based on data from over 5 million nights, it detects excessive noise and alerts guests to lower it, usually without needing further action from the owner. The system includes a custom dashboard for real-time monitoring and control.


CrowdControl monitors occupancy by analyzing wireless signals, alerting owners to unusual levels without specifying exact numbers. It adapts over time to recognize normal occupancy patterns for each property. This feature, integrated into current sensors, requires no additional hardware and provides occupancy data directly on the owner’s dashboard.

Indoor + Outdoor Sensor

The system features an unobtrusive indoor sensor and a weather-resistant outdoor sensor, both easy to install without the need for batteries or regular maintenance. These sensors ensure comprehensive property monitoring with minimal setup time.


  • Starter Plan: $15 per month
    • For hosts managing 1 – 9 properties
  • Custom Pricing:
    • Tailored for property managers managing 10 or more properties
  • Add-On: Outdoor sensor
    • $99 one-time fee

NoiseAware Pros & Cons


  • Utilizes an algorithm adept at differentiating risky situations from mere loud noises, ensuring accuracy.
  • Sensors are designed to not record audio, prioritizing privacy rights.


  • Detection capabilities are limited to volume, lacking other informational depth.
  • Requires a strong WiFi signal for optimal operation.

NoiseAware Reviews

NoiseAware finds itself to have mixed feedback from its users; so much so that feedback is on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Here are some user reviews we gathered from the NoiseAware Google Playstore listing:

Reviews left on Google also seem to be more than satisfied with their customer service and mention that they are proactive in dealing with issues. Albeit, some left words of disappointment.

NoiseAware Alternatives


Alertify stands out as an excellent choice for noise monitoring in Airbnb or vacation rentals due to its user-friendly interface, real-time alerts, and customizable settings.

Alertify noise monitor. Check it out.

It offers seamless integration into property management systems, ensuring efficient and proactive management of noise disturbances to maintain guest satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Party Squasher

Designed for short-term rental managers, Party Squasher offers a proactive solution to prevent large gatherings.

Party Squasher

Party Squasher noise monitor. Check it out.

Unlike NoiseAware’s noise level monitoring, Party Squasher estimates occupancy by tracking the number of WiFi-connected devices, aiming to nip potential parties in the bud.


Minut broadens the scope of property management by offering a versatile home protection system. Beyond noise monitoring, it features smoke and crowd detection, mold risk assessment, and automated guest communication.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is minut.jpg

Minute Home Sensor. Check it out

With seamless integration capabilities with Airbnb, various property management systems, smart locks, and Zapier, Minut is tailored for managers seeking a comprehensive approach to managing their properties.

Wynd Sentry

Wynd Sentry emerges as a top choice for Airbnb hosts. It proactively guards against noise and smoking with real-time alerts. This smart device features live monitoring, incident reports, and tamper-proof technology, streamlined for easier claim handling and better guest satisfaction.

With airID technology, it uses AI for accurate detection, offering innovation and reassurance for hosts maintaining high rental standards.


NoiseAware is recommended for property managers and hosts who prioritize noise and occupancy monitoring without infringing on privacy. Its technology, particularly the AutoResolve and CrowdControl features, along with the assurance of not recording specific guest activities, positions NoiseAware as a valuable tool in the property management toolkit. 

All things considered, if you think NoiseAware is for you, click our link or use our coupon code FLOORSPACE20 upon checkout to get exclusive discounts!

However, for those seeking broader property management solutions that encompass more than noise and occupancy monitoring, exploring alternatives like Minut might be beneficial. The choice ultimately depends on your vacation rental’s specific needs.

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